Just want to share here, an other way of reading in the astral world.
we have noticed that depending on how your astral body vibration are or the level of astral plan you enter, you could be able to touch a book or may not. your hand could just go through it.

For those who enters a region where they seems not to be able to touch and flip a book.
here's a way you can train yourself how to read a book without touching it or opening it.

before you go in that plan, put a book on the table and go slip to go in the astral plan. once there,
go closer to the book and lay your right hand on it, and ask yourself the question "what is the book all about?" and imagine that colors are coming out of that closed book, imagine those colors going in your astral body thanks to your hand. you could be surprised that you understand the meaning of the book.

try that with different books you have never read in your bedroom, it could be any book, I advise you start with books dealing with one subject only. because it is difficult to read a magazine at the beginning.
If you try to read a magazine that contains so many pictures and different content talking about different things.
you might be confused about what you get as a result, you will simply get nothing but confused thoughts.

when you can read a full book in your room, you can better yourself at this, a library will be the better place for that. go in a library in the astral plan, and spend few minutes trying to find out the content of a shelter row.

It could be interesting to do this with someone else to verify the result. so both will read and will check if they both have the same thoughts when doing so. I won't mind to train with you.