Trinity is notion of 3 principles working together as a unit, as one entity. Like a family can be considered as a unit when all 3 members (Father mother and child) work harmoniously together. Trinity is a principle which exist from the beginning to the end. The beginning as the Divine world and the end as the physical world. The end simply follows the beginning. Like the tail of a snake follows its head, the material world follows the spiritual world. And the spiritual world itself follows the Divine world. We should be able to see trinity in all its aspects of life, because that gives us great guidance for our spiritual life. If God is a trinity, and if God has duplicated itself throughout in all parts of the universe, then we find trinity everywhere. At part of Christianity agrees that God is Father, son and holy spirit, in Hinduism, trinity also is recognized because Brahma, Vishnu and shiva form the trinity. But is simply perceiving God as a trinity helps to solve the problems of our lives. I doubt it. It is not enough to know the definitions of things, it is necessary to experience them. To live them. And that is only possible if we learn to recognize the representation of the spiritual things around us. For example, learn to experience trinity with your family. If you are a father, be conscious of the fact that you represent God the father in your family, then stay aware of what it feels like to be so. See trinity in what we call time. As the past present and future, are 3 things working together to maintain the manifestation of the matter. The present is the Father, the past is Mother, and the future is the children. Or see trinity in among the stars which have direct influence on earth ( The sun, moon and earth). As the father is the sun, the mother is the moon, and the child is earth. etc. This why you will find in the tree of life of Kabbalah 3 sepherots grouped in each world (In the Divine world, spiritual world and psychic world).

Usually when we hear Trinity, we tend to refer to it only as a religious notion, that is why we loose sight of all the different trinities which are present among us every days of our lives, and from which we can learn certain important laws of life. Trinity should make us think of the number 3. Each time we have 3 items, 3 entities, or 3 things working together for the same goal, those 3 things form The Trinity. Your thinking (mind), desires(heart) and actions working together is also an example of trinity inside you. If we define trinity as to always be the Divine persons, never we will understand it properly, because we may not understand the Divine but through what is here around us, I mean the concrete world. Each form of beings, in whatever region of the universe understand trinity from the reality which surrounds them. One of the reason why great spiritual masters talked about the spiritual world using stories based on concrete facts of our every day life, is because it is the only way for human mind in general to understand what is abstract. What would the word Love mean to you if you never had to experience it right here in this world? in a concrete way? What would any abstract things mean to you if no concrete examples were given to you?

Trinity and Unity
In Christianity there are lots of debates about God as a unity or God as Trinity (Father, son and holy spirit). Some refuse to believe that God is 3 persons, some others accept that fact. Who is right or wrong? to me, nobody is wrong, because Trinity and Unity is the same thing. The 3 things working together are close and form a unit. Trinity and Unity are simply 2 ways of looking at the same thing. Trinity is a detailed view of Unity. And Unity is synthesized view of Trinity. 3 is another way of looking at 1, just like 1 is another way of looking at 3. In fact, in 1 you find 3, and in 3 you find 1. 3 and 1 are the same one thing, but seen differently. So one can say, God is 3, or God is one. All depends on how you are looking at God. Or look at a human being, I can say that Man is 3 persons in one, because I can distinguish a thinking part, a feeling part and an action part in him. However someone to whom those details don't matter, will say that Man is just one, his thinking, feeling and action part are what form that one Man, all his different parts are a unit. Both views are not wrong.

Things can bee seen from different angles. But that doesn't change what you are looking at. Your left brain and right brain for example see the same thing but differently. When your right brain sees something in a form of an image, your left brain sees it in a form of letters and numbers. But none of those views are wrong! People should maybe stop seeking who is right and who is wrong when it comes to people's opinions. The fact that someone sees something differently, doesn't mean he/she is wrong. It simply means he/she is looking from a different angle and so he/she sees what you see, just differently. If you want to see eye to eye with that person, you will have to also go look from his angle. That means you will have to follow his path of thoughts to come to his view.

Why do people see things differently? It is because symbolically some people live on the surface of earth and few others live in the clouds. It is obvious that all those people won't see things the same way. For example, they will have different views upon the "Planet earth" . Those living on the surface of earth can see many things. They can see people, cars, building ... this is what the intellectual knowledge looks like. Then those living higher, up in the clouds, see not many but one thing. They see one city, or one country or one continent only, the higher they go up. And if they get too high up in the space, they will see only one thing "Planet earth". This is what wisdom looks like.

As you can see, depending on from where you are looking, you will have a different view of things. If you are on the surface you see MANY, and if you are up in the clouds you see ONE. The intellect corresponds to number 3 (the many, the details) and wisdom to number 1 (the single, the synthesis). But those 2 numbers (3 and 1) are simply 2 different views upon the same thing "Planet earth".

In the previous part of the same article, I mentioned that the universe is both infinite and finite. Simply because I perceive the universe in its both aspects. Finite from the outside, and Infinite in the inside. When we want to learn language of universe, it becomes necessary to become a good observer of natural laws. What that language says always agrees with logic and beauty. Everything is harmoniously put together throughout the universe. You will notice that when you don't observe right, things don't make sense. And if you don't observe at all, you will end up calling things "Miracles", because everything will seem separated from each other, they will also seem random to you.

Those who can read nature, understand that the information can be observed in 2 ways, from the side (left or right), and from and from the top . The view from the side reveals the spiritual view. The view from the top gives reveals the Divine view. Take the mountain view for another example, In how many shape would you draw the mountain on the paper? First, the view of the side would make you draw the mountain as a triangle. Now imagine looking at the mountain from the top, You could give it a shape of a circle with a dot in the middle. The dot is being the summit of the mountain. And the same goes for everything else in life. Even your thoughts and feelings have a side and top view.

We should be able to read nature from its different angles. Anything you observe in nature says many things to you. Among all the things which the mountain says, is "I'm a trinity from a spiritual point of view, because I manifest as a triangle (Number 3 or a trinity), but I'm also seen as a circle with a dot in the middle from the Divine point of view" In symbolic terms the circle is number 0, and the dot is number 1. The top view of the mountain therefore displays a number 10. Because the circle with the dot makes the number 01 or 10. Witch numerology ( a mystic science of reading universal numbers) calculates as follows 10= 1+0 = 1. There you have 3 (the spiritual view) and 1 (the Divine view) for the same thing "The mountain". All I've been trying to say here, is 3 and 1 are two different views of the same thing. Trinity and Unity is the same thing. If you find something in life to be 3, know that its top view is likely to give you a 1.

The 4 worlds of universe
A world is a trinity, A world is an organism. And is always made 3 main planes. In the kabbalah the tree of life displays 4 worlds. Which it names as follow:

ATZILUT = The Divine world.
BRIAH = The spiritual world.
YETZIRAH = The psychic world
ASSIAH = The physical world.

The Kabbalah shows that the Divine world is made of Ketter, Chochma and bina. The spiritual world is made of Chesed, Guebura and Tipheret. The psychic world made of Netzath, Hod and Yesod. The physical world made of 3 elements (Fire, air and water) and of the element earth which is nothing but the condensation of the 3 main elements. Each world in the universe (See tree of kabbalah), is a unit made of 3. Each world or trinity holds a consciousness. The Divine world holds what we may call God (the manifested) consciousness. The spiritual world holds the supra consciousness, the psychic world holds the subconsciousness, the physical world holds the unconsciousness.

[Image: 34hf3eu.jpg]
For living in the physical world, we know what is called the unconsciousness. But the fact that we are also subconsciours and consciours of ourselves, proves that we have certain parts of ourselves in other worlds too. We switch between those worlds all the time in our lives. Sometimes we may become unconscious, sometimes we are subconscious during sleep, and we can be fully conscious of ourselves. Did you think that we are fully in the physical world? No, we are not. A part of us is in the physic world, another part is the spiritual world. while walking here on earth, we are partially in all those worlds. The full consciousness is split in all worlds. If for example during the day you happen to become so wise and intuitive, it is possible that you've partially been aware of the spiritual world.

Also it is possible to leave the physical world and enter completely a new world. And YETZIRAH is the very first world after ASSIAH (physical world) accessible to humans. Whoever enters the YETZIRAH find himself will have his/her consciousness in YESOD. It is also possible to enter the spiritual world. In the spiritual world you will find yourself in TIPHERET, because there is where the spiritual consciousness manifests.

The consciousness is the region of a world where energies gathers. The consciousness is the center of a trinity. That center manifests in the 3rd plane of a world. Moving from Ketter towards lower planes, Hockma, bina and Daath form the Divine trinity. And so Daath represents the Divine consciousness. I talked about Daath of Kakalah in the previous article, saying that this is the first Mirror of the universe. Here you can see or relate the relationship between a mirror and the consciousness. Both means the same thing in mystic terms. See for yourself! a mirror or a screen is a surface where things reflects on. The mirror is then something which is aware of all things near it. Since the mirror receives impressions, one can say, it is aware of whatever is going on around. The bigger the mirror, the more it receives. The mirror is a receiver and only is a sender when it receives. Now check your own consciousness, isn't it the same reality as the mirror. Your consciousness receives impressions of whatever you look at, think about, feel, desire. Without your consciousness, you wouldn't know anything which is happening around you and inside you. What we call thinking is actually letting our consciousness receive certain thoughts which travels our mind (mental body); same with feelings. In order words, we don't always make the thoughts or feelings or any other physical impressions, we simply recall or receive them. To remember, for instance, is simply to let your inner mirror (consciousness) receive past impressions. The Divine mirror is the biggest of all mirrors in the universe, and so it receives all impressions. No impression can escape that mirror. Everything is reflected on that mirror. In simple terms, we can say that nothing happens in the universe which GOD is not aware of. Daath is a center where energies of Hockma and bina unites.

A look at the kabalah tree of life, shows that the universe has 4 main level of consciousness (I'm only mentioning the 4 main ones, although there are in fact 10 levels). Daath (a version of Ketter which can creates), Tipheret and Yesod, and Mulkut. Thipheret is the spiritual consciousness accessible to developed beings of the material world like humans. Yesod is the subconsciousness or psychic consciousness accessible to some evolved beings like animals and plants. Mulkut is the unconsciousness of the universe accessible to primary beings like stones, minerals. The universe is therefore supra conscious, self conscious, subconscious and unconscious . It experiences all those levels of awareness in different regions. To understand this, obverse a close version of the universe which you are. A deep part of you is supra conscious, another part of you is self conscious, and another part is subconscious, and another part is unconscious.

Trinity and unity are 2 ways one can perceive things in life. You can see something in its details form or in its unity form. Kabbalah tree of life displays the 2 views. From kabbalah point of view, a world is seen as trinity. It is made of 3 sepherots. And for each world we have a consciousness. A human being is trinity made of a etheric body (Yesod), an emotional body (Hod) and a thinking body(netzach). The spirit is also a trinity made of the causal body (Tipheret), boudic body (Guebura) and atmic body (CHezed). Divinity is another highest trinity made of Bina, hochma and ketter. One should always remember the trinity is duplicated in many forms in each planes. Don't you limit yourself in viewing trinity as Father, son and holy spirit or as Brahma, vishnu and shiva. Don't let this remain some form of theory. Found the trinities close to you too, in order to make a practical use of them. Find it among the 7 chakras you have for example, see for example how Muladarah, svadistana and hanata are grouped below the diaphragm to form the psychic trinity, and how the throat, third eye and the crown chakra are group at the head to form the spiritual trinity. And don't stop there, see how the purity of one trinity helps the other trinity in you. See how the center of each of your trinity becomes bigger the more each of the 3 element of the trinity becomes purer. See how conscious you become the more your thoughts, feelings and actions gets better.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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