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This is the biggest question of the 21st century;and its answer will be revealed sooner than most people think. Are we (human beings) the ONLY intelligent organic beings in the whole universe, the Milky Way galaxy, or the solar system? In other words, is the planet earth the only one to have developed an intelligent life in the whole universe or in this part of the universe? Is it possible that there could be other intelligent life forms somewhere in this infinitely vast universe? If so, then is it possible that some of them might have visited our planet earth and interacted with its inhabitants in some distant past? How about now, is it possible that some of them might clandestinely be with us at this time and are even involved in human affairs behind the scenes? Those are some of the questions that we will try to cover in this article as best as we can.

It really defies comprehension to see so many human beings still believing in the illusion that we are the ONLY intelligent creatures of the entire universe and that there are no other intelligent beings apart from us. I mean just take a look at the infinite immensity of the universe: There are trillions of solar systems in just one galaxy and there are trillions of galaxies in the universe and we are not even sure if there is just one universe or many universes. The most basic logic indicates that the chances of us being the only sentient species in this entire universe are close to zero. Even many astronomers have stated that it is mathematically improbable that we could be the only civilization in the universe. They estimated the number of civilizations to the Milky Way galaxy alone to be approximately 100 000 and that we are not anywhere near the most advanced one.

We have already passed the time when people could simply hide themselves behind the comfort of denial whenever they face complex issues. Now we live in a time where we must always try to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and start looking at life with an expanded awareness. Whoever keeps maintaining a dismissive attitude towards difficult or uncool subjects such as this one by quickly shifting his/her attention to petty mundane preoccupations is doing him/herself a great disservice. In fact, even religious institutions will have to adapt to the new circumstances if they are to survive the unstoppable events ahead of us. It is probably in this regard that the Vatican has recently released a statement acknowledging the possibility of existence of intelligent life in some other part of the universe. That is quite a progressive move coming from an institution which a few centuries ago displayed a ruthless bigotry and could persecute anyone (Galileo, Copernicus, etc.) who dared to challenge its flawed beliefs by providing proofs that earth is not the center of the universe. Nevertheless, we are still not fully satisfied by the Vatican’s statement because it only acknowledges some “distant” possibility somewhere far from us, while our world is currently facing an immediate situation involving some highly intelligent non-humans entities.

SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) institute is a scientific project based in California (USA) and whose mission is to explore, understand and explain the origin, nature, and prevalence of life in the universe. They use both radio waves and optical telescopes to search for possible habitable planets or any signs of radio transmissions from possible civilizations on other worlds. So they basically search the sky for signs of artificial, extraterrestrial radio source, the idea being that if there is any advanced civilization of extraterrestrials, they should be able to use radio waves to communicate with other worlds by sending messages in universal symbols that any intelligent being can decipher and understand.

I personally see this whole endeavor of searching for extraterrestrials as a faux debate and also as yet another misallocation of resources. Humanity needs more to look for and understand itself than to waste so much money, time and energy in trying to seek other beings. We would do better to sort out all the messes in our world first before attempting to make any contact with others (who may be more advanced and organized than us and thus might easily come to conquer and enslave us). Why do these scientists really accept to spend an obscene amount of money on virtual projects which do not even have any guarantee of success? Those funds they waste could well be used to help alleviate poverty or diseases in our planet rather than being thrown out of the window like that. Besides, even if they succeeded to receive radio messages from a distant civilization, from their own assessment they understand that the distance is so unimaginably vast that it will probably take at least 10 000 years for their response signal to reach the nearest galaxy. Who knows what would happen to our world by then? This whole communication thing looks more like a selfish and childish entertainment!


Why we need to know

It is more or less easier to acknowledge the possibility of intelligent life somewhere else in the universe. What is very difficult to do for most people is to admit alien presence with us at this time and assimilate that information into their world view. I know this because this is how I felt the first time I came across this information; the easiest thing for me to do was ignore it and carry on with my life, until I realized that the best thing to do was to honestly confront this information and investigate about it myself. So far I have done an extensive research about this subject and have gathered as many data on the matter as I could. I would therefore recommend everyone to give serious thought about this because even if at the end you feel that this information does not fit into your perspective of life, then you can simply release it back to wherever you find it and continue with your “peaceful” normal life. There is a swarm of books and websites discussing UFO and alien subjects. If you do some good shopping, I am sure you will stumble upon an informing one. I came across an interesting book written by David Jacobs called The UFO Controversy in America which is still in sold on amazon. This book gives a more balanced and comprehensive view on extraterrestrial subject.

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For those who are waiting for a confirmation of this information in the mainstream media, I have some disappointing news for them: there will be NO such thing. The disclosure of alien presence will probably come until such time when we are in a fait accompli situation, whereby nothing anybody says or thinks will make any difference to change the courses of events. You can keep waiting for the media or scientific reports about this subject if you wish, but be certain that you will find nothing of relevance from them. Some of us who understand a bit about certain dynamics at play here know that we cannot count on the official channels to get the truth about this information. So we’ve got to rely on all the evidences we can find and make logical conclusions from them by networking together. Let us now examine a few of those evidences and see if they can help us connect the dots.

The UFO Phenomenon

There is no escaping this subject for anybody who wants to study the hypothetical existence alien in our planet. The UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) also called flying saucers, are strange flying objects that have been spotted by many people in many places throughout the ages. Right after the Second World War, a lot more people began sighting these objects in the sky. The increasing prevalence of these objects in the sky has come to the point where a whole bran new science called Ufology has been created in order to study them! Smile J It could not be otherwise because since the 1950s, there were so many accounts of individuals who claimed to have witnessed UFO that simply dismissing it as a form of mass hallucination (as it was done at the beginning) was not enough to stop interested people from inquiring about them. Even today, there are still an awful lot of people who have reported seeing exotic objects in the sky which cannot be explained in any conventional sense. I am certainly one of them, or so I think from an enigmatic event I have witnessed in my childhood. In fact, many people have even videotaped UFOs! The following YouTube clip shows one such case.

However, the UFO phenomenon is not just an urban myth because stories of strange objects in the sky go far back in time. Many ancient Chinese and Indian texts have explicit mentions of those flying vehicles and describe them in quite precise terms considering the fact that aircraft technology was yet unknown to people of that time. So this might suggest to us that extraterrestrial objects have always been around this planet and perhaps the reason why we are now able to notice them so often is because we now have an expanded technological awareness. Ancient people had no technological framework on which to base their judgments of these objects, and that is why they could easily call them chariots of the gods or something like that. Certain esoteric sources have suggested that the pillar of fire and smoke that allegedly directed the Hebrew people in their wilderness journey was an alien mother ship emitting a trail of cloud, and that the so called star that guided the Persian magicians to Jesus birth place was also an UFO projecting light to them. I tend to agree with that assessment.

But getting back to the UFO subject, to this day there are a significant number of sober, intelligent and reliable people of all strata of society who have reported unconventional objects throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, and many other places in the oceans and even in the outer spaces. There is a huge conspiracy theory as to what exactly the astronaut Neil Armstrong has seen when he and his compatriot landed on the moon in 1969. Many credible rumors have indicated that he reported back to NASA having seen others unknown “bogies” (a techno term meaning an aircraft) landing and taking off from the moon. Of course, we have sufficient reasons to argue that the information has been classified in NASA secret files and it is unlikely that it will ever be released to the public. Notice that we will mostly be talking about the American dimension of this phenomenon because it is the most documented. But UFO and aliens are global issues and they do occur everywhere. It is just that people of some places (i.e. the US) pay more attention to these issues than others whose priorities are elsewhere.

The UFO phenomenon is not just a concern for the fanatics or uneducated masses. In fact, the military personnel take this subject very seriously because they are the ones who frequently make close contacts with these objects in the sky during their reconnaissance missions. A number of prominent military and scientific personnel have believed in the extraterrestrial hypothesis as an explanation for UFOs. In other words, they believed that aliens are here. In the late 1940s, the intelligence apparatus of several nations, had reason to believe that there were artifacts in the skies that did not originate from America, Russia, Germany, or any other country. There are a certain numbers of military documents that indicate a phenomenon that doesn’t have any conventional explanation. Many military pilots in air patrol have declared having seen objects representing technological principles beyond the range of modern scientific knowledge. According to the pilots’ reports, these unidentified objects have been described as “circular or elliptical in shape, domed on top and flat on bottom, metallic in appearance, no associated sound, and with sharp evasive maneuvers and perfect aerodynamic flexibility”.

UFO and National Security

For many of us, the UFO phenomenon might just be a curiosity or an entertainment subject. But to the highest military command of powerful nations such as America or Russia, they consider the UFOs as a serious threat to what they call “national security”. For many times, these objects have been seen (on visual and on radar) flying over sensitive military installations (such as nuclear facilities) and frequently violating their restricted air spaces (such as over air force bases or over the white house, etc.) possibly conducting surveillance missions. In the early days of the Cold War, some Americans suspected that these UFO might have been spying aircrafts of the Soviet Union. But this hypothesis was studied then rejected because these objects maneuvered like no known aircraft of that time was capable of doing. They could speed like crazy, make right angle turns, stop suddenly, hover in the air like a helicopter, and accelerate instantly. The Russians couldn’t possibly have built such aircrafts, so the only plausible explanation was that these things were of extraterrestrial making.

There is also a history of confrontation between the military jets and those flying saucers. Many nations such as Russia, USA, Canada, France, Britain, China, South Africa, Australia and many others have had their jets engaged with these objects. For instance, the US air force has at many occasions been reported having scrambled their fighter jets to chase these unidentified flying objects that were going over highly sensitive areas. On June 30th 1950 a memo on atomic energy was being held somewhere in California, and fighter squadrons of US air force battalions in the nearby base have been alerted to the presence of three black objects flying in V formation that were approaching the meeting venue at tremendous velocity. So the jets were sent in the air to intercept them in their trajectory and there was a sort of dog hunt in the sky that many people on the ground have witnessed. It is not just the military planes that had an encounter with these flying objects. Even many pilots of civilian airliners have reported to air traffic control about how they have been pissed by near collisions with these unknown objects which seemed to play with them. There is even some hypothetical theory which stipulates that many unexplained civilian air crashes are caused by possible attacks from UFOs! But I think this is a going a bit too far Undecided

These UFOs’ repeated violations of restricted airspaces remain a major cause for concern to the military organizations up to nowadays. Attempted intercepts of these objects by fighter jets has continued for the past sixty years. The most spectacular recent one happened on the 22nd of July 2002 over the skies of Washington DC. There are many eye witnesses’ testimonies on that event on internet. I have even watched it on National Geographic documentary on UFO. Thus, it seems like these UFO are giving a serious headache to our military! Big Grin Just watch the following YouTube clip showing a UFO being escorted by two jets.

Apparently, those objects hold any human technology in contempt. They are no match to anything we’ve got! Even the best military jets simply can’t compete with these things. Whatever their technology is, it must be a lot more superior to anything humans have. They sometimes engage in very provocative ways with the military, as if they are having fun with them. Actually, they have often been reported playing cat and mouse games with military jets and would vaporize any missile targeted to them using some strange beam of light as their primary weapon. There are even few cases of jets in pursuit of them being shut down by their mysterious beams, or the pilot and his plane disappearing from the radar and gone missing for good.

The Roswell Controversy

The catalytic event that ignited people’s interest on UFOs was a report of an object that crashed near Roswell, in New Mexico state (USA) on the 1st or 2nd of July 1947. It has been reported that an extraterrestrial spacecraft and its five alien occupants has crashed in Foster Ranch, which is a wild area near Roswell. This report has made headlines in all major newspapers and television stations around the globe for the whole July of 1947. The New York Times newspaper has published a story of eye witnesses who claimed to have seen wreckage of a flying saucer in that ranch before the US army was called to clear everything and take whatever they have found to a secure location. About a week later, on the 8th of July 1947, an official statement by the US army declared that the object recovered was the debris of an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon which was part of a top secret military program named “Mogul”. Many eye witnesses and private investigators rejected that claim and even ridiculed it. Till today they still maintain that what the US army recovered that day was a flying saucer and alien dead bodies. Up to now the Roswell story remains the object of intense controversy and several conspiracy theories. There is even a UFO museum built in the town of Roswell itself! I certainly will not miss to visit it should I get the opportunity of a trip around there.

[Image: 2l8l1t3.jpg]

The Roswell story became an issue of public relation for the American government which was then being mistrusted by its own citizens for concealing the truth about that important information from them. Some pessimistics even predicted the collapse of the American government within few years due to internal pressures! Smile So it became crucial for the US government to appease the built up of mistrust and frustration among its people, and that is why many American military intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.) began investigating about flying saucers since 1949. From 1949 to 1969, the US Air force investigated Unidentified Flying Objects under Project Blue Book. Of a total of 12,618 sightings officially reported to project Blue Book, 701 have never been explained up to now. The rest have been rationalized as either atmospheric phenomena, whether balloons, swamp gas, or ball lightning, which really sounds like a ridiculous explanation.

[Image: 58ode.jpg]

Then came the great UFO wave of 1965 and 1966. A consistent eye witness testimony attested that the UFO sightings were so clear and with such a high density and quality that the US Air Force could no longer hide behind rationalizations to explain a phenomenon which involved ACTUAL objects of apparently unconventional design type (disc- shaped)and capable of incredible speed and maneuverability. Adding to the suspicion was the fact that multiple reports of violation of the US airspace by unknown aircrafts were never attributed to the Soviet Union despite being in the context of the Cold War. And so it became increasingly difficult for the US Air Force to withstand public scrutiny of the UFO problem.

Notice that this UFO and alien phenomenon is not an exclusive American issue. Others nations too have their own UFO problem which is wrapped in deep secrecy and conveniently kept outside the public domain. It is only the Americans who helped to put this debate on the table thanks to the Roswell incident which occured in their country. Whatever happened or did not happen on that ranch near Roswell in that fateful day of early July 1947, we do not know for sure. Despite the fact that only about a dozen of eye witnesses are still alive today, it is thanks to them that we know something of crucial significance occurred that day, and which could have changed our human perception for good should it have been made public.

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The Rule of Secrecy on UFOs

The least conspiratorial we can be is to acknowledge that there are crafts in our air that appear not to be of this world or of human making, and if our governments have any knowledge about it, then why would they want to keep that from the people? We can safely assume that our world leaders know quite precisely what these UFOs are but they willingly choose to conceal that information from the public. That is a déjà vu situation because the culture of classifying information goes far back in history. It comes from a pervasive and fundamental element of life in our world which dictates that those who are at the top of the social order will always take whatever step necessary to maintain the status quo which is beneficiary to them. It is a fact that all elites take care to manipulate the public’s opinion in order to maintain the existing structures of power at all cost. This is how things have been, are and will always be.

To most of us, knowledge about alien presence is harmless (if not exciting), but to the prime beneficiaries of our current social order, the UFO and aliens phenomenon represent a problem of grave significance because they believe that if other unknown variables were to enter into this matrix equation of the world system, it will definitely upset the existing social order and balance of power. Also, since they do not want to appear as helpless about the UFOs as the rest of us (which in fact they are), it serves their best interest to keep things as ambiguous as possible and maintain the illusion of being in control of the situation for as long as possible. Our world leaders have been rightly accused by many people for putting the UFO issue deep under cover and for withholding any knowledge about it. All paper trails and important files related to the UFO phenomenon have either been destroyed or classified. It could not be otherwise because this whole UFO and alien issue threatens their power status and so they have every reason to keep it away from becoming public knowledge.

Another biggest loser of this situation is religion. Disclosing the UFO and alien presence will blow up the myth upon which depend the doctrines of most mainstream religions (especially the monotheistic religions), which have been telling humanity for the past few millennia that they are the only God’s special creation in this vast empty universe made EXCLUSIVELY for them. Seeing other non-human intelligent entities will necessarily raise many questions and this will undermine all preexisting religious belief systems and will require everything to be rewritten. Remember that the very nature of religion and government is to control the population (and this is not necessarily a bad thing depending on the context), thus by undermining the authority of religion, it will also undermine other structures of power (i.e. the government) and this is a highly undesirable prospect for those running the current world system. They will do ANYTHING in their power to make sure it doesn't come to that.

There are certain topics (such as extraterrestrials) that are too sensitive to be discussed openly on a public platform without distressing some powerful interests. That is why the UFO information was always subjected to secrecy protocols. In fact, this information is not just classified but it is proprietary, because it is very compartmentalized and almost hermetically closed to everyone but a few individuals who are in the inner circle of power. And there is such an extensive level of control over this whole extraterrestrial topic to the point where almost every official declaration about it is nothing but pure disinformation propaganda. The secrecy surrounding the UFO issue is just part of a broader policy of mass control and deception. But secrecy has its own momentum and so the longer they lie about it, the harder it becomes for them to come clean and reveal it to the people.

To those elites in power, lies and secrecy is a way of life and cover-ups are standard operating procedures which usually remain unknown to the public for many years. All military or government personnel exposed to classified information of any kind must take a secret oath which is binding for life under all circumstances. Trying to violate a secret oath is an offence which invites a grave punishment to the offender, and this is why whoever leaks classified information to the public will have to do it anonymously and in a way that assures his/her plausible deniability. That is the reason why those classified information usually come out in the form of rumor without any proof.

The Media’s Duplicity

Most people have a very naïve attitude toward the mainstream media and mindlessly make it their primary source of information. They have been made to believe that it is an official platform with a mission to advocate public concerns and awareness about issues of life. But I can assure you that is not the case. The truth is that the mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda machine with a task to shape the opinion of the public and orient it toward a direction favorable to the elites in power. First of all, we should understand that the mainstream media is funded or owned directly either by government agencies, large multinational corporations or other powerful elite interests. Secondly, we must realize that the media is under NO obligation to report the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. What matters most to them is profitability, and whatever version of the news that can help them achieve that goal is what they will report.

What we hear, read and see on television, or in newspapers and magazines are stories that have already been edited and filtered for public consumption, and any compromising truth is left out. Journalist reports are continually subjected to the industry’s review protocols before they are published. The former British Prime Minister Wilson Churchill once said that “the first casualty of war is truth”. He could not be more accurate, because the first thing that all those in power do when they face an emergency situation is to seize control of the flow of information to their public and then manipulate the information as they see fit. Even in normal times, the governments and other powerful lobby groups of this world frequently influence the boards of news directors to manipulate public information in order to present their official position in the best possible light. Only harmless news may be left to be reported at the discretion of the media.

To have meaning and value, information must be accurate, objective and reasonably complete. But what we get from the media are partial truths, selective memory, and strategic omissions about crucial world’s events. In order to neutralize unwelcome information, the governments will sometimes resort to official denials, extreme secrecy or public ridicule, and in other times they proceed to discredit the story through their proxies strategically placed in the media. For instance, in the late 1960s, there has been a scandal in the US which exposed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of training its agents to become journalists and then placing them in strategic positions in major news organizations with a secret mandate to carry out assignments for the agency. It was estimated then that more than four hundred American journalists were covert CIA agents. Only God knows how many more covert CIA agents are journalist throughout the world today. With that ungodly configuration, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the mainstream media has always supported the American (and other) governments propaganda about many issues such as UFOs by removing its discussion from the public domain, all the while uncritically presenting the official government declarations about it as factual information and marginalize any opposing view.

Thus the whole UFO phenomenon (which is the main proof of alien existence on our planet) has been ridiculed by the media and is only presented as an adjunct of pop culture, with no seriousness in it. But it is important for us to stress why the UFO phenomenon is not a joke or an entertainment but something worthy of serious attention and study. That is why there are now many alternative news organizations on internet and radio stations around the globe whose mandate is to support the cause of truth and fight against media disinformation. One such alternative news source I find very interesting is ; there are many others alternative news websites you can get on internet which present a more or less unbiased and comprehensive description of the world’s events. Just be aware that some of them may well be government or corporates affiliated which are disguised as independent alternative news sources.


People have always been made to believe in various fantasies. Just some five hundreds years ago, people believed that earth was flat and that the sun orbited around earth. Just some two hundred years ago, even the most knowledgeable people were denying the possible existence of invisible miniature being called micro-organisms (germs and bacteria), but nowadays it is common knowledge. Right now most humans still believe in yet another old fantasy which tells them that they are the only special beings in the entire universe. But that too is going to be dropped very soon. If humans are indeed special creation of God, then what makes them think that plants, animals or extraterrestrials aren't? The truth is that everything that exist is hold in equal love by the Creator. Maintaining a human-centric conception of creation is nothing but pure glorification of ego. There is nothing holy or praise worthy about that.

I consider this information about alien life as a starting point of any serious study and understanding of the universe. In fact, knowing about other worldly beings is crucial even for our spiritual awareness and development. Without that piece of information, your knowledge about life and human destiny will always be incomplete and subjective. You will ultimately reach a dead end in your understanding of reality and world’s events, and no amount of prayers or meditation practices can compensate that lack for you as long as you keep maintaining a denial attitude toward reality. In fact, if done alone, those practices can even push you more toward subjectivity and make you a less grounded person. The heart needs the mind in order to find truth. The reason why knowledge empowers is because it raises your awareness and makes you less susceptible to manipulation and exploitation.

The few upcoming years ahead of us will be very critical for our world because we will be introduced to a galactic consciousness and this means we will have to learn about how to look at creation in its infinite capacity. It is often speculated that sometimes after this year (2012), alien presence will most likely be disclosed to the public right here on this planet. Those who still cling to their narrow perception will be in shock when their illusions will finally be dismantled.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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Very interesting John!
That's very informative. I must admit I haven't been so informed of alians in the way you just did. and the video taken by that guy is so evident.
It's true it's impossible to think of an empty universe, because as a rule, any space is filled with beings, visible or invisible.

From the reading of your article, seems like the aliens, really have nothing against us. They've been around for cunturies but not even once we've reported distroying the human race, like it's shown in movies. Now I wonder where that threat feeling comes from? or are they just taken more time studing humans before they could decide to kill us all Big Grin ?

I also tend to believe that many other planets are visited by some other planetary beings, just like I could be possible that we receive different sorts of aliens' visits. But the question remain what attract them to this earth planet. Is it the same reason we human are visiting the moon and mars?
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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You are right krya. The universe is just too immense to be inhabited only by a few billions humans. Common sense indicates that there must be plenty more species and civilizations in the universe who are very likely to be much more advanced technologically and spiritually than us considering the fact that we do not even really understand ourselves or our pasts, let alone plan our own future with unity and lucidity.

Now after admitting the possible presence of aliens on this planet of ours, the inevitable question then becomes: who are they? what do they want? why haven't they introduced themselves to us? etc. About the latter question, I personally do not blame them or the governments of our world for concealing their presence. I mean let's face it: most human beings are still emotionally VERY immature to take a news like that with serenity and thoughtfulness but will react irrationally. So to officially announce such information to an unprepared public will result in a situation of mass panic and hysteria, and as you can see, this will not serve anyone (aliens, governments, or the population). So this info must be hidden to the public for now, and those who really want to know about it and are mentally prepared for it will certainly find it.

It is important to realize that this is not the first time that extraterrestrials have been on this planet. Evidences indicate that these beings seemed to be visiting earth at various key moments of our history. Many Greek, Persian, Celtics, Indian, Chinese and other mythologies have accounts of non-human or super-human entities living among the people and who were mistakenly thought as gods. So it was much easier for aliens to live among humans and to present themselves as gods and be worshiped because people of that time had strong beliefs in divinities. Archaeologists have found many vestiges of outstanding cities on many parts of the globes which remain mysterious up to now and can only be explained as places inhabited by extraterrestrials during their stay on this planet. I think here of vestiges of the super ancient city state of Mohenjo Daro or Angkor Watt . If those cities were built by humans, then why did they suddenly stop building more of the same?

In our days things are different because we do not believe in such things as gods anymore and so they will have to proceed in different ways. And right now our world is standing at a VERY critical point of its timeline whereby we may either progress in a positive path of freedom and expansion or degress in a negative path of slavery and restriction depending on which probability we collectively choose to align with. So their respective plans is to bias or influence the choices we make (either positively or negatively) but it is still ultimately up to us to collectively decide how we want to proceed. The sad thing is that most human beings don't even care about important things such as these (which actually concern their collective survival) but seem to be immersed in futilities. So those choices are being made for them by those who allegedly represent them (governments) and this without their best interests in mind!

Another question we may want to ask is: are they friendly or hostile? Well, if they were really friendly, they would have helped us a lot more by now. But we still see wars, famines, diseases, natural disasters, corruptions and exploitation in many part of the globe but our "space brothers" haven't bailed out our sorry asses yet. So this indicate to me that they must be following some sort of law which says that everyone must work out his own problems without being interfered. So even if they were positive, their positivity toward us would not manifest itself in the way that we (in our ignorance and naivety) would expect.

And just like you have observed, they do not seem to be hostile neither (at least not in the ways we understand hostility) because if they were so, and considering their very superior technology compared to ours, then they would have wiped us out already and taken over this planet! Confused This also indicates to me that whatever their agenda is, it must be a lot bigger than we are capable of fully understanding. Remember, we are most probably talking about beings of higher dimensions than our own here, and therefore they must be long sighted enough to understand that killing people is not necessarily a victory because those souls will reincarnate back and defeat your agenda in the long run. There is something much worst than killing people: it is controlling them and their destiny indefinitely. And that is probably what most of our visitors are up to.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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I see.
They must have already answers to most of the "what If questions" about thier interaction with humans.
but if those guys are much more advanced spirituality, I have to think that woudn't need to control us in any negative way. Then maybe we would need their help more than they would need ours.
It does happen in the universe different being travelling to look for powerfull materials they need for development.
I tend to also think that all Alians are not the same but different sorts of them, different in appearence and thier development. And that we might also be seen as some sort of Alian to them (possibly one of those under developed one); but they could be collecting some sort of row materials that they do not have in thier world and that are necessary for thier development. This phenomen of dependency seem to happen almost among all beeings, Even among us on earth, spiritual invisible entities collecting from humans, humans collecting from animals, animals collecting from plants and plants from stones.
Then I wonder if there are some humans in contact with those alians, learning from them?
You aslo mentioned that you were witness with them, what was it for you?
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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I guess this alien subject still need much elucidation. I will see if I can come up with another comprehensive article about it shortly so as to try to address the issue of extraterrestrials' activities on earth, and to give an overall description of the cosmic drama that we human beings find ourselves trapped in, and of which most of us seem to be TOTALLY ignorant about.

But suffice for now to say that the most important thing is to come to the realization that life in general is a lot complex than we prefer to think of it and it involves many players of various kinds and dimensions. Our human ego wants to make us believe that we are the smartest and most evolved things in the entire universe but that is not the case. The reason we even came to think like that is because the human race has been cut off from the awareness of the cosmic tree of life because of certain choices we have collectively made in a very distant past and which aligned us with the tree of knowledge of good and evil (= false knowledge) and therefore pulled us deep into the illusion of finite material life. Up to now we are still paying the consequences of that careless choice the hard way. The story of Adam and Eve is a symbolic message of that situation which unfortunately has been translated literally by religious people.

As to why I came to believe so strongly in the extraterrestrial hypothesis, it is a combination of many factors. First, I still remember when I was about 11 years old and have visited my grand_pa farm, one night about 8 o'clock while I was coming back from a friend's place, we both saw three objects with red light at a reasonably close distance. We knew they weren't cars because no car could possibly reach that particular rocky spot where those three objects were standing. And just as we were preparing to deploy our slingshots and throw stones at those mysterious objects, we saw them taking off and fly over at a swift and rapid movement without making a single noise and they disappeared into the sky.

Of course, being just two kids, we somehow managed to rationalize about that event and completely forgot about it after just a few days. But as I was growing up, that mysterious event kept coming back to my mind and I was sort of subconsciously driven to seek the answer to it. Some twenty years latter I came across the UFO materials which made perfect sense to me in explaining the event of that night. This knowledge also assisted me in my investigations of many others superstitious beliefs I was accustomed within my culture such as the story of witches abducting people and taking them to some mysterious ships, or eating people then replacing them with a dummy that those mourning will mistakenly think is the real deceased person, and so on. So I began connecting the dots until I was able to see more and more of the bigger picture.
So this is basically to say that there are many things that are happening now on our planet and which the human mind cannot believe because it can't understand them, yet want to know about them. Great efforts and humility are necessary to come closer to the truth about our current world condition.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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Interesting read!
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Yes Krya there is a permanent contact between certain Aliens and human being it seems that they are learning from each other. Besides that, They were given human beings in exchange of some knowledge (technology). I wonder how do they communicate ???

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Been reading books on Aliens the majority of this lifetime. My mother and daddy both saw UFOs, as did my best friend. I don't remember seeing them, wish I did.
IMHO Creator creates always. It says in the Bible somewhere God creates worlds without ending, or something like that.
Looking at the world around me, I think, why wouldn't there be more worlds with different or similar life forms? Varity is a good thing.
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No we definetly not alone. In fact many of what people of past called miracles could just have been the technology of extraterestrials. What will an ancient person say if he saw a flying object with lots of electric lights ? He would think of that light as some kind of spiritual or divine light.
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Happy happy happy, I finally saw a UFO!!!!
It was behind the house flying above a mesa. It was round with red lights completely around it.
I'm thrilled I finally saw one.SmileSmileSmile
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