An initiate view about prayers

An initiate view about prayers

It is a common belief, that to pray one needs to speak out lots of words to beg to God , to ask or to worship. It is believed that to pray one needs to take a special position to show respect, or devotion. Or one needs to shut the eyes and ask for anything. Or that one needs to beg with tears in the eyes for the prayer to be considered. All that maybe true for ordinary people, but not necessarily true for an initiate. In this article, I'd like to display the initiates view about prayers.

What is a prayer
A prayer as seen by the initiates, is a mean of communication with the invisible world. The act of praying is meant to put the believer in contact with the object of his prayer. The object can be a known or an unknown entity, a saint, a spiritual master, spiritual beings, our own higher self or God. Along with that contact, a change of emotional/mind state (inner vibrations) happens in our human soul, before even the prayer (or the request) is accepted or rejected by the entity.

Because a prayer is first a communication method. It is not compulsory to ask for things. Just like in normal life, when we meet and communicate, we don't always ask each other things: "Give me your car, give me money, give me this, give me that". But if you listen to most prayers in churches today, a prayer seems to have become nothing else but the opportunity to ask God for stuff. For most religious, God and the angels have become their servants. God and all his spiritual beings must supply them with stuff. Whatever they need and ask, God must give them, while they give nothing. That's so inappropriate. And when they notice that God hasn't fulfilled their prayer, they go mad, angry against God. Many of them (if not all ) are encouraged by the bible for reading in it the master Jesus say "" . Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened " . Until that law of life is understood in its mystic sense, they will use that saying of master Jesus as an excuse to bother the spiritual world with all kinds of requests.

The ask, seek and knock is part of universal law. And like any law of life, one needs to know when it is applicable. There are conditions where that law is not applicable any more. For instance, does a baby always ask for what it needs? His parents can read him and know what he wants and they give to him. You can imagine how much more this law is applicable between spiritual humans and their spiritual parents. Our spiritual parents (God) can see each beings (his babies) thoughts and desires. They (I mean God) can either fulfil our wishes, or let us suffer a little to teach us something.

In the laws of life, there is an absolute link between the beginning and the end. The first and the last. The past and the future. Both have something in common and are treated alike. Let's take a baby(a child) and an old person as a concrete example. They both almost act the same, and are treated almost equally in terms of care. At the beginning you were helped without even asking, and in the end you will also be helped without even asking or begging. What I am trying to say is that, comes a spiritual level when we don't need to ask and beg, and we will still receive from the spiritual world or God. Because like explained, there is no thought or desire invisible, unknown to God. In other words, the spiritual world already knows what we need, even before we open our mouth to pray.

Prayer is a necessity, not a obligation.
From all said above, do I mean to no longer ask or beg God to supply us with the things we need? No! in fact it is impossible to not pray. Because we all pray unconsciously. Yes even the non-believer does it without knowing it. And apparently those kind of natural prayers are the most fulfilled because they generally speak from the heart. Before it is seen as a ritual, a prayer is something all humans of all kinds naturally do, when they are in danger, in pain and in joy. Yes, a prayer is also that wish you make in a giving situation. So we all pray every now and then, otherwise who doesn't wish or appreciate things from the bottom of the heart. It is just the ritual aspect of prayer which is not compulsory.

It is not compulsory to open your mouth and cry for God in order for him to help you. Because God is always aware of our problems, even before problems happens. This is more true for those who have a very good relationship with God, for those who have established a clear contact with the spiritual world. They don't really need to say anything, but they still will be supplied. But although it is not compulsory to pray (in a ritual format) for God to hear us. It is however necessary to pray. I tell you why.

God doesn't depend on our prayers, none of our prayers keep God alive. And he certainly will not curse you or punish you for having not prayed. He doesn't need help to know about our wishes, or to know by words how much we love him. He already knows all that, even when we pretend by saying things we don't really mean during the prayer , he already knows we are saying all those praises so he can give us food and drinks and cars and money. ..

The benefits of a prayer is not for God, but for us. Natural laws positively react upon whoever prays. Because the simple act of praying to God, changes our state of being.

During prayer, a contact, a link is established between us and the spiritual world. As if an electrical wire was plugged at both ends: at our human soul socket and at the spiritual world (or entity) socket. And through that wire is passed the spiritual energy, which modifies the vibrations of our human soul. The process gives us great spiritual feelings of devotions. It makes us feel God being nearer. And that happens regardless to whether our prayer deserves to be fulfilled or not. Yes, even when the entity you are addressing to through a prayer doesn't approve your request, a transfer of energies still happens. So you still benefit a change of state for simply having gotten in contact with God.

That is how prayers are first considered by initiates. As ways of getting in contact with the spiritual world. Initiates are aware that, not all their prayers can be granted, but it doesn't matter. At least they get to experience that religious feeling, which gets established during the act ( the contact) . This is even the reason why we worship God. For during worshiping, we create that contact, that relationship. Which is the most important aspect of a prayer.

But please don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting to not make prayer rituals no more. I'm just saying that prayers in a form of rituals are not compulsory, rather just necessary. I thought that was good to mention so we can view those who don't make prayer rituals through a different eye. Because even if they don't pray regularly like we maybe doing, they still pray in their own way, even unwillingly. And they do get results sometimes . Let's not judge by the look (the rituals) but by the content.

We should not flatter ourselves and fell so privileged to be fulfilled simply because we belong to a spiritual school or spiritual community or have a master. Sometimes we just complicate things so much, that we miss the purpose and get no result from prayers. While the non spiritual person sometimes will say a similar prayer and get results. Spiritualists and esoteric people have some advantages. That is true. They learned the techniques on how to pray. But now look how they sometimes go about it. They memorize a whole page of mystic prayer and go on repeating it mechanically without feeling and understanding what they are saying. No surprise there, if they get no results. It is one thing to learn the techniques, and another to know how to get results from those techniques. Religious people are no better neither. Maybe worse. Not only they do prayers mechanically but they don't know who they are addressing their prayers. And this shows in the content of their prayers, it shows in the things they ask for. Certain people in the world should not make prayers, but stick to the natural good instinct prayers from the heart, until their lower self is shut down, because without knowing it, many address their prayers to some evil entities. I will get back to that point later in this post.

In general, we don't need to shout loud to get our prayers across. This is why I kept saying it is not compulsory to pray in the traditional ritual way. A prayer made mentally also works. But here is something important to consider. If you are expecting the result of your prayer to manifest inside of you, a mental prayer is enough. But if you are expecting some physical result out of your prayer, then a verbal prayer is absolutely required. Because the physical voice has the property of conveying spiritual energies into the physical world.

The important aspect of a prayer
The initiate first looks for the contact aspect in a prayer. Because it is the contact which allows the flow of energy into our human soul. And this is done by simply directing our attention to the entity or God while speaking (prayer) or listening to it ( meditation). In the esoteric studies, it has been noted that it usually takes about 5 min at least to get in contact with some invisible entity during a prayer or meditation. But once the contact is established, time turns into instance. The person can therefore gets in contact with the entity just as he starts saying the name of the entity. Those who pray regularly can testify how quickly they can feel better, just as they begin to pray.

Even the simple fact of calling the entity name connects you to it, and a flow of energy of the entity already starts to manifest in the soul. Kabbalah is well known system to have reveled the different names of God, and which the spiritualist can pronounce and repeat as a mantra to get in contact with a specific aspect of God: There is a name of God which invoke his Love, another which invoke his wisdom, another which invoke virtues ... The contact made using those names modifies the person's soul vibrations and changes him.

Praying God
In general, the ordinary people don't have much knowledge of the spiritual hierarchy and the laws of communication. So they tend to believe that they get directly in contact with God during their prayers. But the reality is that there is an unbelievable great hierarchy of spiritual beings standing in between us and the source, God. Also to help with a better view, instead of picturing the source (God) positioned up there, in a vertical line, rather picture the source positioned at the center which found on the horizontal line. Consider the center of a circle as the source (God), we are part of the circle line around that center; and in between the peripheral (the line) and the center, are found all the spiritual beings, the servant of God. This is why it is a form of illusion to look for God in the sky. The source has always been at each center of any giving system (solar system, our body system, eco system...).

God hears all our prayers (spoken and none spoken) but He doesn't fulfil them directly himself. If ever the center has to leave its position to come at the peripheral line, the whole system collapses. Besides who are you for the source (God) to personally come supply satisfy your needs? He is the boss, and has servants, who serve other servants and so on. He gives the ok, and the greatest spiritual creatures give orders to some other creatures below them until spiritual creatures close to human help us. So while still addressing our prayers to God, we should remember that God has charged all sorts of spiritual creatures to make our request come true.

Who are we addressing to during a prayer?
During prayer to God, it is wiser to point our attention at our own center. Which is found in the middle of our psychic life, I mean at the center of our thoughts, emotions, feelings. Somewhere in the middle of all the noise which goes on inside us, is the center. You will recognize it, as it is the only thing which doesn't change throughout our life time on earth. Your thoughts, your emotions, your desires all will change with time, but that one thing which doesn't change in you, is the center. God is aware of everything happing in us, because he is indeed right here at each center of each being. It is true that God is at the center of the entire universe, in the middle of the planes of existence. But he is also equally present at each and every center of anything (of an atom, of the solar system, of physical body, of our inner world).

It is therefore possible to establish that contact with God by focusing on an external or internal (inside of us) center. Our closest external centers are great spiritual masters, and the sun. Those are the close to perfect representation of God in our physical reality. Around them can therefore turn disciples and planets. But since there are so few true center in the world, one should always be careful not to land on false guru who are trying to simply be praised or benefits from people. This is why I would advise people looking for external centers to focus on the sun, since it won't never lie or deceive. Just like any small center in nature, the external centers are not God of course, but they are that point of connection, to make the contact with the spiritual world or God itself. Representation of God exist so we can easily get in touch with him and feel God closer. And benefit from some some of energies and to feel more alive. But God will always be closer in our own center than any other center. This inner center (the center in us) is called higher self in esoteric terms. It puts us closer to God at all times because we walk with it, go to work with it, sleep with it. So It is very strategic and effective to focus on a center during a prayer to God. This basically means that you are addressing your prayer to nothing else but God.

Your prayer is like a letter you are trying to send to the president of the country. If you don't put the address and the name of the destination, the letter may be opened by anyone on the way, even by the transporter. This has long been a trustful method of initiates when praying, because it works. Many prayers which have no address (no destinations), like the vague wishes we make every now and then, the curses... all those kind of prayers fly in the invisible world and could take longer to be fulfilled since it may land in the hands of incompetent spirit.

Which kind of prayers are the most fulfilled?
If you ever thought that our prayers are never heard, you are mistaken. But why some of them are not fulfilled is another question whose explanation following in this post.

Spiritual beings are alerted by all praying addressed to God in general. And the most appropriate beings are those who will take care of your request. But they are not obliged to make your wish come true. They will examine your request, and if it doesn't meet the spiritual requirements, it will be thrown in the bin.

Understand that there are lost of creatures in the universe whose responsibility is to help the mankind, because mankind is meant to become the dwelling house of the Divine. The start (the divine) and the end (the mankind) must meet in the course of time. So those spiritual creatures out there fill the natural push to help. They are not stupid, they are even wiser than humans. We can't fool them by faking a cry to get what we want. They will fulfil your request only if it goes with the universal standards. Which are those standards for prayers?

First, all personal prayers don't interest the spiritual world. When our lower self wishes things, the spiritual world hears but ignores most of the time. Until it (our lower self) starts to also include other people in the prayer, then yes, they (the spiritual beings) start to pay attention, and will start to immediately look for ways to help you. Here is an example. Say you want to become rich. This is a selfish request. So they don't help you. But say that you want to become rich so all the people around you can get food, cloths etc. Then yes, they will see through your personal request an opportunity to help many people through you.

Now here is a spiritual prayer. Say you want to become a son of God, you want God to manifest through you, you want to sacrifice your lower ego for God to get control. Well They will start helping you since it is based on the true destiny of mankind, but also because through that request many people will be educated, purified, blessed, loved through you when the request is fulfilled. So as you can see, they examine all request. In short prayers in which many can be saved are the most fulfilled. Anything you ask for which will do good not only to you but to many other people, is fulfilled. This is why the initiates will mostly ask for inner things like love, generosity, kindness, wisdom, patience... because thanks to those things, many people around won't have to be victim of our anger, of our stupidity, of our violence...

It is important to understand that God is free to help or not help, to supply or not supply. He is not our servant, he is not a slave whose job is to fulfil all our requests. It is not necessary to scream when praying, because we know God is not far. God has replicated, make copy of itself throughout the universe, and so he is also in ourselves. he can hear us, hear our thoughts, feelings and desires. It is good practice to mean what we say during a prayer. And above all to know who we are addressing the prayer to. It is therefore effective to say the name of the entity or name of God for the prayer to have a precise destination, and to protect your request from landing on any other entity on the way. Finally, remember the laws of realization. Include other people in your prayers to get the spiritual beings attention. Don't just ask things for yourself. And unless your request is about something abstract like wisdom, love, truth, patience... use verbal prayers to make sure your prayer will come true in the physical world.

Love and light.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Excellent!! Your Higher Power work truly through you Krya, i was blessed by this post.

I find it also helpful to be really honest in my praying, i believe that even as ego slips in sometime, and i am honest it will see the light and can correct my error.

Faith that my Higher Power hears me and are connected to me. I also lay down my weakness and sort comings before my Higher Power, I let it go...give it over... God is doing for me what i could not do for myself. I got release from a lot off ego and error in this simple prayer off just giving the vice or short coming over, let it go and to trust in my Higher Power, is still is a ongoing process, the ego is clever.

To let go off some character defect is sometimes not so easy, and it return and return, i realized sometime we want to change but unknowingly we still hold on to that character defect.
Light, Life and Love
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