Astral Projection to higher planes

Someone asked 
How do we astral project to higher planes of the astral world?
I thought I could share this especially with all those who astral travel.

For the esoteric science the astral world has many levels. They are often refereed to sub-regions of the astral world. Basically what it means is that, there is not just one astral environment, but many. They are counted as 7 sub-regions. The traveler should keep this in mind when giving appointment to meet with someone in the astral world. If you and the person you want to meet in the astral world find yourselves in different environment or sub-region, you won't meet at all.

Take this case, You and your friend astral project from the same house. One goes in the 2rd sub-region and the other goes in the 1st sub-region. Then what happens is that the person in the 1st region will not see the one in the second region. However the person in second region will see the one who is in the first region, although he may not touch that person or interact with him directly.

Some people are told that in the astral world they will receive guidance and knowledge. For the beginner this is not always true. Beginners will mostly face fear, they would even wander around without even meeting anyone to communicate with. This is because at the beginner when we've just started to consciously astral project, we wander around in the first sub-region, which is the closest to the physical world. In this region, we don't find much guidance, it is not really different from wandering the physical world. You are in the physical world, just invisible, if we can put it that way. So be aware of a astral world has many sub-planes of existence.

Sub-region 1.
The first astral level which is the closest to the physical world can be called the  "Etheric-Astral" plane; in this plane you can still see the physical world. The moment you get out of your physical body, you will usually start with the 1st sub-region. So you will see your bedroom, you will get out of your bedroom and will still see everything of your house at their right position. Nothing is different, except the quality of the matter. Because if you look closely at things, you can see that each thing has a precise color, there is no pale color. Everything is lightened and clean. You may even go visit the shops maybe to check out the prices of shoes in the supermarket :Smile , Because you are looking at the real physical world. You can if you have the permission, visit a friend at his home, watch him washing the dishes or watching TV. Of course nobody of the physical world will see you even if you sit next to them on their couch. Time in this region is very close to the physical world, so appointment made to meet in this region of the astral world works just fine. 

In this region, you have an astral body which is half etheric and half astral. Which means with a great concentration, you may regroup more etheric matter from the atmosphere and become visible to the physical world eyes. This is not easy but it is doable. Yes it is possible to be at 2 places at the same time. A body in bed sleeping and another walking the street and visible to everybody's eyes. That second body is not real a body and will faint out when all etheric energies dissolve. Also note that it is a body without physical red blood, no blood at all. Should you cut it, it won't bleed, and it won't feel any pain. But this sort of experience is really dangerous as it could backfire on your physical body sleeping. it's not a heavy body which with the right mind concentration can levitate in the air. If you touch the hand of this second body form, you can feel the cold in that hand. It is hardly warm, because of the lack of enough etheric energy. 

Sub-region 2
The second plane is more elevated than the first, this is the actual astral world, as everything is astral. No etheric matter. so you see very little of the physical world, or nothing. You've just astral projected, and as you go through the bedroom door, everything changes. You see different things, you are maybe in the middle of a road, maybe in a library or among many people... The colors are heavily bright, things have a much more beautiful look. It's a different environment, although it will still feel like being somewhere on earth. In this plane you can meet entities of the moon, and because it has opposite vibrations, you may meet real good entities or bad entities, but don't worry, the chances to meet the bad ones is very little if you are pure. 

It's possible that you still see the 1st sub-region, which remember is like the physical world. But from the second sub-region, the objects of the first sub-region won't appear so clear. Here is a case. You astral project out of your body, you walk through the door of your bedroom to get to the living room, then surprise! You have more furniture Smile. No panic if you see that. This case is more likely to happen if you are renting the place. And if the previous tenant lived in that place for a long time with his furniture positioned at the same place for years. When objects are put in one place for a long time, their astral counterpart may stay be there at that position many more years even after the physical object is been moved. So you understand that you are likely going to see a late image of the physical world, not things at their present state.

But then here is another case. You see your friend entering your house, sits at the couch, switches on the TV. You will sure be like "Is this a dream or a real astral projection?, This is not what I was told on the internet. It is impossible that my friend comes at this time of the day to my place." Then you think, if maybe you wake up now, you will see you will find your friend in the living room watching your TV. You wake up, but you don't find him anywhere in your house. The poor friend is probably dancing in a night club, he/she has no idea of what you are experiencing :Smile Funny hein! But it is a possible thing in the second sub-region of the astral world. This case is to show you the great changes for you to see the future events which are likely to happen in the physical world. But I repeat this is likely to happen, not that it must happen. Because the future is never predefined.

Now think. If in the first sub-region you are likely to see present (real time), and the second you have the chance to see the past physical things. What could someone in a much higher plane see of the physical world?

Sub-region 3
The the 3rd plane is even more elevated. Here you find only good entities. It is said that it is possible here to meet  the entities of Mercury, I've never verified the statement, so I can't really confirm. However you will definitely meet many experienced astral travelers. You will come across initiation, esoteric schools. It's a place we can learn new things, knowledge sharing as you get to meet very intelligent people.

Sub-region 4
Then comes the 4th plane where you can meet  spiritual beings and many spiritual masters. Negativity is very rare here, possibly no negativity. That's why impure soul cannot enter this plane. This is a safe area one can be in. The environment is nothing like anything on earth. The sky shows huge planets, and many beautiful beings of light are meet everywhere. 

Sub-region 5
Then the 5th plane is higher. Here is found another sort of higher spiritual beings, full of love. This is the region of the astral world where you can truly experience happiness. Music is almost permanent there. Music not only in the form of words, and instrument, but it also seems like everything is harmoniously musical. Things are synchronized to move a certain rhythm, which makes the whole experience very beautiful. In some place, it would feel being loved by creatures which you may not even know, but who follow you and sing for you in a way which could even make you cry of joy. Here you can meet few great people of knowledge and love, who may not talk too much, maybe because they are just tired of answering the same questions Smile, but you can learn from them nonetheless.

Sub-region 6,7
The 6th and the 7th plane are regions of the astral world where you get the chance to meet what we commonly call the angels in some religion, or higher spiritual beings. Like the mental world, this region is difficult to stay long compared to the the other regions. So it takes years to get to understand it in a practical way. 

Beyond the 7th level is now the mental world. Which is a completely different story . The mental world also has its sub-regions, each of it's sub-region is linked to the ones of the astral world. But that I guess should be a different thread of its own.

I also would like to be clear with the fact that it may become difficult to distinguish the sub-regions, in a way to know where exactly you are. 1? 2?, 3?... Because there is no board in those region indicating in which region you are. So you can understand that that division I've given is based on experience. You will probably see them a little bit differently and re-order them from your own experience. For example, sometimes some new region you enter will be so bright and great that you would say that you've visited the 5th sub-region, while that could mean you have only visited the 3rd region. But each time you will experience a completely different region, you will start to classify them better in your head. Always remember something of the region you have visited so you may get back to it easily.

Then the question is how to enter those higher planes?

Well, at the beginning it happens randomly. You get out of your body, then soon you are in different environment. Al randomly. This is somehow good. Because it shows you where you belong currently. Depending on your purity, you belong to a certain astral world. So in general when you project you will automatically find yourself in the plane which corresponds to your level of purity. Although even if you are pure, you may willingly decide to enter a particular sub-region. 

There are ways to willingly enter a specific astral plane. But it's generally only if you've randomly been in that specific plane before. What I mean is, if one day you randomly find yourself in the 3rd plane of the astral world, then it is now a open door for you. You can always get back there willingly. Because you now have a memory of how it looks like, you can just before you sleep or when you are in the astral world, imagine, picture in your mind the 3rd plane, and very soon, you should see everything changing in front of your eyes. The environment will change. What is there currently will faint away and new things will be showing up. This experience is called rising one's subtle body vibration to enter a new plane.

As you can see it is easy thing to do. It you see nothing changing despite your strong imagination, it is just because you are not accepted to enter that area yet. Also you may also want to know that when your are in the first level of the astral world and see a bright  vertical circle light somewhere, or a bright tunnel, or a beautiful bright bridge , know that it is a door to a different plane. It is an invitation to enter a different plane. 
if you enter it, you will find yourself in a new plane. So yes, you've got 2 ways to change planes. You either use your thought to picture the plane you want to go ( that is assuming you've already been there), or you enter a astral bright light door when it is available to you. 

Some other times, if when you've created a strong connection with your own higher self. The higher self voice will guide you, giving you options. for example you may hear it say "Hey... if you go through this war, you will be somewhere else, if you go there you will meet someone interesting..."  which is usually a better experience, because here you are not venturing randomly in the invisible world, but you are properly guided by your higher self (your own true guide).

Love and light
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Awesome post Krya

Blessings and love

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This is my 2nd reply hope no one minds. I was wondering if someone can answer my question : I astral projected today and still trying to understand many things
thank to this post it has shed some light on it but today I tried to go to my parents house but could not? I tried imagining the house but nothing, since this is on the first sub-region I thought it would go? Does someone know why not? And yes I went there once. My mom is sick so I thought I could try sending her there some white energy on her etheric body. Just want to help her since I live in Europe at the moment and she is far away.

Blessings and love Smile

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Hi Isaias, How sick is your mother? I hope you are not taking astral projection healing as the main mean to help your mother.  Depending on how bad is your mother's state, you might also need other means of helping your mother. What I am trying to say, is that you should also consider medical help. 

See. Some illness which hits the physical body, start from our inside world ( our feelings and thoughts). Some negative vibrations (or impurities)were long time entertained within, and they made their way to the body. But remember  it has been a long process for those negative inner vibrations to come to physical body. Positive and negative vibration take time before reaching the physical body. Which means all work done within takes time to reflect on the physical body. This is why I asked how sick is your mother. If very sick, then put medical aid in front, while you are slowly working on the psychic healing. You can expect sure and permanent healing with the astral projection healing method you are trying to do, but you cannot expect quick healing from it. It's a slow process. 

Now why you cannot get to your mother. This could simply be due to the fact that nature doesn't  allow you to go there without permission, or you are not yet well experienced to use teleportation in that low region. Let me explain. 

Just because someone can astral project doesn't give him the right to enter anywhere without permission. Of course some bad witches can do that, but you are not that kind of person are you? :Smile . This I have witnessed in africa, where the bad witch will first ask permission to enter your house in the daylight (during the day). He will first physically come to your place with the excuse that he is thirsty. When you allow him in your home to give him water, that's it! you have given him the permission. Now he can freely come back to your home from the astral world. He will usually get to your home like a thief, because he should not be seen for fear that he get caught, he will therefore move in the comers of the walls and the ceiling.  

Can you imagine the result, if anyone could enter your place from the astral world without permission. 

Of course in your case, we would say, "this is my mother, she wouldn't mind you going visit her? and you've been there before", well maybe you don't fall in that category of permissions. But I need to point that out so you are aware of this possibility.

The second reason which I think could close to what is happening, is that you are not yet experienced enough to teleport yourself instantly to your desired place. Note that what I meant in the thread about changing astral regions using imagination still holds. But using imagination to get to a different place in the first region may require some training. In the second region of the astral world, all this things are easy, the astral body in the second region can teleport easily, and it feels like the place of your desire comes to you instead of feeling of you going to it. But in the first region of the astral world, you will notice that your new body almost keeps the same habits of your physical body. Meaning, you still walk around, although not really touching the floor, as if gravity still had an influence on your new body. Although if you really wanted you can fly. You can even hit the wall, although if you really want it, you can go through that wall. When you are only starting, it is possible that you still learn to fly and to instantly move from one place to another and to move quickly without loosing consciousness. Some beginners cannot even see or hear in their early astral projection. It's like when you were born on earth, with the new baby body, you have to learn how to do things. And it may take some time. 

Remember, this is the first region we are talking about. It works very much like in the physical world. So if you cannot yet control instant travel, you will do like in the physical world, you will have to fly to your mother's place. And if you are in a different continent to your mother's, you obviously will need to memorize the world map before you astral travel . So you may fly up really high to see the world in its map format and then fly down towards the continent and area where your mother is. You will need to know the roads and streets etc. 

Because of all the great experience needed, I won't suggest that healing people be your very first thing you want to do. I wouldn't even advise you wander too far from your home area. Rather spend long time learning to feel comfortable with your new body in that first region. Be sure you control all the elementary things: Moving and flying slowly or quick, seeing clearly things which are near and far, hearing... Learn to do these things at home. Then later you can venture to new complicated activities.

And if you think you are already comfortable in the first region, then you maybe just need to keep trying, keep modifying your imagination to find what works for you. Some things you need to find by yourself. In spirituality you need to exercise your creativity, the best answers are within yourself. Everything we are saying here are simply little flames to fire up the big flame in you Smile

I know it is your mother, you really want to help. But remember you can still spirituality help her from distance. You can send her energy from distance using your imagination. That is something we can all do. The desire to help your mother will even make your imagination stronger. Imagine that she is healed, that she is smiling and strong. Send to her the most beautiful blue color if she is in pain. Or the orange color if she needs to recover. You can also involve spiritual entities to come help as well. Ask them to go pay your mother a visit, and to release her from your pain or illness. And please do not forget medical help if the situation requires quick intervention. 

Send her your best energies everyday in your meditation sessions until she is fine. This is so while you are improving your astral experiences. You should do the right thing, meaning don't be in hurry, take your time and practice your new subtle body. You will manage to help others from the astral world in due time. That's my piece of advise. I could be too protective in my advise, so keep an eye on other members advise as well, and do the right thing.

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Thank you Krya

I should probably learn more and get more comfortable indeed. I apreciate everything you have written.
She is seeing a dokter but they do not know for sure what she has thats why they cant aid her wel, she is sick for 2 years already.
I will definitly start to send her energy when meditating this is a helpful suggestion also. I know you understand that I want to help her as much as possible but I have more to learn.

Blessings and love

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