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God and the universe

What is God? What we know and do not know. That is God to my understanding. Everything we know is God, everything we don't know is God. In the end, we struggle to find a once off definition for God. Therefore nobody is totally right nor wrong about God. Some believe in God as the a being with lots of white bear, sitting somewhere up there in the heaven, that is mostly the view of religious people to think that God is a sort of spiritual being (of a masculine gender) who can come down to earth to help whoever prays Jesus, or a prophet.

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Some other people share the idea that God is a group of advanced scientist extraterrestrials called the Elohim who built earth and everything it contains.

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And the rest of people just don't believe in God at all. I don't think all these people are wrong, they maybe right, they are simply looking at things from a special Angle. But let me ask you this, what is essential to learn? 1 + 1 =2 or 1 banana + 1 banana = 2 bananas ? The essential is 1+1 =2 right? because with that recipe (that formula, that rule) you are not only limited to bananas, as you know everything else can be applied to the rule.

The essential view of God.
If you choose to see God as a super being, you will be looking at one or two very little images of God in its creation. See God in its essential aspect, and you will see everywhere in the universe, even in yourself. That way, God becomes closer, and even part of you. It won't be so necessary to go to a church since you live God (feel and think God) wherever you are. You would even come to a more satisfying understanding of the spiritual from nature. I'm not saying that churches are useless, nor the bible, nor the coran nor the Upanishads .... I'm saying there are filled with stories not to take literally. If we find the essential out all of them, everybody will understand each other. For example if in a holy religious script it is written 1 banana+ 1 banana=2 bananas, only the essential part of it : 1+1 = 2 is the most important to remember. That means, it doesn't matter whether Jesus or Krishna or Buddha ... existed, what matters is what they represent in the bigger picture. Seeing God from its bigger picture, helps us to understand the core of all religions. And to see how we are all one in one.

The 2 aspects of God.
God exist in 2 aspects. As known and as unknown. The unknown God is what we may call the absolute. The absolute is the side of God we may know nothing about except that it maybe AIN, AIN SOTH AUR according to kabbalah. However the aspect of God known (God manifested) is what an initiate calls the universe (the universe, the sum total of all planes of existence and its content - see first part of the article). Therefore our knowledge of God is limited to the universe. Then I like everybody, am also only limited to speak about God the known (God manifested) here.

Kabbalah explains how the universe progressively manifested out of the unknown.
Kabbalah explains how the manifestation progressively happened. First, the unknown manifested as Ketter, One can call this the original matter or light, the root of everything. At this level, light looks like nothing we may know, it is really abstract. Here matter can be compared to an idea of light. This is the universe self (its conscience if you will), or the universe brain if you want. Then that light started condensing progressively through time and space. In the same manner which lots of fresh blood in the open air condenses to become solid as time goes. First, Ketter light condensed into Hockhma and Bina, these are the 2 cosmic forces of opposite polarities; which maintain the existence of the universe alive. Ketter, Hockma and Bina together formed the Divine world.

[Image: e9ds0m.png]

The Divine world light projected and condensed into what we call the spiritual world (the home of the Monad) formed of Chesed, Guebura and Tipheret.
[Image: 2j8jnq.jpg]

Then, the spiritual world light in its turn projected and formed a more condensed world called the psychic world. Which is made of Netzad, Hod and Yesod. This is from where our thoughts, feelings and energies comes from.

[Image: 2mczplt.jpg]

At this point (Psychic world) the one strong light which started from Ketter is now so condensed. But it is not over yet, That light of the psychic world projects too and condensed even further into what we call the Material world, in which we have our body. The shadow of all that condensed light generated what we call the evil world, which kabala calls the kliphot.

The 7 plans of existence

Genesis is book of the bible which talks about the creation of the universe, but it is written in a symbolic way. Initiates say that it actually explains the kabbalah tree of life. What are 7 days of creation in Genesis are actually the 7 planes of existence which forms the spiritual, psychic and material world in the kabbalah tree of life. How to imagine God the almighty taking so long, 7 days to finish creating the world. This looks like human to me. An aspect of God created the 7 planes, but not God as the head of the universe. As you might already know, Elohim mentioned in Genesis is a plural word in Hebrew to mean "the Gods". Elohim are among highest spiritual beings who worked to condense the spiritual light into psychic light and further into material light ( material light or matter as we know it).

[Image: i6joly.jpg]
It is a principle the highest spiritual beings go through 7 plans of existence before showing up on the material world. And it takes the same number of plans to go back. The material world as we know it, exist in the highest form of existence above the 7 planes. It exists in a form of a perfect idea in the Divine world. That idea is the kingdom of God. That idea has condensed through time and space to become concrete, solid. And as a matter of fact, it is still condensing until it becomes a perfect representation of the idea above : the Kingdom of God. We may not know what is exactly the original idea in the Divine world, but we will know it through the manifestation of that idea down here in the material world, because the material plane is developing to reflect that idea.

All energies of the 6 higher planes have condensed, coagulated into the physical world. This is why the physical world contains everything which are above. Everything above are simply becoming concrete. Each type of spiritual and psychic being will become concrete as far as the material world allows it. They will be born, they will have a body like us, they bleed and have pain, they will study and develop like us, but they will succeed and be distinct from others.

Same has to be said for our physical body. The human body in general has gone through transformation through time ( including reincarnation) and space (including other planets). For the only purpose to meet the image of the Divine world. This body is still developing, it will mix with some creatures which will give birth to new races always better. It will develop and become pure enough to really reflect the Divine idea. A human being, just like the world in which he lives, is the sum total of all the 7 energies of the invisible plans. He is to represent God in the material world. Just like his spirit (the higher self) represents God in the spiritual world. A human being is a quite a advanced step towards the journey to God. But this is in comparison to animals, plants and insects and possibly few other strange creatures out of our planet.

Many beings still have to go through the human consciousness level before moving ahead. Like plants have to reach animals consciousness before reaching the human consciousness. A human being still has to go through the spirit consciousness (supra consciousness) before moving further towards God. This why it is said in Christianity, that Jesus is the way to God, nothing can go straight to God but through Jesus. In reality it not Jesus (the body of Christ) who is in between Humans and God, but it is rather Christ (the spirit of Jesus) which is. Christ is cosmic notion of the spiritual consciousness all humans have to go through in the path to God. That Christ consciousness is also called Buddha or higher self, or Tipheret in the tree of life (kabbalah)
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Thank you for this. The end of your conclusion was EPIC.

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