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Some ask me 'Why don't you fear God?

I answer you.....the God of Fear was created by man in man's image, so man could have someone to blame his fears on. Fears that cause gives man the right to dominate, to kill, to steal, to destroy. All in the name of a Dark God who chooses one over another, a God who glories in the spilt blood of mankind.
I say this God has never existed - that this God is and has always been a scrape goat man has created to justify man's own selfish little ego.
An ego that wishes to control not only others but self and does so by fear.
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Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

Albert Einstein
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Always remember you yourself helped to pick what you are learning in your current lifetime. 
Because you know what you need to learn, as well as what you want to experience.

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Hatred is such a waste of time.
Those you hate, you will become in a future life, or have been in a past life.
If you hate another, you are hating your self.

Love one another and yourself, as Creator does.

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I sometimes think Earth is a lab we experience to put into action what We have learned in the true world of spirit.
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The Beatles had it right with their song - LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED.
If we had love for all around us, including all animals and nature - everything-
We could make a wonderful world indeed.

Skytiger  Angel
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