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Add an avatar to your account

An Avatar, is the profile picture; it is that image of yours. It can be your real image, or simply any other image which represents you, and that displays next to your posts. It can like anything like this:
[Image: 2dr6ryq.jpg]

An avatars is good and recommended in this website, as it let other members know at a glance who a post belongs to.
If you signed up with your facebook account, you most probably already have an image attached to your profile ( your facebook profile image), so you are sorted. Otherwise, again please get yourself a PICTURE.

Here's how to add an avatar to your account:
1) Go to your User CP ( user control panel)
If you do not know where to find it , see image below:
[Image: 20f3vpf.png]

2) From your profile menu, click edit Profile:
[Image: 2hfqrz7.png]

3) From here you can now upload the image avatar from your PC ( or tablet)
Choose one of the avatar of the website
or simply find an image from Google and paste the link of that URL there.
[Image: 2a0c37r.png]

And bob's your uncle! Wink
Let me know if you struggle.

Just do not use my avatar
[Image: 2dr6ryq.jpg]
It's too awesome so I do not share it with anybody Big Grin
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I would like to indicate that members also have the optional choice of adding a signature to their account's profile by following the same guidelines in the user control panel section. A signature is any quote, proverb, or idea that you resonate with, and after adding it to your profile, will be reflected at the bottom of each and every threads or comments you post. Notice that signatures (just like avatars) are updatable. So you can edit or change your signature at any time.

Be well.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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