Hi everyone.
We have a new feature in the website (forums) called "Follow".

Those of you familiar with twitter will easily understand and make great use of the "Follow" feature immediately.

Here, in MSG, the feature allows you to be notified when specific members of your choice post a new thread or when they set up a meeting in the calendar page of this website. In short, you won't miss a new thread from them.

You will see a "follow" button next to each member avatar in the Member list page. Or next to a member's post.
Click on the "follow" gray button it will go green. Green means you are now following the member. You can also "unfollow" the member by simply clicking the same button again. It will go back to gray.

[Image: 2dan8nl.png]
Now I'm following you, yes you, because every new interesting thing you post, I want to know Smile Smile.

We hope you enjoy the new feature.
Helping you keeping in touch.