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An other view over the planets meaning


Planet Earth
For those who wonders why the Earth planet is not mentioned so much in the zodiac.
Earth planets is from where we are Studying the zodiac, so it's excluded in the list of planets.
However in the zodiac or your birth chart, it is represented as circle inside the zodiac:
I found a very nice picture on the net that shows that clearly Cool , see below, isn't that beautiful?
From that image below we can see the zodiac with all the planets turning around us.
[Image: birthchart.jpg]

Here's how planets can be translated in our everyday life.
Earth you see in that chart is you. the "I".
You know everyday, those planets travel across the sky. The same way you see the sun traveling the sky along the day, planets also do, even though invisible in the sky.
The sky in astrology is your inner world. And the planets are activities in our inner world.
Those activities are:

  1. Feeling = moon
  2. Thinking = Mercury
  3. Acting = Mars
  4. Loving = Venus
  5. Growing= Jupiter
  6. Achieving = Saturn
  7. Evolve = Uranus
  8. Dreaming = Neptune
  9. Empowering = Pluto
  10. Being = Sun
If you are enjoying music right now? that's planet Venus up there in your inner world right now.
you are thinking of something ordinary, it's Mercury working in your inner world. You guess the rest.

Some of us would be as intelligent as to plan the time and date for when he wants to be successful with something. For example, he wishes to do a great thinking meditation, He could calculate the time and date when mercury is in his zodiac.

We should also be able tell when Venus is present in our sky, this knowledge will help choose the proper spiritual exercise to do for example. Sometimes you feel week mentally to think about a spiritual subject, but because you have to exercise, then you need to find out what planet in your sky is running, if it's Venus, then you do a visualization meditation, if it's Jupiter you can think about a spiritual subject to find answers, if it's mercury then it's the best time for you to think figures and triangles and maths and ordinary problem solving. etc...

You don't really need to wait for a planet to manifest in your inner world to use its activity, as you can also develop a good friendship with a planet so it comes back to visit your consciences more often than other planets. To do that, you will simply have to practice the activity that is related to that planet, if you think everyday about spiritual matters, you activating or calling Jupiter planet in your sky(inner world). And after months of doing so, then you will notice how that planet will look back at you, and you will notice that it will always be near whenever you wish to find spiritual answers. that will result in a constant spiritual discoveries and you will be amazed what Jupiter can teach you about the unknown. It's promise.

Now what about the Sun. Here's an other friend of mine Wink .
This guy, the sun is the activity being. it's clear when you say I'm Capricorn you actually mean "the sun was in Capricorn sign when I was born".
You = earth ; are = Sun. so the Sun is the verb to be. I'm = earth is.
The same think applies with the rest of the planets :
I think = earth mercury.
I feel = earth moon.

The sun then defines your self, who you are. If in the zodiac it points to the Capricorn sign, then you(earth) are Capricorn.
The wonderful thing is if the sun points noway ( something impossible in the zodiac Smile ). Then you are free.
Since then you don't have a description, you become the unknown, God. Because God is... ( nothing follows that "is...")
But the zodiac teaches us that from earth you will always be described. It teaches us to open our eyes that we are in a prison. Look around you, they are planets everyday around you, and you identify yourself with them all the time.

But here's a secret, a way out: You can escape that prison, and the door to escape is the sun. Since we are meant to identify yourself with a least one planet, then try to identify yourself with the sun, why? because the sun is the door to an other inner world (higher nature). To identify with the sun, is to come to say "I am" (Eath-Sun). I'm doesn't describe anything, it doesn't tell exactly what you are, and this is (to our human understand) what God is "The unknown".

I'll ask you something, which is also the key to your answer: let's say you leave earth and manage to go dwell in the sun, now look at the zodiac from the sun, what do you see? Angel
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Wow very strong

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Hi krya,

I am being presumptuous and making a snap answer
on this, another of your fascinating puzzles.

If I could be on the sun, and could see all in our
solar system, then I figure I would see Earth as just a planet (blue?) in a
sun-based zodiac; ‘though I have not been able to work out what that zodiac would
look like. After all, as humans, we are somewhat limited in our vision.

Would I be able to ‘see’ the Earth’s moon? I think
not, unless I went astral travelling.

Now that could be interesting.
Let Love and Light Be
Moon Bear Speaks
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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A hard puzzle Smile

Thanks for your response. I think you pretty much got it.
Once upon a time, someone astral projected in the space and landing in one of the planets of our solar system, he had no idea in which planets he was, because the sun felt so close, he said to himself "Well this must be Mercury". Although he only slept for about 1hour, He lived for many years in that planet because the planet was moving fast, it was day and soon again it was night. But even when it was night, the astral light felt like the sunlight. The very first thing he noticed which was so amazing, is how the sky was different from earth sky. Looking to the sky, he could see 2 giant planets in the sky. 2 big giant balls of planets in the sky as if they were going to fall on the ground, but amazingly they were hanging and moving slowing in the sky (like the sun does on earth). He asked a being next to him "Is this the moon around here"? the being replied: "NO that is not LUNA" Smile .

So from that planet close to the sun, other planets were closer in the sky. Then the traveler attempted to get closer to an area close to the sun. That is when he noticed that he was becoming bigger in size. A giant being. In fact it is his consciousness that was expanding as he approached the sun. He stooped midway and looked back. What he could see was all planets closer and so visible like balls of basketball reflecting the light of the sun. No planet was in darkness but depending on their sizes and position, they reflected a different color. He noticed that they were positioned differently, some were at the level of his forehead, some others at the level of his shoulders (like the first planet he first landed on). Some others were below his stomach level. He actually felt like the center of a zodiac. A sun based zodiac like you said. Then whether he moved his hands or his head or moved in space, all the planets seemed to follow him automatically.

I learn few lessons from the traveler's experience. From earth point of view, the rest of planets seems far away and looks like stars in the sky. But from the sun point of view, all planets seems nearer, more visible ( And I know that is contrary to what the official science would have said about distances). The sun represents our consciousness for which forces of planets ( thoughts, feelings, virtues...) are close. Thoughts and feelings feed and depend on the forces of our consciousness. Just like the planets feed and depend on the sun light. By identifying with the sun, we are no longer influenced by the forces of the planets, but the planets are rather now influenced by us. This is the only way to become free with the different influences of time and space.

One moment we are happy and the next moment we are sad, that's because we have identified with earth since our birth. Earth turns, and so just like there is daylight and night, we experience happiness and sadness. Around earth planet turns the moon which influences all negative polarity things ( like water, rivers and sea...) and like so our emotions affect our physical body's blood. The moon looks closer than mercury from the earth point of view, like so we are mostly influenced and obey our emotions (the moon) than our thoughts (mercury).

Should we identify with the sun, we would feel bigger than any of the planets. We would become pure consciousness which watches all thoughts (mercury), emotions and desires (moon and Venus) pass around us without influencing us. On the contrary they will follow us, we will rise our hands ( our will) and they will follow. We will be free from the zodiac, free from sings, free from houses of the zodiac, yet with the zodiac.

Love and light to you.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Well, this is a lot to think about. You display astrology is such a poetic manner. Nice Smile
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
Awesome Admin
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I have been told I am an old soul, i.e. many lifetimes, but the more I read your stuff krya, the more it seems I have to learn.
In childhood I seem to remember hearing that all those stars and things in the night sky were just debris from the creation bang, flying around in space - don't worry about it. And so I did not, thus I never learned any of the stuff that you put out in your posts, then I feel ignorant and that I have neglected part of my 'education.'

However, when I try to meditate, access 'higher self' for info, I get that I have done all that before, in another incarnation; that what I am doing in this life, in spiritual terms, is supplementary to that; in this life my work with earth energy, telluric stuff and on the elemental level is what I should focus on.

Is it rather like being in school and moving from classroom to classroom to work on the different aspects of knowledge that will lead me, sometime, to graduation in spiritual wisdom, and ultimate immortality ?
Whilst each one who reads your output will have his own interpretation and learning, perhaps the above is what you are teaching me.

For that I thank you.

Let Love and Light Be

Moon Bear
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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