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An Update About MoonBearSpeaks

Hello everyone.

I'd like to personally inform you that MoonBearspeaks has withdrawn from his super moderator role position in the forum. But this is not a goodbye, he will still continue to visit the forum and contribute from time to time. Note that MoonBearspeaks is 88 years old and recently had a pacemaker fitted, plus his lungs are not what they used to be.

MoonBearspeaks has served in the forum as our Super Moderator for about 2 years and half. And all those who know him in this forum may testify of his loyalty, initiatives, motivation and constant contributions. Behind the scene he is been very active in detecting spammers and alerting the admins about possible threats and coming up with solutions on how to better the website. This I believe has been a lot of work for someone at his age, but I also believe that this forum has given him much joy over the years , like he said it once himself "I get my daily morning fix in this website" :Smile .

He's sent the following message to us all " Be assured that I regard the work you all do at MSG as profoundly significant and important. Long way it continue."

So in return I'd like us to loudly reply and thank this spiritual-like minded humble person for his great contribution, and for having helped us keep this forum clean and running.

And let me put it out there for all to know, MoonBearspeaks whose real name is Joseph Westlake has long been busy trying to finish a book and publish it. A promise he made to his deceased wife years ago.  This book is now finally done and published in Amazon. It's called  "A Marriage: Travel, Spiritualism and Dementia" by Joyce Westlake and Joseph Westlake.  I could ask MoonBearSpeak to just share his book for free here so we may read it. But it is not fare. However We may show our support for his long years work by buying his book on amazon. Good idea isn't it?Smile

[Image: moonbearspekas-192x300.png]

Lots of blessing to you MoonBearSpeaks. And like we always say "Love and Light to you"
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There are no other words for it.

Thank you, krya.
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Thank you MBS :Smile
Congratulation for the book.
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thank you MoonBear for your time and wisdom shared on site here !
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That's so wonderful MOONBEARSPEAKS, I am so much glad to know about your book that now has been published. Nothing can be more wonderful than that for now. I will definitely get it if its available for my place. congratulations and lots of love joseph, its always a pleasure to connect and converse with you. now its been long time as I wasn't so well with my health, just lately I gotta felt some energies to respond. As I always try keep myself in touch with this beautiful site. As usual today also I am with less words just my heart says me to stay connected. 

love and light 
thanks Smile
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