The way in which the absolute manifested, the process it (God absolute) took to identify itself as the universe, is part of what we call the laws of life. We should remember that nothing is ever possible which God didn't make available from the start. The very first actions which God made during the manifestation, have become the forces which we use everyday of our lives. For example, If you can move, it is because in the God head is the force of movement. If you can talk, think, feel, it is still because in God exit those actions. We are only allowed to do the things which God itself allowed from the beginning. Everything which exists simply follows the lines of forces of the actions which are in God. We live everyday using many of those forces of God. Nothing inside the universe can ever create a force of itself. Just like no creature can ever think of anything out of box (the universe).

In the Divine world are found all verbs which all creatures of the universe are allowed to use
But here is the important thing to remind. The beginning of the universe still exists, and it is the only thing which has never changed. That beginning is in the Divine world (in the Ketter, CHockmah, Bina of kabbalah). There is in the Divine world, an archetype zone we may call it, where the actions which took place in that beginning have developed to form what we call the laws of nature which rule all beings. There are only actions in that zone. Only verbs if you want. No subjects. If it was possible to hear what goes on there in the divine world, you would probably hear all the verbs of the dictionary "create, live, eat, pray, think, feel, talk, fight, kill, elevate, destroy, enjoy" etc... Yes all verbs and their opposites. You are more likely to hear than to see in that zone of the Divine world, because there is nothing to see. All those cosmic forces (the verbs) flow down to the lower regions (planes) of the universe (down to our physical plane). During their travel, those verbs loose a bit of their power each time. By the time the verbs arrive into the material world or physical plane, all verbs become weak in their manifestations. That means, what is "To speak" down here is billion times less powerful than from the beginning.

[Image: 21j7gwx.jpg]

Nothing has a defined shape to be seen in the archetype plane of the Divine world. You would only feel the forces of all those verbs. Who can see a verb anyway Smile That is the level where we can only feel God. This is why we can say that at its highest manifestation, God looks like nothing, but feels like all forces. Ask a spiritual person how he/she knows God, he/she will most likely say "Impossible to know God, but I can feel him". True, and this is because they perceive God at its highest level.

All those verbs in the Divine world are the only actions we may ever do. But the Divine world doesn't say what subject should go with what verb. This is where free will comes from. All verbs can be freely used by any subject, if the subject can. Anything can use a verb of the Divine world in its own way. Although not everything is capable of using all verbs properly. Some verbs require a specific type of body and state, a specific type of mind or heart to use. But no verb is forbidden to use. Further in creation, those verbs, which are forces, condensed and started taking shapes. This is when spiritual beings with the perfect bodies formed to perform the actions of the Divine world. First formed spiritual beings then later demoniac beings, later emerged physical beings. The spiritual beings in those higher invisible spiritual planes have a body which doesn't allow them to use properly the negative verbs available in the Divine world. They can only do positive better. The demoniac beings however have a body and state which allows them to use negative verbs easily. Then comes physical beings who have the possibility of changing bodies and states in order to use any verb they wish. These are not only humans but many other creatures out of our galaxy.

What creature uses which verb ?
The human being, is an example of what is capable of using any verb of the Divine world if only he knows how. While those invisible creatures in the higher and lower planes have a predefined state (vibration) which doesn't allow them certain actions. For example it is impossible for an angel to get angry or to lie, or to mislead. It is impossible for a demon to do any good. Whatever good a demon will try will end up hurting. We neglect the fact that humans are a projection of the Divine world in the physical plane, for having all verbs available for use (all forces of the universe he can use). Humans can do harm and they can do good. They actually have all the states and bodies in them which allows them to do the actions they cannot do here in the physical world. For example, with the astral body, they can fly, with the mental body they can create instantly, with their causal body they can know themselves. Just like with their impure bodies they can curse, they can kill, destroy... Try this just for your own experience to verify what I am saying: Listen to one of your most wonderful music, and pray, and mediate, do all those for about 2 hours. Now during that time, curse someone, kill someone, slap someone, anybody... Smile, come back and tell me, could you do it? the answer is surely NO, if you really did spend some spiritual time. Well this is to simply show how the change of state allows us or prevents us from using certain verbs (forces of the universe).

What are the laws of life? all those verbs (forces of the universe) which are in the beginning(in the divine world), and which anything in the universe use. At the highest manifestation of God, God presented all those verbs, without telling who or what should use them, but it also presented an Idea. The idea of a kingdom. All those verbs available set into motion to build that kingdom. From another point of view, you can see God as a rich someone who wants to build a palace. He doesn't build it himself, why? he is rich, he can employ other people to do it. All he does is: he puts money (the verbs) and the plan (the architecture, design, pattern) on the table. But he doesn't worry about who must build the roof or who must build the walls. No! He simply puts the Money and the plan, and great chiefs of house building appears to do the best job. Those chiefs use the money to employ many other people and the house is build through time and space.

Meditate on that story, and you might just find out a lot behind it. For example, that it wasn't defined that Jesus was going to use the Christ, or Gotama to use the Buddha, No! It could have been you, or anybody ready for it. The Christ or the Buddha is a force which anything with the right state can use. It wasn't defined who was going to be the president of your country from the beginning. No! It could have been anyone. This is even why you can't trust what you hear from fortune tellers. The future is not predefined, because based on principles, things can change. It is not forgotten to become the highest spiritual human on earth, God doesn't forbid anything, because it knows that only the best can use the best forces. So why not decide to become highly spiritual? we can work on ourselves to reach such a state with which we can use the beautiful forces of life.

Good and Evil are the positive and negative forces of the universe.
In the Divine world are all the verbs one can possibly think of. The positive ones and the negative ones. All those forces allow a complete freedom of all actions. For example, if you could only speak and never shut up, that wouldn't be perfect at all, would it? Smile. All those verbs, positives with their negatives were made available from the beginning so we can act, and freely do the opposite to stop the course of the action. Thanks to those forces we have "To live and to die, to work and to rest, to make happy and to hurt, to go and to return..." But only the right body and state can use them properly. Demons can't use the positive verbs properly, while the angels can. Because all those verbs are available for anything to use, any creature can therefore use either the positive or the negative verbs. But depending on the body and state the creature has, he/she will only be able to use one type of verbs more effectively. Just like you find it hard to do harm when you've just prayed, it is difficult to use a negative verb when we are in a spiritual state. When a spiritual being uses a negative force( because they are allowed), they always end up doing a good thing. While when a demon or a evil being uses a positive verb, it always ends up hurting people. You can check this in your everyday life, because those forces are used everyday in front of you. You can notice that, in general evil people seem to always do wrong, even when they try to help people. Give power to a stupid person, and there he is destroying people's life. Give it to a wise person, you will see that even when he thinks he did bad, people appreciate what he did. Power, money, knowledge is not for stupid people, because no matter how hard they will try to do good, they will destroy; for example, power was giving to some guy to use the verb (force) Kill to survive, and here he is killing everything without distinction, even humans. Rather give your money, knowledge to more developed, wise people, so that even if they try to do harm, you see the good results.

The 2 opposite forces of the universe exist to be properly used by the spiritual creatures. It is wise to hide certain good things from what/who is not ready to use it. Why do you think the esoteric spiritual knowledge was hidden for long to ordinary people? simply because people were not ready for it, they were not going to use it right. Many of us still are not ready by the way Smile . Certain things which we generally call "bad", are not actually bad. We are simply not ready for them. When we are stronger and more spiritual, alcohol, Mariana and many other things like that, won't be bad things any more. The notion of Good and evil has always been relative. What is bad for you , is not necessary bad for others. For a child a little glass of wine is totally bad thing. But when the child grows up, that will not be so bad Smile. It is wise to start avoiding evil when we start a spiritual path, but later when we become a bit more spiritual, it is advisable to fight it to become even more spiritual. Look at a fire. When it is very small, a small blow of air can kill it, but when that fire becomes huge, any blow of air will simply make the fire even more huge.

When man reaches the spiritual consciousness, he will apply all verbs of the universe without any risk. Evil and Good as we commonly know it, will not be perceived in the same way. Because there is no Good and Evil in the Divine worlds. Everything simply are meant to be used properly to keep harmony. All key notes of a piano, are like the verbs of the universe. They produces good sounds. But if ever you use one of them at the wrong moment, you mess with the harmony.

Love and light to all.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Thank you. Your conclusions are very good. Happy New Year!

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