Are aliens fallen angels?

We all have a guardian angel.
Thank goodness we do, even if we have not seen them, our guarding angles are around.
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Hi Everybody,

Nice thread.

I believe we're not alone, the accounts and reports are too numerous to deny that this stands as a reality.
Even more sightings of 'aliens' we're done at nuclear sites, because they monitor us, with their supreme tech.

Why? Perhaps they don't want us to engage in a nuclear 'fight', since it will affect a larger sphere than just our planet.
They, as we, still have the same 'management' above them, ruling them, so I don't worry.

I believe the 'aliens' as we call them, perhaps they're just colleagues of interplanetary life, and not of earthly life, are also of different levels of consciousness,
that explains why some people are plagued by them , perhaps the less evolved..

I don't know if they're fallen angels, what's an 'angel' to start off with?

I think really evolved human beings, like for example Sri Yukteswar (as you can read in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda), who actually was his Yogananda's guru,
appeared to him after he passed away and told him that he currently was active on another planet, helping evolved souls working out their last bits of karma.
This suggests that God, the universe, or that what we believe in, controls things beyond this little planet, and it seems logical to me,
and so, at least 'aliens' that move around here, fall under that 'system'.

Blessings to all.
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If you're asking this I bet anything you've entertained the idea that the legends of Agartha (inner earth), and the fallen angels story, were somehow related.

To give you a short answer.

I think you're on to something.

If you're willing to let your imagination go to uncomfortable places, then I'd say that if you're willing to believe that there indeed could be inner earth people, then that would make sense, given the nature of the fallen angel story, and how they end up - in inner earth. That those two stories could be related.

Some of the ancient civilisations. At meeting with these people, called them aliens because there was nothing else you could call them.
If something is alien to you; you are going to call them alien, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're alien in the sense; of coming from outer space.
They might be from here.
Or, for the purposes of this discussion; from inner earth, now, that's not proof of anything, but it does make one wonder.
And I for one; wouldn't dismiss it.

I think you should watch this documentary I found on bitchute. (inner earth civilizations exists and I can prove it)
It should answer some questions.
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