To the Empath in Me:

Why has you not Felt the People as there Feel, It Has Been So Long Since You Helped Anyone; The World, Since Has Changed Since the Eon in Which You Lived to Breathe. Wherein You Helped Countless that Were Burdened through the Viles of the World as is. Now Tho That You Have BEen Reseted of Your Good Deeds; How Will You GEt BAck Up to the Phantom in Which You Wish to be Seen. Feeling Life is an INedible Thing. And Tho the World Has Changed Wherein One on One is a More Private Thing; It Has In the Liberal Form Not Changed Wherein Each Thought of Good Still Comes Through through the MAsses at LArge. I CAn But Say that i Intent But Good, But That This Good I Presently Needed for me to Have Spoken, to Make Not Avoid My Remedy of Helping others for the Sake of the Love of the Creation of the Creator Him/It Selve. This is the Remedy Against Any Lonely Soul, That Has Not Met IT's Mark of BEing With Other People in the Place Wherein it Calls For Helping Other's is still the Call.

I Can See How This Can Seem Doubleminded, in Which My Post Previously Seem to State That All Things Are Good; But That i ComeBAck With a post as Such in the Lowlyness of My Meekness of the Self. IT is for the Creation Yearns to do That Which it Must YEarn to Do good. I Could Have Skipped this Session To Do Less Good; But That Would Not Befit the Great Creator, Since there are Many More Other Then ME That This is Pending Upon. My Life is Not My Own For the Most Since Many More are Required, and Tho I HAve Liberty; It Pains to Either Live My Own Life VerSus to Live the Life For the PEople. In My Own Life it is Driven By the Lonelyness of Having a Person to Share It With. ANd This Pushes Me to The Further to Help Other's Like a Escape to Do Something that HArbors HArm to My Soul, But Not to My Heart. It Patches it Up; Tho the Loneliness Still Keeps on Driving, I Feel a Sense of Help Of BElonging; Tho i Do Not Need the Belonging in itself; IT Does Good to Help Them Who are in a LEsser Fortunate Form ITsefl in Life; But Sometimes OVerWorking Myself More then I Should in Helping as i Go Beyond the Grain in HElping When it Coes to My Faith. Of it, it is a Duty; But How Much Do I Regard Myself Versus Another in Helping, if My Life Has Not Yet Settled Completly into That Which it has to be Settled in. BEing Lonesome is a Desperate Thing. Sometimes it comes at a Cost of BEing Pale in the Sun.

For the Most IT's BEcause i HAve Not BEen Given the Resources to Walk in the Wind. Like a Person after a Terrible Accident; I Try to Walk in the Mill to Get Settled My Feet BAck on the Ground to Walk Upon. To Walk Upon That Which Life Throws at me, ANd Yet It NEver CAn BE Completed, Since the DEbt is Settled in Such a High Cause; I Must Consider and Think That this is What i Must Do. Considering to Help One Another as IT Felt Right to Do; But the Cost, in Losing Someone I Could Really Connect With, THats a Heavy Price i Might Have HAd Payed for the Meeting of it. A Meeting of Which I Could Not Have Met. I Hurts, For the Heart BReathes'. I CAn't But Say Anything Other. But I Am Grown and I Am Aware, To Wish and (is) to Hope that I Will MEet Her Once Again. Whether in This Lifetime or In Another; Whether in this Form or Another. Just to Meet Here AGain; That is the Wish of all Who are At Lonesome to the Point of the Brink in Which I My Life Has Set Me In.

The Introductory in Which i Set this in.

Is the Unbalance of Life we Could Live in Of Which Life Liberty and the Pursuit is the Destination in Which we Hope fo Feel in Through. If These are MEt; the Constitution, then Life itself is Can BE Great; But Until then, We Can Feel Pain; Pain of being Alone, Pain of Being not Wholesome, Pain of Every Virtue Coming in the Profess to Learn and Grow in IT Self. We LEarn and AS i Learn to BE an Empath AGain, on the Basis of Being One in the Underworld Already ONce BEfore; It Hurt's Double the Portion like a Floating Realm Firmament that Tries to Step Upon the Sky to LEarn New Venues of the State of Life. IT CAn BE Endearing; and it Can be Wholesome if I was to Step BEyond this Level of Growth; But How Long Do I Have to Grow to LEarn to be With Someone on a Mutual Consent. And When Will This Be Present in BE. I KNow This Form Does Not Have a Help Section, Wherein People Can Talk About there Troubles; But This is Spiritual as the Soul And the Heart are A Matter to BE Dealt with in Life and in General of the Great Care That People Ought to Put in the Deed to Help One Another, By Listening and Doing What IS ABle to Be DOne to Them Who Suffer in Whichever Variety they Do Deem Do Suffer in there Lifetimes Therefore I Start This Thread in the Accumulation of Hope for this To Start and Happen in a Place That i Soley Good, But Missing in LAck of This One Categorie in This Place of Here. Perhaps This is Not the Place for it; But What Can BE More Spiritual for Heart Felt Words to be Written That Many Might Find Peace in there Way of Life as Lonesome as Some Can Feel.
It is a Remedy to them Who See The Face of Gods That Can HElp them in Whatever VAriety through a Policy that is not Set in This Place as of Yet to This [Day]. I CAn See Tho Much Good to Happen if tHis is to Change; Therefore State i This in the General Population Section, as IT Is about a Matter That NEeds To the Change for a Real Spiritual Place to Be Called Spiritual PAst the Gnosis Alone it Seems to Sprout.

The Virtue in One Being Alone is Deeming Good; But Must All Be Rectified of it in the End of One's Last DAy's Whereas One Can Be Cured of it IT's Pain BEfore One Enters into Heaven or HEll Past the Passing of the Body itself; Spiritual Therapy is What We are in Need of, wherein Hearts and Souls Need to Come Together to Mend there Hurt and Pain BE it Joy or PEace in itself; But As Through a Remedy in the Heart and Joy in the Peace of the Soul in the Duration Which We Are In Need for the Furtherance of the Guidance of Which Life is to Deem Us in, to the Depth of the Heart or Soul To Come to a Mented Place. as This is the Great Congregation We Speak of in the Past for the Future to Uphold. AS On Earth, So as it Is In Heaven. Whatever Joy We Profess in this Lifetime, Commits in the Lifetime in the Heavens as as Such. IF We Feel Joy in the GAthering; then a Gathering will Profess the Joy in the Heavens as We are Fit to Feel That Which we are Able to Perceive for the Most Part as is in the Most Sublest of Way's. This is Because it is More Easiest for Congregation to See Feel in the Fit. As "In HEaven so On Earth. All Things Reflect Upon Another; an isnt This the Introductory Which i Was in To Write, Written; An Reflection, a Consideration How Life Can Be Better; Therefore do i Sprout Out Condition That This Place Can BE In Need of, For Further tho Hoping that them in Prominence Will Read It Upon. I Relay This Part of the Section into aNother Term


We Need to Give Hope to Them Who Weary Heavy Laden, Who Can't Seem to Find the Light; When i Say We, it is them Who Are Workers of the Light that Deem it due for them to Do. To Help Them of the Troubles They Have Set Themselves in in the Portion of Duration of Life they Have Come Placed in. Perhaps a Variety of Different Visitors Be Coming if this were to BE Set in Place, Bringing Life into this Place as No Other. But this Is a Notion That Goes into the Suggestion Section