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Alien Encounter!

So much was happening so quickly for us during the autumn of 1994, it really was a wonder that Derek and I retained our sanity. It seemed that some strange unseen force was testing out our sensitivity; our 'alert sensors' were heightened to such a degree that even a flea rubbing its legs together would have sounded like thunder. And nothing we did took place half-measure, whether it was a sneezing fit that carried on for twenty minutes, a bout of loud hiccups that lasted half an hour, pronounced physical discomfort of one sort or another, or even weird problems with the computer. There was no doubt about it. Something was going on. But what?

For a few weeks I had been bugged every now and then by an annoying, extremely loud clicking sound in my left ear. I tried repeatedly to ignore it, but finally the distraction became too intolerable to shrug off any more. It was time to ask for Derek's assistance to see if we could find out what on earth was causing the annoying phenomenon.

We began the session as we always did with a prayer, asking for God's protection and guidance. Next, Derek started to gently lead me into an altered state of awareness, but before I could really access my 'safe place', I became aware of another distraction, a twitching sensation running up and down my left leg, like something was jumping from muscle to muscle.

Of course, I told Derek what was happening, but when he asked who or what was doing the distracting, I answered, "It's gone now. As soon as you tune into it, it goes."

Then, as Derek started into the procedure again, I became aware of the 'something' really distracting me once more. It seemed 'whatever it was' wanted to stop us from finding out what the clicking in the ear was all about. But Derek continued talking in a soft monotone until he could tell from my skin tone and the way I was answering that I was in an 'altered state', and he instructed me to follow the distracting energy back to its source.

The following is a transcript of that very strange session which Derek recorded and I transcribed:

Key: Dk:=Derek; Di:=Diana; G:=Guide;

Di: It looks like a dark ball of energy. It took off like a bat out of hell!
Dk: Did you follow the energy and go as fast as it went?
Di: No. I couldn't. It's back again.

I began receiving a telepathic message and relayed it to Derek.

It says 'you couldn't follow, you weren't fast enough'.

Dk: I want you to surround the energy with a whole mass of white light. Send some healing light to that ball.

I did as Derek directed, mentally projecting a ball of white light to completely surround the energy, and then gave Derek a verbal report of what was happening.

Di: It looks like it (the white light) dissolved the ball. It looks like it's disappeared. I'm being left alone now.

Derek continued with the technique we use to take me to my 'safe place', then he led me to a contact with one of my 'guides' and began asking questions again:

Dk: We wish to know the source of the interference that's causing clicking in Diana's ears.
G: It is felt the purpose, the nature of this clicking sound, is to distract her from what she is doing. It is an outside source.
Dk: Where is it coming from; is it coming from ETs?
G: If that is what you wish to call them, yes.
Dk: And who is doing this?
G: Others who wish to know.
Dk: What is it they wish to know? It's not as if the two of us are highly technical, or have some position in the government with access to vital information. We're just ordinary citizens.
G: We understand that theirs is of a different makeup; the spiritual connection differs from yours, due to a different perception or understanding of the mutual evolutionary progress, and for that particular species emotion was overlooked. Emotion was there originally, but through countless generations of non-attention it has become dormant and they are wishing to improve upon that which they are, so as to become more like yourselves.

Dk: We would rather share information than do things underhandedly in a way that could cause others discomfort.
G: This is understood. But they are without emotion, and therefore the understanding is different. Your particular use of the word 'underhandedly' implies that there is emotion. It is believed the acquisition of that which you come by naturally would place them in a superior position, from their perspective. They wish to incorporate the best from the human makeup. The things that you are teaching help raise the awareness of the people, which assists them to tap into their full potential. En masse, that could create a strength or power which has potential far undreamed of by yourselves. And your observers would wish this for themselves.
Dk: I've heard that the combined energies of a group of people has ten times the power of a single person.
G: The more who are awakened to this, the greater is the significance of your work, and the more impact it could have. These beings fear that the 'backward' human beings, as they perceive you to be, may become very much 'forwards' and be in a position to reclaim much of that which is mankind's inheritance. As man's abilities increase, this could mean that ultimately the creative powers he reclaims could be used inappropriately, such as in an aggressive or military sense. You see, the old saying that the sky is the limit is very much applicable.

Dk: I can see how some of them could be acting out of fear, just as people on earth right now are acting out of fear about their (ET) presence.
G: It is not fear that motivates them to monitor your activities. But, in part, you are correct. It is perhaps good that most people on earth are unaware as to what is going on; many are not quite ready for this, although many are like sleeping children ready to be aroused into wakefulness.

Dk: I can see how our work could do this.
G: You may feel that your modest contribution is very small. However, it has the makings for opening not a small gate, but a floodgate of potential.
Dk: Can you advise us on how we could protect ourselves a little more? It doesn't seem that using white light is adequate to protect us from these other influences.
G: It would appear that assistance comes to you from another direction. Using the light with intent is the best protection at your disposal for now, and the reason will be clearer to you later. In time you will learn techniques to transport yourself out of range, if you wish, as fast as those that are trying to tap into your source, and you will be able to project yourselves at the speed of thought. But, at the moment, you are like babes beginning to crawl. The next stage is standing, then walking, then running, and then 'flight'. These stages will unfold for you when the time is appropriate. In the meantime, any other assistance will come from those others of your brothers who are also with you, who cherish and have undertaken to protect you.

Dk: You have helped us to understand a little of what's going on. We're just becoming aware of the different energies, realizing how they can transport themselves here within an instant of a thought from what we perceive to be thousands of miles away, and how it appears the walls literally have ears. Is it correct that when we start communicating, and particularly when we are, say, directing a planetary healing, we open up a frequency which can be, and is, picked up by other life-forms anywhere in our immediate vicinity and even as 'far away' as in another galaxy?
G: That is correct.
Dk: How very fortunate we are to have the techniques we've learned, that enable us to communicate with such as yourself and those who are assisting us.
G: It is wise that you have chosen to continue in your own spiritual endeavors. When you are ready, you will understand more. At the moment, it is appropriate you know only that which has been revealed to you so far. As you begin to stand on your own feet, gain your balance and then walk, your awareness will increase.

It took us a while to settle down after that. How could any other species think that our innocuous teachings could possibly endow people with special powers or abilities? After all, we were merely teaching a method of meditation using guided visualization; showing our students how to 'protect' themselves by using their imagination, and giving instruction in different hands-on healing techniques. Were we, quite by chance, teaching something else, perhaps empowering students in a way we could not see or perceive?

What was going on, I wondered, again? This was all very interesting, and ego-boosting, even, but was it really happening? I wasn't one-hundred percent sure I wanted to believe what had 'transpired'. In fact, I would have been happier if the whole business had gone away and I didn't have to look at it again. Was I in denial, or what?

Not knowing what to believe, or what else could happen, I decided I would transcribe the taped session and enter it into the computer. Afterwards, I printed out a hard copy, but, fearing something of which I had no inkling, I made sure not to leave any record of the document on the hard drive. I copied it onto a special disk which I promptly gave to Derek to hide in a safe place. That way, I guess I felt more secure, although from what, I am not sure. Of course, it goes without saying that the disk mysteriously disappeared.

Derek and I made a mutual pact; we wouldn't discuss with anyone the 'clicking in the ear' incident. A couple of days later, however, two staunch friends stopped in at the office. These were folks we knew we could trust, so we decided our friends would be the exception, and we broke our pact...temporarily. I'm glad we did.

Until our strange saga took another weird turn... posted on MSG as ‘Blanking out in the Office.’
"People may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel."
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You asked 'Why does our work matter?' Or something like that. Couldn't find it again.
You work matters as it lets others experiencing the same thing know that they are not crazy or are they imagining things. It helps people.
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Derek and Di,

Your time frame - early '90's - coincides with experiences that Joyce and I were having. Regrettably, we did not realise that what was happening would be of interest or importance to others and whilst we did record and transcribe some of the sessions, don't ask me where those tapes and hard copy are now, as I have no idea. So much of the information in your posts is familiar; I am so happy to have yet another confirmation that ours was not an isolated experience.  

I sincerely hope you will continue to share with us, as it is information of great importance to those who seek confirmation of their own thoughts. It is also of enormous help when one is trying to interpret the oft-times ephemeral ideas that somehow get into one's head. It can be too easy to shrug off such thoughts as 'idle daydreaming' or 'I don't know where that came from.'  'I had better get on with herding the sheep or milking the cows, or writing this computer programme, or checking the commodities market - or whatever other humdrum task occupies one's days.

Yes, it is true that we hide behind the comparative security of our daily life patterns when we could take more notice of THE WIDER PICTURE, even if this does compel us to step out of our mental and emotional comfort zone.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Greetings Skytiger,
Thank you for your kind thoughts....  sometimes one looses sight of the forest because the trees get in the way.
"People may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel."
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