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I'd like to share a spiritual view about the Universe. It is well known among spiritualists that a human being is a small universe on its own. It is also known among religious people that a human being is created in the image of God. In this article, I intend to elaborate on that. I won't be able to complete the article, so I might need to continue some other time as part 2.

The Universe and God
Before anything, I'd like to clear the meaning of the word universe as understood by initiates. The universe is the entire existence. The sum total of manifested things. Anything which can be known, whether abstract things or concrete things, is in the universe. Anything out of the universe can't be known. Like the absolute which is out of the universe can't be known by any creature of the universe. However, God unknown which we call the Absolute God, is itself in the universe. More precisely the universe is the manifested ( the knowable) part of the absolute God. That manifested aspect of God which is then the universe, is what we all endeavor to unite with through religion, yoga, initiations etc.

The universe is not the wide space of galaxies which NAZA or astronauts explore. What ordinary people call by universe is in fact the physical plane. The world we live in (planet earth) including the space containing all galaxies are in the physical plane. The physical plane is a very small portion of the universe. We can say it's 1% of the entire universe.

[Image: 2uj2o8w.jpg]

In between the physical plane is the etheric plane,
and in between the etheric plane is the astral plane.
in between the astral plane is the mental plane.
In between the mental plane is the causal plane.
In between the causal plane is the boudic plane.
And In between the boudic plane is the atmic plane.
And In between plane exist 3 Divine planes which initiates can't find names for. Maybe because it beyond human reach.
It is all those planes together which an initiate calls the universe.

Kabbala tree of life is a spiritual view of the universe, Not a study of the physical solar system.
What we can see around us and far in the space of galaxies is only the physical plane in which things are visible, concrete. But other 6 planes remain invisible. This causes people to not believe that there are other planes of existence. Many of those who believe that there are invisible planes of existence make the mistake to imagine them as being positioned above the physical plane, or somewhere up there in the space Smile . No. The truth is, that all those invisible planes are right among us. All planes occupy the same space. There are all here in between the physical plane. They are all mixed like sugar melt in water.

It commonly named in spiritual text that there are 7 planes of existence. That doesn't prove to be complete when you then look at the number of planes in Kabbala ( on the tree of life ) which displays 10 planes. But are there really 7 or 10 planes of existence in the universe? Certainly not. See, the division of the universe into 7 planes is spiritual view of the universe in relationship with our inner universe. Usually depending on what the initiates what to reveal, a different aspect of the universe map can be used. Look at this like your geology, climatology maps trying to display a different view of the same thing "Earth".

[Image: 15yf0hx.jpg]
Kabbalah which is high spiritual view of the universe, an even more detailed view. Displaying 3 more cosmic planes (Keter, hockhma, and bina) on top of the 7 planes of the first view related to the human soul. This makes a total of 10 planes. The kabbalah view is considered by initiates to be one of the close to perfect view of the cosmos. So it is worth meditating on it for a more satisfying understanding of the universe. On the image of the Kabalah tree of life, you will find writing names of planets. That doesn't mean that it is talking about our solar system only. That tree of life, is a universal formula of all systems. That means whatever system which is out there far away from our system, bigger or small follows the same principles. When (and if) Naza finds new systems out there, it will surely give a new names to the planets in it. But it will not change the principles. There will be in that system, a version of Earth, of Mars, of mercury and of the sun. Our body is also a system, and so there is in our body a organic version of all those planets. Our soul is another system, therefore with the planets, just presented different, as vices and virtues. What we call astrology is in fact that science which talks about our inner solar system. So what you see as a planet in the tree of life of Kabalah, corresponds to specific plane of existence in the big universe, and to a specific virtue in the human soul. As you can now see, we have multiple small versions of the main system (Main system = universe or manifested God ). That means humans as systems are little versions of God manifested.

Man is a universe inside the Universe (inside God).
When wise people say that a human being is a small version of the universe? they don't mean that a human being looks like the galaxies of the space. NO! They means that a human being is composed of all the different planes I mentioned. A human being is the universe inside the universe itself. And inside the human universe exist many little universes too. Even the smallest item, an atom in us is a universe. Now if for a minute you agree to see an atom as the smallest universe, you would find out that inside the atom exists all the different planes of existence too. For a minute, Imagine you were a conscious atom inside a human body, Image yourself as being the atom of a cell in a human body, what would you see? You would see plenty of universes. You would see billions of universes surrounding you, in the same way we see billions of stars in the sky. As an atom, a molecule would look like the solar system to you, but your vision wouldn't even allow you to see that the molecule in which you are, is in fact part of an organ ( a galaxy).

One can group 4 kinds of molecules in the body, the solid molecules , the molecules of water, molecules of air and the molecule of fire. And as you might already know, in each organ of the body are also some molecules of water, of air and of fire too. Therefore, you (the atom of the solid molecule) will not only see billion of solid universes (solid molecules), but would also see in between everything, billions of other universes which are at different state (liquid, gaz and light). So as an atom of solid molecules, you would perceive millions of bright living creatures which are the atom of water, air, fire too.

What I've explained about the atom, goes the same for us human beings. When we all have our spiritual eyes opened, we will see the bright creatures living in between our physical plane. We are atoms in God (manifested), we are some few atoms in the physical body of the universe. The physical body of the universe is the physical plane. Now I do mean we are FEW atoms only, Because the whole body of God is not only made of humans, but also of plenty other solid creatures.

The skin of God can be compared to the sum total of all physical bodies in the physical plane (that is all all human bodies, animals, plants, and all creatures of remote planets out there. It would be a mistake to believe that we (physical beings) are the only living creatures on the skin of GOD. Just examine the state of your own skin, at different parts of your body. You will notice that not only the skin is different in certain areas of the body, but it is all composed of living creatures. For example, below the foot you have a harder skin than the skin on your face, which is quite softer and delicate; there are also the skins of organs which are different in their look and state. You can imagine the same for the skin of the Universe. Different areas with different bodies exist in the physical plane. There is no doubt for me, that there are other creatures like us in a far distance, and those creatures don't all have our type of skin. In this physical plane containing all physical galaxies, some physical creatures can be compared to the skin of the palm of the hand, some others to the skin of the face. Just like the palms of your hands skin can easily project and absorb energies, there must be physical creatures out there which have transparent physical bodies, capable of emitting and absorbing light.

Where are we positioned in Universe?
Our physical body is at the feet of the big universe. We are few of the atoms of the feet of God (manifested).
Our etheric body is in the lower stomach of the universe (Bladder and also the external part of the sex organ).
Our emotions and desires (astral body) are in the internal sex organ of the universe (and the Kidney).
Our thoughts (mental body, or mind) are in the lower lungs of the universe (The Urinary system).
Our self (the causal body) is in the solar plexus of the universe (the abdomen ).

Yes I know. What a scandal! you would say Smile God manifested has a sex? Yes I'm not invented things, I'm just using common words to explain the truth. For being a small version of the universe, Man has the opportunity to comprehend the structure of the big universe.
After a few minutes of such an observation, you conclude that the we are all in the body of what we call God. To be more precise, our human ordinary consciousness (our lower self ) is situated below the universe diaphragm, but our spirit is situated above the universe diaphragm.

[Image: 20qf8ex.jpg]

What kabbalah calls
- MALKUT is the physical plane and our physical body.
- YESOD is the etheric plane and our etheric body (this is the invisible body we use when in the astral world in real time, during a peaceful sleep or meditation)
- NETZACH is the astral plane and our astral body ( Feelings and desires )
- HOD is the mental plane and our mental body (thoughts)

MULKUT, NETZACH AND HOD form the trinity of our lower self. But from TIPHERET starts our spirit. The spirit is a spiritual trinity made ofTIPHERET, CHESED AND GEBURA.

TIPHERET is the causal plane and our causal body (higher self body)
CHESED is the boudic plane and our boudic body (our spiritual soul)
GEBURA is the atmic plane and our atmic body (our spiritual mind )

Beyond all that are the DIVINE PLANES. Which I will attempt to elaborate on to the best of my limited understanding in the next article.

The Macrocosm and Microcosm relationship
Each universe inside the big universe is not independent from each other. All universes inside the big universe (God) are connected and behaves the same.

Our little universe and the big Universe share the same principles. How the physical plane functions, so follows our physical body. Each part of a little universe follow the ones of the big universe in which it is contained. Did you know that our own cells follows the way we behave? The solid part of the cell follows our instincts. Leave harmoniously and your cells will automatically follow the harmony. Each of our body is in relationship with each part of our human soul, because both are systems inside systems. When the bigger system here "The human soul" thinks and feels negative for example, the physical part which corresponds to the thinking and feeling do the negative actions too, this is how some organs in the body poisoned because of a bad thinking rhythm.

The most interesting thing to notice is, that generally we are only aware of 3 things of our own universe : The physical body, the emotions and thoughts. This is what we live with in our everyday life. Everyday you walk around with your body, your emotions and thoughts constantly. Those 3 things together is what constitute our human consciousness, our lower self. But if you now consider the whole universe, you notice that we only are aware of half of our entire universe. That means we only know half of our entire being. We live half of the universe. Therefore an incomplete life. We only know yourself partially. When the initiates said "KNOW YOURSELF AND YOU WILL KNOW GOD", they meant to know the other part of ourselves, to know our spiritual self (higher self). The higher self is made of the rest of the invisible bodies we have beyond the mind (beyond ordinary thoughts and feelings). The knowledge of the higher self is the ideal goal in order to finally feel alive and complete. This is the only way to know GOD manifested. The knowledge of God is not through reading, but it is rather about becoming conscious (which is a live experience) of our entire universe. The marriage of the 2 parts (lower and higher self) is the goal behind life throughout time and space.

Love and light.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Thank you for this.

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