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Anybody read books on the ANUNNAKI?

I just started reading some books I've had for years....I buy them because they look interesting and read them later.....and am fascinated by them. 
I am currently reading ... WARS OF THE ANUNNAKI by Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D.

Haven't made my mind up about this race and their contributions to our human race, but do believe it MIGHT have happened.

Anyone have opinions on the Anunnaki?
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Names might change according to cultures and time, but events remain the same.

The race that came to be known as the Anunnaki have well dwelled on this planet and some of them have departed since long time. Wars between different factions and interrest groups of the Anunnaki usually broke up (including nuclear exchanges, causing some of the deserts we still have today) and which resulted in heavy casualties on both sides. Hybrids (half Anunnaki and half humans) were also created and they are the ones who came to be known as the giants (reported in many myths, including in the Bible where they are named Nephilims). 

But these giants had a few problems that undermined their survival on this planet:

- they were only males (from their genetic makeup having only XX chromosomes) so they could only reproduce by taking human females and breed with them. But this was not an easy task, as the cohabitation usually resulted in serious injuries to the woman (given the disproportionate size of the giants' genitals) and in case the woman  get pregnant, the born baby would be so huge that it usually    killed its mother. This was a major factor in undermining their evolutionary survival.

- Their complete lack of feminine energy meant that those giants were cold and exceedingly ruthless (as if they had hearts of stones) and so they could not adapt to their environment or establish a proper social interraction with normal humans (who viewed them as dangerous and treated them with hostility). Conflicts often broke out between the giants and normal humans, and in some instances the giants were defeated. (we find the trace of the myth of David and Goliath the giant here  Smile

- their abnormal body size also was a liability in term of finding food, gravity, etc. They therefore could not adapt to the life on this planet as they had a frequency vibration (inherited from their Anunnaki fathers/creators) that was different from the one of mother earth.

Their fate was sealed from the beginning and there was just no way for them to multiply and keep spreading havoc to other parts of the world (that was still banned to them at that time). Mother nature had no choice but to expell them from the surface of the earth.

Atlantis (a now submerged continent)  where the Anunnaki, their giant progenitures, and their slave humans settled was destroyed after a polar shift. Its inhabitants were almost completely wiped out from the face of the earth. All their infrastructures and technologies were also destroyed with them. Same fate with Lemuria (another submerged continent) where a different faction of the Anunnaki settled and which was in continual wars with the Atlanteans for the control of the human population and ressources (meaning the human genes, which is to them as priceless as gold is to us now).

Some remnant groups of the Annunakis (both from Atlantis and Lemuria) who survived the "flood" have gone underground to rebuild their civilizations. They were, however, forbidden by the planet's guardians to DIRECTLY influence the natural course of evolution on the surface of the plannet as they previously did (with their frequent genetic manipulations that created the giants as well as other creatures half human half annimal that are known as Chimera). Of course they continued to create these beings even up to now, but only in their underground cities. No public knowledge about this phenomenon is permitted to the general population. In fact, most Archeological findings that truly matter (like the ones done underseas in location where ancient Atlantis and Lemuria were) are not pubicly released. We never get to hear about things such as the skeletons of human giants found or about the mysteries of radioactive deserts, or the prehistoric topography of the planet, although these things are being found regularily.

The fate of the remnant human survivors of Atlantis was different from what of their masters. Some of them who were warned about the upcoming polar shift, were told to build "arks" and stay there until they can find solid ground (this is where many myths such as the biblical myth of Noah find their origin). Ancestors of Ameridians, druids (England), Slaves (Russia), or Semites (Hebrew & Arabs) just to name a few, were among those few humans who survived the destruction of Atlantis and they sought refuge in other parts of the world that was not destroyed (place such as Africa or Asia). These newcomers refugees  were often seen with suspicion by their hosts, who enslaved them whenever they could. The lucky Atlantis survivors are those who landed in completely new lands that emerged after the shift (such as America, Britain or the whole Russian continent which were all under the sea before the polar shift).

But something happened after the polar shift and the insuing flood: some kind of hyperdimensional technology was activated and whose effect resulted in the complete memory wiping of every intelligent being on this planet (Again we see here where the myth of the tower of Babel found its origin). That generalised memory loss meant that nobody could CONSCIOUSLY remember what happened to them. It was as if you suddenly woke up from a bad dream but you can't recall what the dream itself was, only how it made you feel. So the whole world was like an assylum of Alzeimer striken patients! Ofcourse the memory was still available in the SUBCONSCIOUS and so those survivors who (either accidentally or with help) could dig into their subconscious were able to retrieve the information and wrote it in various mythical languages so that future generations could also learn about what happened.

Let us also mention that this was not the first or the last time that this memory wiping machine (whatever its true name is) was activated. This explains why the history of the world look more like a series of discontinued events that cannot be connected. It is because we had to relearn and restart things from the scratch. Most of the technologies we have today (especially the military technologies such as sattelites, flying machines or energy weapons) have already been invented and used in prehistoric periods. So we (the generation of this modern time) are not the first to have discovered sciences such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Astrophysic, Geography, Genetic Engineering, etc. We are only "rediscovering" things that have already been known by ancients and applied in different ways. So the evolutionary history of this world is not an ascending one but rather a cyclic one.

The lattest memory wiping happened about five thousand years ago (+- 3 000 BC), which is why that time corresponds exactly to the beginning of written history. We came close to another memory wiping, which was scheduled to happen on the 21th of December 2012 (together with yet another polar shift) but was averted due to the intervention of the technology of other benevolent forces who wished to give humanity a little more time to overcome their puerilities. We cannot be sure how long this intervention will continue to hold, considering the way people in general behave like mindless lunatics in constant search of the lattest trend and gadgets, and our leaders behave like power-hungry maniacs.

Those "elite" (also wrongly called the "illuminati") who are in communication with their dark overlords are aware that this hellish machine will eventually  be activated (perhaps in twenty or thirty years from now) and this is why they are in such a rush to build transportation means that can take them to Mars or another exo-planet so they can monitor from afar the events on this planet and assess when they can come back (with their memories intacts) to rule and enslave again the remaining people striken by total amnesia. They may take a few ordinary people with them to serve as their slaves, considering the fact that they are a very small community (less than ten thousands individuals). The rest of us are expendable to them and we will have to fend for ourselves.  The problem for them is that Mars has too much solar radiations (the atmosphere and the ozone layer of that planet were destroyed by Anunnaki wars 500 000 years ago). So it would take these "elites"  considerable ressources to build underground infrastructures in Mars (including life support systems) for them to live there for an extended period of time. Works on Mars are already under way and this requires a substantial amount of ressources, skill and workforce to complete (which is why they absolutely need to control and submit the ENTIRE world's population if their ambition is to succeed). Of course you cannot expect to learn about this type of information on tv or in your local newspaper. The whole NASA thing is a smokescreen. The real truth about what is going or what they are busy doing on that planet can never be revealed.

So far I haven't expanded about what happened to the Anunnaki themselves (but only their minions and slaves). A group of Anunnaki took off and left this planet prior to the polar shift (to avoid having their memories from being wiped out). This group of Anunnaki are said to have gone on the planet Nibiru (which is a planet also turning around the sun every 3 600 years but with an unusual orbit). Rumour has it that they are en route back here and we are not sure about their intention in coming back this time around or if they will even make it at all. As for those Annunaki who were left behind for battle, some of them hid in deep underground systems of earth, and they are still there up to now. They seem not to have been much affected by the problem of memory loss than those who were on the surface because they are far more advanced technologically than we are at this time.

There is a whole conspiracy theory as to why humans do not  colonize the southern pole (Antarctica) as they have done to almost every single piece of land on the globe. The truth is that it is because in the Antarctica there is a main point of entry into those very deep underground cities and tunnels that cover the whole planet. An attempt was made by the US army sometime in 1949 to go in full force and see what is hidden on that glacial continent (because there was rumour that some Nazi officials, including Hitler himself, went to hide there after they lost the war, to prepare for a new one). This bold expedition (which mobilised a significant number of military hardwares and well trained soldiers) ended in a severe defeat and casualties in the US army. They quickly retreated (their tails between their legs) after whitnessing an overwhelming display of force by the enemy. All records about that expedition were either destroyed or classified. The few army personnel who survived that battle were either assassinated or they were casted into mental assylums after being injected debilitating drugs.

You are encouraged to research about this avenue of inquiry. The situation for now is that a pact was made between the major governments of this world and those living underground that the Antarctica must remain a no-go area for humans, otherwise they will unleash their highly advanced military technology to annihilate us. The same deal was made about the moon (where there are still important Annunaki infrastructures and communication systems that keep them in touch with their brethen in Nibiru). Although we (humans) now have the technical capability to travel and explore or settle in the moon, we are not permitted to do so by those who are much stronger than us. The arrangement is: if we keep our distance then they wont bother us.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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Thanks for all the info John-Ly.
I have been reading books about the above for the last few months, and I find it fascinating.  One thing I read said they came from the planet Nibiru around 450,000 BC because of the gold our Earth has.  They have polluted their own air and they can solve the problem by releasing gold / gold dust? / into their skies.
All my life I had wondered what made gold so very valuable and the above is probably the reason, as our ancestors were made to mine gold for the aliens.
Also as you probably know they decided to make themselves gods for more control over the planet.  The book I mentioned in the OP refers to the Nibiru referring to the Creator of All, from which everything is made and a part of, by Creator of All.  I have always said the same thing.  
I am very interested in this subject as it makes sense to me.
It is really nice to read about them having a spiritual relationship with that which they call the Creator of All. 

Now if they and all who live here on Earth and all the other Worlds would come to agree on Unconditional Love for all, all of Creation would be a better place to be.

Thanks again for your input. Heart ?
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Thank you both, Skytiger and John-Ly for publicising what you have.

I have mentioned earlier that I and a colleague in Spain have been writing some books. one of which is mostly about the biblical Ark of the Covenant. In our researches we have frequently come across references to the Annunaki, to the occupancy of subterranean 'cities' particularly in Antarctica, to the civilsations of Lemuria and Atlantis, to the 'migrations' engendered by pole shifts, to the giants, to the occupation of Mars by a group of inter-gallactic travellers and so much more of what you have both referred to. 

I am quite sure that we are not alone in our awareness of these things, but I do wonder how many give meaningful credence to the subject and to the current, ongoing existence of such earth-borne 3rd dimension beings. (AS WELL AS THE AWARENESS OF THESE THINGS BY THE "ELITE")
This is a subject that will have more light shed upon it over the next two or three decades - certainly after my transition.

Back around 1994, an acquaintance visiting my house brought a book about 35 cm thick and thrust it into my hands with the words, "I think this is for you." 

Title: TWO - THIRDS. Authors: David P Myers and David S Percy. Aulis Publishers London.

This book was so relevant to what Joyce and I were doing at the time that I got in touch with and met the author/publishers.

The following quotation is from pp 207/8 (total 477 pages plus 207 photographs and plates.)

After they had covered over their find and carefully smoothed back the surface..."I saw a diagram of our galaxy with this solar system marked and a diagram of  this solar system with the third and fourth planets marked. A single word was written under these diagrams in a script so similar to Hellenikos that I could read what it said: Eirene, meaning 'peace.'
Before the destruction of Atlantis, someone who knew what we now call Hellenikos must have left our chain of galaxies and their descendants have been here."

This book has been pivotal in our understanding of our work on Planet Earth at this time. It also was instrumental in independently confirming the precise coordinates of the current location of the Ark of the Covenant in Egypt's Western Desert. Despite our efforts, including contacts within the relevant Egyptian authorities, we have been unable to gain access, due to the volatile political situation in Egypt over recent years.

For further information, Google Publisher: Aulis Publishers | Open Library et al.

I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Thank you Moonbearspeaks.

I intend to order books from your link.
Smile Heart

What amazes me is the number of people I know who refuse to believe we have been visited by beings from another planet.
Looks like I will be finding more room for books. 

In the book I just finished - ZECHARIAH SITCHIN and the EXTRATERRESTRIAL ORGINS of HUMANITY by M.J. Evans, Ph.D.
Dr. Evans says humans were 'developed' very slowly by genetic change by processes called mutation and natural selection in which the aliens added their own DNA and blood to our ancestors. 
Seems we ourselves are 'part alien'. LOL
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QUOTE from Skytiger

Quote:I have been reading books about the above for the last few months, and I find it fascinating.  One thing I read said they came from the planet Nibiru around 450,000 BC because of the gold our Earth has.  They have polluted their own air and they can solve the problem by releasing gold / gold dust? / into their skies.
All my life I had wondered what made gold so very valuable and the above is probably the reason, as our ancestors were made to mine gold for the aliens.
This gold mining thing may well be true, as there are more and more archeological evidences on prehistoric gold mines across the globe. As to whether those aliens absolutely needed the gold of this planet to repair damages done on their own planetoid (keeping in mind that Nibiru is often said to be an artificially built planet since it can speed up or slowdown in its orbital), it may also be true, although we have no way to verify that, as this is a level of technology that is still very far beyond our current understanding.

Is it really possible that beings having space travel capabilities would come to this planet uniquely for the exploitation of gold? I have strong reservation on this, because nothing suggests that there are no gold to be found on other planets or asteroids which they could quietly exploit if that is all they needed. So whatever the true reason of their coming here, it is certainly not for the simple goal of exploiting gold. There must have been other agenda first before their need for gold came up. I am rather more inclined to believe that it was for genetic regeneration of their species that was their main reason of coming here in this “virgin” planet.

Quote:Also as you probably know they decided to make themselves gods for more control over the planet.  

As to why these beings attributed themselves the titles of gods, I think it made sense as far as they were concerned. After all, these beings came in a planet where the most evolved species were those ape-like homosapiens living in caves. They contributed greatly in term of genetically shaping our homosapien ancestors into the form that we humans have today. So it was not totally wrong for them to say that they were our gods. The only problem is that their intentions in doing so were simply to create a more capable labour force that could be exploited profitably, for they could not expect ape-like creature to serve them. They had no plan for any spiritual emancipation for our kind, just slavery.

Some factions of those ET have even thought their sciences to their human servants, a move which often brought conflicts between the gods, because the other faction of them preferred to keep humans ignorant about their sciences (as this transpires in the biblical myth of the tower of Babel where a group of gods becoming alarmed that humans were gaining knowledge and might just end up being their equals and compete with them!). 

Quote:It is really nice to read about them having a spiritual relationship with that which they call the Creator of All. 

Now if they and all who live here on Earth and all the other Worlds would come to agree on Unconditional Love for all, all of Creation would be a better place to be.

You are being a bit naïve here Skytiger. You associate intelligence with spirituality. Although these beings (the Anunnaki) had vast scientific knowledge, they had no higher cosmic consciousness that connect a person to his divine source. Their power was ENTIRELY technology-based. They ignored completely the spiritual realities and saw themselves as God himself, capable of solving any challenge they meet using their technology alone. So you cannot extend the “love and light” meme to such kind of beings because they can only see it as an absurd idea on your part. They have chosen their way and they assume it. Nothing you can do about it.

This mindset is also prevalent in their minion human descendants who are ruling this world today and pulling the strings behind the scenes. They are also technology-minded like their fathers and they sincerely believe that every problem can be solved by technology alone. They believe that power is equated by who have the most destructive weapons over his enemies, which is why they waist an obscene amount of money in national budgets in their relentless arm races.

These nasties are the ones causing all the miseries we currently face in this world today. They are also more than determined to block or undermine any spiritual progress that can be made in this world, as this would mean them losing control of things. Until we topple them from positions of power, we will have much difficulties emancipating ourselves from the chains of mental and spiritual slavery they have managed to put most of us into.

Overthrowing these psychopathic “elites” and smashing their system of slavery and exploitation into pieces isn’t an impossible thing to do. All it takes is to liberate the minds of the people who desperately cling to a system that is set up to perpetually enslave them. Although they might think that they are now out of reach from mass retaliation (living in their gated mansions, traveling in their bullet proof limousines or private jets, having the paramilitary complex for their security, educating their children in exclusive colleges, etc), this is only an illusion.

We outnumber them greatly (they are only a few thousands while there are billions of us). They are also not as anonymous as they often think they are because we know where they live, where they meet, and what they do. All it takes, if enough people are awake, is to put their identities (names, address, family members, and their financial assets, etc) into the public spotlight (such as on internet or on Billboards). Once these heartless psychopaths begin to realize that they are being directly targeted by billions of people and threatened with possible assassination, they will begin to play the game fairly and allow everyone to have a chance in life.   

I hope this shed some light about the status of our once beautiful planet. More specific details may follow in future posts.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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