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A Resolution for a Caustic Tongued Visitor

There should be a warning placed on the package we agreed to when choices were being made, prior to coming into each incarnation experience; ‘be prepared for the unexpected’ as visitors can come at any time and without warning.

This is an impromptu session where Diana and I were having coffee on our front deck and while we were discussing some of the material we have received for a session we had previously done; an unexpected visitor made her presences felt. This is a transcript of our conversation with someone on the other-side.

There is an added benefit those departed souls aren’t aware of when we are attempting to assist them to cross over and that is using the tools of hypnotherapy. At a point I asked for the assistance of the ladies Higher-self to bring to her the awareness of a past experience (past life) to help her realize she has had other incarnations and with this new perception, understand who she is. Although they are non-paying clients, this work has its own rewards and benefits that outweigh any financial remuneration, as the experiences and the satisfaction of being of help is more than enough. There’s a saying about ‘being prepared for the unexpected’ as it can come at any time and without warning. So much for trying to meditate when a rude interruption invades the peace and quiet as a shot in the back of the head that goes into the lower jaw that takes Diana’s attention immediately as she quietly alerted me to the implemented pain saying: “I’m sensing an older woman.”

Dk: - Derek ….   Di/E - entity communicating through Diana

Dk: If that feeling could talk, what would it say?
Di/E: Damn you, you’re good!
Di/E: She’s saying that to me – she was going to interfere but she was sensed immediately – she was thinking that while we were doing the session; she thought she wouldn’t be noticed.
Dk: Why does she want to interfere?
Di/E: Because she didn’t want you helping people. Why should you? Let them go on and figure their lives out – nobody that asks you for assistance are perfect. They have not lived perfect lives and there are a lot of things that they are ashamed of. So why should you help them? (Said with a sarcastic tone)

Dk: Why shouldn’t they be helped?
Di/E: Because they should suffer! (Said with a nasty tone)
Dk: Because you suffered?
Di/E: Yeah!
Dk: Why do you feel that way?
Di/E: People weren’t nice to me; they ignored me.
Dk: I’m going to ask your Higher-self to let you know what lesson you were learning while you were alive.
Di/E: ‘Forgiveness’ I suppose I’m meant to forgive them; am I?
Dk: No.

Di/E: So why would you ask that if you got the answer and it’s ‘forgiveness.’ Pretty straight forward, isn’t it?
Dk: No, it’s not quite. There is someone else that you need to learn to forgive.
Di/E: Well, I know what you’re getting at; but you think you’re so bloody smart with all the answers, don’t you?
Dk: I’m not suggesting that I know all the answers.
Di/E: But you are correcting me aren’t you? (said in indignation)
Dk: Am I correcting you or do you perceive it that way?
Di/E: Ehmmmm! Play on words.
Dk: I’m not playing on words, I was just suggesting finding out what lesson you were learning while you were alive.
Di: I’m getting a pain in the chest area; to the right-hand side. I think she suffered from angina and she used that as manipulation – “Oh, my heart!” To get her own way; nobody dared to contradict her because she had a very, very acid tongue.
Dk: So, she must have really loved herself then?
Di/E: I always thought I could read people well.
Dk: But you were looking for what you wanted to see; when you were reading people. You were not looking for the truth. You were looking for your perception of the truth.
Di/E: Well, you stumped me there, I suppose you got a point; everyone is looking out for themselves.
Dk: They want to verify their beliefs.
Di/E: They want to verify that they are right. Everybody does the same thing.
Dk: Not everybody.
Di/E: Well, those that say they don’t; do.
Dk: That’s true. So there is something about your life that you don’t want to look at. So you look at other people to verify you’re beliefs; to prove that they are wrong and you are right.
Di/E: Yeah, you could say that. I’ve been known to do that.
Dk: So, is there anyone that you really cared for?
Di/E: Me!
Dk: You don’t care for you. You hated the way you were.
Di/E: Why do you say that?
Dk: Because of the way you acted towards other people.
Di/E: I didn’t hate that, I thought I was pretty clever. I could usually get my own way. So why would I dislike getting my own way?
Dk: I didn’t say you disliked getting your own way. I just said you disliked yourself.
Di/E: Well, that’s the same thing.
Dk: Getting what you want is the ego’s way of pushing things around (controlling) – feeling about yourself, feeling love for yourself is entirely different.
Di/E: I know when somebody loves me and when they don’t. It’s a long time since somebody loved me. But then, what can you expect, because I’m going to be the way I am. Nobody wants to love a nasty old biddy.
Dk: That’s true, I can agree.
Di/E: But when I was young and expressed my heart to someone...
Dk: You got hurt and turned the opposite way.
Di/E: Yeah!
Dk: What was the lesson you said you were learning?
Di/E: I don’t know, what did I say? Don’t recall.
Dk: “Forgiveness.”
Di/E: Why do I keep forgetting things?
Dk: Because you don’t want to face them.
Di/E: Ha... Ha... Ha... (Joyful laughter) I’m a pretty shrewd old girl, aren’t I?
Dk: You are very sharp, but you still don’t want to look at why you don’t love yourself.
Di/E: Well, I think I do in my own way.
Dk: We know what your way is.
Di/E: Not many flies on you either.
Dk: If I’m to help people, I need to see through their hardness.
Di/E: If you have to help people, why you have to help people?
Dk: Because there are people in the world like yourself, that feel they don’t need any help.
Di/E: I never felt that I didn’t need any help, I wanted help but I never got it.
Dk: You’re getting it now. You’ve learnt what lesson you were learning while you were alive. You’ve also had a recall of your life and how you acted towards other people.
Di/E: How’s that helping me?
Dk: When you have the recall of your previous experiences, you are able to form a different perception of what happened.
Di/E: I suppose my life was exactly how I made it, right?
Dk: So, that love of your life; that you poured your heart out to; do you recall that?
Di/E: Do I recall that, he went for a younger piece of skirt!
Dk: And you were learning the lesson of forgiveness.
Di/E: And so that’s why he goes looking up young things’ skirts?
Dk: He was helping you learn your lesson, but you didn’t recall that at all because you didn’t know what your lesson was at the time you were going through it.
Di/E: Right! Right! Oh, it’s all starting to fall into place now. So, what you are saying is, without voicing it – if he could love me the way I loved him, he must have seen something rather nice in me to love; at one time. Ok, perhaps I’m worth loving after all.
Dk: You are.
Di/E: You can say that after I’ve snapped your head off a few times or attempted to.
Dk: I see you’re starting to feel better about yourself.
Di/E: Funny how thoughts can trigger emotions like that. 
Dk: Right.
Di/E: Well I suppose you’re going to say next that I got my tooth ache from always firing off nasty words to people. Well, they weren’t nasty words, I never swore – I don’t think I swore once in my life. But, there was venom attached to what I said, when I said it. So that caused the old jawbone to rot Eh? Wagging it much too nastily.
Dk: You are perceptive.
Di/E:  Well, they say you’re never too old to learn, at 83 I should have learned lots.
Dk: You haven’t learned forgiveness though.
Di/E: No.
Dk: Can you forgive those people that you were mean to as to how they responded to you?
Di/E: Yeah. Ah! I felt I had to hit out all the time. Attack is your better form of defence. Defend being old and crotchety. So you attack everyone, you make them right when you do that.
Dk: Not necessarily, when you can make people feel as bad as you feel and can bring them down to your level of feeling bad it brings you up a level as you have succeeded in making them feel bad.
Di/E: At the time; you’re right.
Dk: I’m asking you’re Higher-self to let you recall a past experience where you felt that love of self.
Di/E: I gave birth and my husband was so proud of me and I felt so good about myself. Because I had wanted a girl and he wanted a boy and I had one of each. I felt what a good girl am I. Beautiful little souls. Then he walked out, he left; mind you they were grown by then. So I suppose they’re always his kids, whether they are 5 or 50; they’re still his kids... I think in that one (lifetime) it was the same man – same husband – he looks different, but it’s him – I know it’s him.
Dk: There’s a reason why he left you a second time, he’s learning his own lesson. I’m going to ask his Higher-self to let him know what lesson he was learning. He is still in your energy/thoughts.
Di/E: He was learning “Rejection.” Yet, he’s the one that rejected me.

Dk: Isn’t it safer if you reject someone first, before they reject you?
Di/E: I suppose you could look at it that way. I feel sorry for him because his kids turned against him. Ohhhhh! Bingo! That’s what rejection is; they rejected him. Isn’t that interesting now? So I suppose he got what he wanted, even though he didn’t know he wanted it. He thought he’d always have them on his side.
Dk: Isn’t that marvellous how life works?
Di/E: It is! It’s like when you are playing a game, there are rules to the game and if you don’t follow the rules you get bumped off, you’re out. You don’t win the game. In life, you don’t realize that there are rules.
Dk: Sometimes, after death the game still goes on because you’re still playing the game on the other side.
Di/E: Right! I didn’t realize I was playing the game.

Dk: Until your perceptions are changed.
Di/E: I suppose I’m supposed to love myself because I know what I was doing and what he was doing and what we were doing together, to help each other. Either be rejected or be forgiven. I can see now that everybody’s part in the game means something. What was it that I was learning? Forgiveness! I can forgive him. I can forgive everybody. I suppose I have to forgive me, don’t I? Who would forgive anybody like me?
Dk: It starts with you first.
Di/E: Ha... Ha... Ha... (Joyful laughter) You’ve got a good one there. I suppose that would start the ball rolling, wouldn’t it? It would feel so much nicer on this side if people would think of me; not as the nasty old bitch that I was. If they could remember something that they found endearing or kindly at one time. But then does it really matter what people think about you anyway? I mean should it really matter to me because whatever they take from it is their own take, isn’t it? It’s their experience that you are helping them with, right? And I bless them all, not only forgive them I bless them and I hope they have a happier life than I did.
Dk: You seem to like yourself better now.
Di/E: I’m liking myself better than I did and do you know what? It’s actually easier to be nice; it’s quite hard to be nasty. It takes a lot energy and a lot more thought of what you’re going to say, when, to whom and how you’re going to say it; when you’re given the opportunity.
Dk: Can I give you another perception?
Di/E: Yeah! Go ahead, because what I’m doing I’m helping you with your lessons, aren’t I? Must be because you wouldn’t be doing what you are doing.
Dk: Can I talk now?
Di/E: You have my permission to talk now. I don’t usually let people interrupt me, but I’ll let you.
Dk: I’m going to ask your Higher-self to rewind your movie of time back to when you passed over and I want you to be aware of what else happens after you leave your body.
Di/E: She fell and hit the back of her head (Di’s initial pain when we started the session) and broke her neck. I noticed that there were some mischievous kids there and they were saying Nan... Nah... Nan Nah... mockingly.
Dk: They were with you too.
Di/E: I was being influence by those little buggers?
Dk: Ask them!
Di/E: They say they were helping me. I can’t see how they could be all that much help, but I suppose if I had to be the way I had to be in order to be more of whom I’m supposed to become and then – I suppose they are to be blessed as well, aren’t they? Well, they are forgiven. Ohhhh! They don’t like that. They want to go on tormenting people.

Dk: They only want to go on tormenting people because they haven’t learn t their lessons, have they?
Di/E: No. I don’t think so, but they’re all getting a dose watching this. So, I’m going to bless them some more!
Dk: Ha...Ha... Ha... Ok!
Di/E: They’re turning a different color; they’re not so grey looking now.
Dk: Who’s influencing them? They don’t know or realize that; they think they are in control, but they’re not.
Di/E: Now they are looking around; like a trail of ants behind them, isn’t it?
Dk: So bless them all.
Di/E: Yeh! I’m going all the way to the back of the line up because they’re all lining up to see this, you know. You know what? When I bless them, it is like they went back (leaning back) like a row of dominoes – but in a nice way.
Dk: Look at how many people you have helped now.
Di/E: And my neck doesn’t hurt now! Isn’t that interesting too? So does that mean I was a pain in the neck? Being a pain in the neck all my life?
Dk: Ironic isn’t it that you also died from the fall, breaking your neck.  Interesting realization you seem to be coming to. I don’t need to tell you a darn thing, do I?
Di/E: Yeah! You do, you did and you had to because that’s what you do. But it was only because I was being called a pain in the neck.
Dk: If we are called a certain thing long enough and we believe it, we become it, right?
Di/E: Yeh and I’ll show you just how much a pain in the neck I can be! Yeh, you sort of rise up to the occasion because your ego wants to get back and show that it’s stronger than the other ego. So...  now what am I supposed to do?

 ----Releasement followed----
"People may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel."
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Now what do you do.
Simple you bless her and go on your way.
You cannot fix everyone or help them.  Why?  My guess, they will simply change their view to agonize the one trying to help them.  When their inner self is ready, they will remember all you did for them, and be embarrassed by their own actions.
Will that be in this lifetime or another?  Beats me.  Guess it is determined by how obnoxious they are and if they really love being so.
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Greetings Skytiger,
I'm not quite sure I understand your meaning...

'Simple you bless her and go on your way...'  'they will simply change their view to agonize the one trying to help them

[i]--Releasement followed--

[/i]I closed off without writing the procedure of how I do the releasing because I didn't feel it was appropriate; without the proper training I wouldn't want someone attempting to do this. The lady had crossed-over, into the 'Light.'

'When their inner self is ready, they will remember all you did for them, and be embarrassed by their own actions.'

Through the countless sessions/releasements I've facilitated, I've found that these souls have been directed to us or attracted to us (Diana and myself) for assistance; lost, confused, bewildered, emotional enraged (anger) and fear are only a few of the reasons 'these souls' only find out for themselves after it is brought to their attention because they will remain doing (acting/reacting) as their state of consciousness dedicates at the time of their death. What they need is compassion and direction. In the process of having the lady find out for herself, some of the lessons she, and her husband were learning; her new perception brought about a change in her demeanor. She even had a sense of humor.
"People may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel."
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I do think you helped her.
I also think we should bless all or wish them a happy journey wether here or the spirit world.
There are those who cannot be helped here, but when experiencing their life review after crossing over, they see for themselves what they did and what you were talking about.
In spirit all is understood...the why's and the why nots make perfect sense. IMO
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