Hello, we are Kent and Renee Miller, and we live in Texas, USA.  In 2006, we discovered Kent had an ability to hear spiritual communication and receive visions.  This communication has delivered many lessons about humanity, our origin, what our purpose is, and where we are going, among other things.  It was recently suggested that we look for an online spiritual group, to which we found this very interesting site this morning.  We look forward to having thought-provoking conversations with people from around the globe.  We would also like to share some of the lessons we have been given from our spiritual guides, the Ancients. 

We would like to pose a question.  We noticed that writers were not capitalizing the beginning of sentences.  Our first thought is that it is a projection of humbleness.  Is this correct, or is there another reason?

Thank you for providing this valuable site.  We look forward to all the stimulating conversations to come.