Hello Dear member,

If you are curious, you might have noticed a drop in your points count. Especially if you had a lot of points, it could feel like almost half of your points are gone :Smile No they are not gone. There's simply been a recalculation of points based on the new rates given to each action you run in the forum. 

You can check the rate of points for each activity you do in the forum in the points page  . The points page is always accessible to you for reference. You can find it by clicking on your points number ( the number in orange color). 

So no panic, as you've not lost points. Part of the changes was also to reduce digits of points. This is because we don't want to end up with too long digits points. You don't want to be counting millions, do you? Smile . With this change made, each point you get then becomes significant. 

As of now, you may not see other member's points. We don't see the reason for it for now. 

However, we are now allowing you to redeem your points. You can convert your points into real money. Simply go the shop page and buy the amount of dollar you want. You should receive a PM asking you for your paypal account. Note that payments only goes out from the 27th to the 30th. 

To make even more use of points, we've opened a shop in MSG where you can sell and buy things like Ebooks, spiritual/esoteric lessons or courses packed in a zip file, or pdf,mp3 or even mp4 (video format). We will of course check and approve each item solved in the shop. All transactions are made using points. Just another way to make good use of your points Smile

I will post more tutorials and terms and conditions to explain about the shop and the points. As there will be cases where your points could be deducted off your balance if you abuse the system.  

For MSG, the point system is  another way to say thank you for  being active in the forum, for posting new threads, for replying to threads, for making this place a wonderful place. We have proofs that your content has helped many who visit our website. So please continue sharing whatever constructive information you have, someone out there will find it and will be very grateful. 

Let's bring more activity and more great content to the forum. Let's stay connected. 

Should you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Thank you and Love and light to all.