During the few training I've giving in capetown (south africa), I've noted few of the challenges which beginner astral projectors face in the astral world . Common challenges which I'd like to speak about and to give some possible way   one can solve them. Depending on the person, challenges could rise way from the start, when trying to astral project. For example, some people struggle to get awareness when they leave their body, some others because of fear and their religion background, see and hear things which frighten them in the astral world. But I've also received cases where students would consciously get out of their body but could not see, nor go far away from their physical body sleeping in bed. Few of them also struggle to stay in the astral world for long. I'll share here my personal view on those issues. And I will emphases that what I'm about to write below is purely based on my own experience and knowledge. It's to take or to leave. And if you are one of those who have any of those challenges, you will obviously have to verify these tips by yourself by trying the suggestions I'll give.

1) Why are you sensing someone in the room when you are about to separate from your body?
Long ago I thought it was some kind of astral entity people talk about on the internet. If you are a beginner astral traveler you know what I'm talking about. The presence of a person in your room when you are just about to leave your sleeping body. Astral entities do exist but beware that this case may not be an actual astral entity.
I've noticed that most people experience this phenomena only the moment when they are entering the astral world. When they are still in that "between zone". While their consciously is being transferred from their physical body to the astral body, many things in your own subconsciousness may take shape.

Meaning you may hear and see some of your fears. Then here's an interesting fact, most of us who have consciously astral projected many times, do not experience that phenomena any more. You must then ask yourself the question, why does it only happen to the beginners mind? And not all beginners by the way.

An other case which may happen and be confused to "astral entity attack" is when you are actually sensing or seeing your own astral body standing there next to your physical body. This is especially in the cases when that figure is not speaking and just standing there still or sometimes moving fast or floating. You don't see it clearly, your head is facing straight as you are still paralyzed in bed with your none physical eyes, but your astral form is already out moving. The thing is, at the stage when you are projecting, a consciousnesses split happened. Yes, it's possible to have some awareness in the physical body and in the projected astral body. In this case you will see from the point of view of your physical body in bed, and also from the point of view of your astral body already standing next to your bed. 

A much common situation is when your astral body is already out of the body but a great part of your awareness is still in your physical body, in this case, you could see a form moving in your room, which is nothing but your own astral body.

A solution
If it happens you sense a form in the room, do not panic. Just ignore if you can, or fall back to sleep again without fear. And project another day.
This doesn't happen forever. It stops at some point. surely because, with experience you start to astral project faster, the transfer of your consciousnesses into your astral body happens faster and doesn't leave much room to experience all the uncomfortable experiences which happen during the process of slow separation. Also I don't advise people to stay in the deep trance too long, because that's when this phenomena will start. Remember when you are in that stat (between the physical and the etheric world), you are pretty much exploring your subconsciousness, and that latter may be really unpredictable. So the moment you feel, or know you are awake in that non physical version of reality, don't stay there lying over your sleeping body. Rather stand up and go at least few steps away from your physical body or just go into some lucid dreams.

2) Why do you only last few seconds in the astral world?
Many who train to astral project will report this. They have very little time in the astral world. They will usually wake up in their physical body few minutes after they have just projected. And I've gone through this problem as well at the beginning. Also I've watched few people on youtube who reported their out of body experience, I noted that most reported experiences on youtube lacks something. It almost feels like everyone is reporting the same experience. They get out of their body, fly in the neighborhood and that's it, they wake up. Usually it's a short out of body experience then they wake up. Nothing really more than that. some people do report a long experience in the astral word, but after a careful examination, you notice that it was an astral projection which turned to become a simple lucid dream.

If we don't have many people explaining about the astral world life, I suspect that to be because they are struggling to stay there long enough. Actually I face this issue myself from time to time. But why would you want to stay there forever anyway  Smile hahahaha. That would mean you want to stay dead right? Smile .
Each have their reasons for going consciously in the astral world, but I'm sure it's not so they can stay there forever, while they still have a physical life here in the 3D.

The reason why we don't stay long there is clearly because we are not supposed to stay there longer than we need. Some people think that we can die if we stay longer in the astral world. But I and on behalf of all experienced astral travelers challenge you to try stay longer than planed in the astral world. I bet you won't be able to do so, not because you might die, but because it's very difficult to keep a long astral projection.

So contrary to what people seem to think, it's hard to keep consciousness in the astral. You usually wake up quickly especially when you are a beginner. If you ever thought that you could get stuck in the astral world and never getting back to your body, you can forget it Smile , it's not happening. You will face the opposite situation. You will be back quicker than expected.

The question of time in the astral world is relative. Putting all esoteric theories aside, whereby time doesn't exist in the invisible world, I think your own first hand experience in the astral world will explain better the truth about time.
In the astral world, time will feel and extend longer if you are busy with something. That being said, if you go in the astral world with no objective, with no task, there will no much time for you there.

Many times I've verified this. Every time I projected with no goal, no task at hand, it never took long before I woke up again in my physical body. However if I plan to go meet a student, then to go to the library then to come sit on my coach at home, the experience expanded much longer.

A solution
To last longer, firstly you need to plan what you need to do in the astral world, this is assuming you don't have criminal plans Smile hahahahha. Secondly, get into the habit of rubbing your hands and being conscious of the sensation of the rubbing while you are in the astral world, that will help to keep your consciousness in your astral body.
For some reasons, your hands refresh your consciousnesses, and helps you stay awake so you don't fall into a dream. Finally, do some chakra stimulation exercise from time to time when you in the physical plane, this will give some boast of energy to your subtle bodies including your astral body.

3) Why are you blind in the astral world?
Many people face this blindness issue from the moment they are out of their body and during the whole time they are out there. They can't see anything or the wold seems dark.
But if you ask them, they will tell you that they could walk around with eyes closed. Yes I know what it is :Smile . it's a very completed situation. You can walk around in the astral world even if you don't have vision.
It's really difficult to explain how it feels to someone who has not experienced this before. All I can say is that you can indeed walk around your room and outside without knocking things around while being blind.
You sort of have other senses which directs your way, you will somehow know when to turn right or left... This blindness happens for God knows what reason. But until someone figures it out, here is how I got passed it.

A solution
If you get out there blind. Use speech commands. Give orders that you must see. For example: "I can see now", "Let light be now, now, now", 90% of the time it just works when repeated few times. It doesn't take long before it works.
if after about 10 seconds you still can't see, just force your eyes open with your figures. Yes, open them, those eye lids are just lazy. If you force them open, you will start seeing the floor or the door or whatever you are facing at that moment. Those eye lids might fall and close again, so try keep them open with will.

Also, preferably, do this techniques when you are few steps away from your physical body, go to the living room or somewhere. Because for some reasons, your physical body weakens and attracts your astral body so you may fade and return it. When you have done this a couple of times in many projections, this issue should be over.

Hope this helps those to who it may relate. And if you've had a different approach to solving these issues, care to share for the benefit of all members who will need these info now or in the future.

Love and light to you