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A quick hello :-)

(06-27-2017, 08:49 PM)MOONBEARSPEAKS Wrote: Finding your way around the forum? Well you said a 'quick hello' but it won't be a quick goodbye.
Starting on the home page, scroll down and you will find a list of Forum Headings, e.g. News and Announcements. Introduce Yourself.
Scroll further down and there is a long list starting SPIRITUAL AND METAPHYSICS FORUM. As you follow that down you will discover you have access to over 3,000 threads covering over 6,000 posts. Will that do for now?
If you have any difficulties you are welcome to send me a Private Message or email.
Right. Next Question. Smile

Wow - I'd like a time box to sit in, to thoroughly enjoy peoples beliefs and experiences!
Excited as a child in a toy shop - I'm off to explore  Big Grin
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Please call us when you get back. We would like to hear your travel experiences.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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(06-28-2017, 12:08 AM)Uzumaki_Jesse Wrote: Pamela,

I am not much of a spiritual book reader. I have read one and only one spiritual book and it was by Dr. Wayne Dyer "Manifest Your Destiny" . I found it quite inspirational. (although I have nothing to compare it to)

To be completely honest, in this life so far, most of my early spiritual learning (in book or story form) came from fictional stories. The stories of good and evil, light and darkness opened my mind to a greater purpose. These stories helped me realize The gifts of love, friendships, and, of course, a strong will to do what is right and help people and the world.


Hi Jesse,
Stories are such a powerful way to get a message or theme across - they feed our imagination and can touch us deeply as you have kindly shared. It took me many years to trust and to be open with others, luckily there are people who are both patient and willing to share their gifts of love and connection. 
Pamela  BIGsmile
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Hi Pamela,

I live on a ranch, have all my life. I find spiritiuality in all the animals that share our immediate world. For instance, I am very respectful of snakes....they scare me, especially rattle snakes....but out riding pasture one day, I came upon a huge rattlesnake. My horse was unconcerned. So I began to 'think' to the rattlesnake. Asking her...for some reason I felt the snake was a she... to please tell the other rattlesnakes to not come into our headquarters where the house and barns are. I also told her by thought that I knew she had a place in Creation and I thought she was beautiful.
Since then we have not had any rattlesnakes in headquarters, nor do they coil up when I am out walking.
Just shared this to let you know I think everything is Spiritual. We just need to respect each other, reguadless if we walk on two legs, 4 legs, or crawl on our bellies. We are all one.
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Welcome Pamela.
May your confusions disappear with each truth revealed, so you can more easily find further truths.
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