Astral projection vs lucid dreaming

Astral projection vs Lucid dreaming

Lucid dreams and astral projections are areas in which I got emotionally involved since very young age. It is therefore always a pleasure for me to share with those who need to reed a thing or 2 about them. Let what I've understood through those experiences serve as information for you to make the right decisions. We don't have to all make the same mistakes. Some have made those mistakes so others don't have to. That is my reason for sharing.

What is the difference between astral projection(AP) and Lucid dreaming (LD)?
This question is important because it is easy to confuse AP with LD. And because they both share similarities. The experience in both are the same in the sense that you feel as real as in AP and LD. LD is a dream but because you are so conscious, this turns to become a reality. In LD, you can do everything you can possibly do in a AP and even more. For instance, in a LD you can fly in the air, change the course of the dream, change directions of characters, change environment, meet celebrities Smile , basically anything, whatever you imagine comes true. In AP, although you cannot change the way things are in the environment, you are fully conscious of yourself, just like in LD. And you can do the flying thing, go through walls, visit friends and family, etc.

About Lucid dreams
There are many articles of people testifying to have experienced an AP, while in fact they had a LD. I've confused the 2 myself in the past. Until I found some key point to differentiate them. People should understand that it is possible to enter the astral world without necessarily going there with the full astral body. The consciousness alone can move around and create (or review) images to experience anything. This is lucid dreaming. During lucid dreaming, our astral body doesn't move far from our physical body. Maybe just few inches above our body but it doesn't leave it completely. In that state, the mind goes wonder in the astral world. You will even notice that you find yourself in some places you have no idea of. places that you will possibly never find in the present world. Places you seem to be comfortable with during the dream but which you don't know in the physical world. Sometimes you know the place you are dreaming about, but then you meet and chat with people who are awake in the physical world at that time. It makes no sense! sometimes you meet movie actors who happen to be your best friends, still no sense. But yeah, that is lucid dream.

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About Astral Projection
During AP you don't chat with people who are awake in the physical world at that moment, you don't command things to run the way you want, and usually you know where you are. The best way to tell if you are astral projecting is if you remember leaving your room. Because the astral projection starts in your bedroom. If you find yourself suddenly awake somewhere you don't even know and have no memory of how you left your home. Then you can be sure that it is not an AP.

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True it happens that during a AP, just as you leave your room, you find yourself in a completely different environment. Yes it is possible. This is called changing of astral regions. See in the astral world you can change worlds, you can access higher or lower regions. This is common to those who are experienced or who meditate a lot on abstract things or spiritual things. Yes what you think about the most during the day is where your mind goes when you go to sleep. People who have spiritual love finally get to see love with their eyes. What we call abstractions and which we can't see down here, is visible in higher worlds, it has a certain shape or at least a geometric or numbers representing it. So if you happen to become conscious leaving your physical body at night, but as you move away from your room you change environment , possibilities are that you have just moved into a new astral region.

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Someone asked me once, how do we know which regions of the astral world we are?
This can become a difficult question when we don't know the language of the esoteric symbols. A great knowledge is needed to distinguish the different regions. Because there will be no road map, no panel saying "Welcome in higher astral world", or "Welcome in the mental world" Smile No!. There will be nobody standing at a gate welcoming you with the name of the region which you are entering, like it is done at the airport Smile . None of that. You must know by yourself, because you are supposed to know. However many saints who simply developed their heart have accessed the higher regions of the astral world without having any profound knowledge of how the different regions looks like. Therefore some of them summarized the beauty they saw as being "heaven". And horrible regions of the astral world took the name of "hell".

I don't know how exactly all regions look like, especially not the highest regions. I can only talk about those I've come to know. I once meet someone in the astral world and I dared ask her "Which region are we?", she said "We are in LUNA". she meant the moon. I said to myself "But isn't the moon a planet?, I don't remember having traveled the space". Well, beware that we are of different culture and spiritual school system, so we can't call things the same names. What was to me a normal astral world, was called "LUNA" to someone else out there. Depending on which system you are used to study the universe, you will probably have a different name, but the meaning will be the same. The astral world which most of us go to, truly is the moon life. One is right to say that he/she enters the moon when he is in the astral world. When he enters the mental world he is living the mercury life. It is too long to elaborate that so I will skip that for now.

Access to the different regions of the astral world.
Here is some general guide line to situate yourself. When in the astral world you notice that everything is exactly the same as in the physical world, with not strong beautiful colors, know you are exploring the low astral world (let call it ground 1). If you notice that you can see true colors of each and every thing around you, as if you could even see the color of each atom of the objects, and that the physical world is now mixed with many other astral elements, Then know that you are in a quite high astral world (call it ground 2), and if you happen to find yourself in beautiful area which doesn't look like anywhere in the physical world, then you are in the higher world (ground 3 ) from here, the more new beautiful beings you meet, the higher the ground level. When you start meeting bright colorful beings with transparent light-wise wings for example, you know you are in between the higher astral world and the mental world. The change of regions is only recognizable by those who regularly astral travel and who look to move further.

The newbie can't make that difference because for him/her, everything experienced in the normal astral world is very beautiful. Even a demon might look somehow awesome Smile because he/she hasn't yet learned to make the difference between lower and higher astral worlds. Therefore I must warn some of the poor religious people who don't have any knowledge about these things. They are easily fooled in the astral world by some evil entities who pass themselves for angels of light or saints. It is even been revealed that, among those who we call extra terrestrials are physical beings of other planets who've learned how to access the etheric-astral world scientifically, they can switch between physical and etheric to travel the space in speed higher to normal light. It is possible to meet those foreign beings when traveling the etheric-astral world. Anything brighter you see when you are out of your physical body should not been called angel, saint or spiritual. Anyone with a bit of will and knowledge can change into bright or into anything in the astral world. It is must be possible to meet a true spiritual being in the etheric-astral world, but I have no evidence to proof that, and I find it hard to believe. What we know is natural is that all spiritual beings are in the spiritual regions of the astral world, not below. And should you meet a brighter beings in a none bright regions of the astral world, rather have your doubts. Never forget, that each being live and involve in the invisible region which corresponds to its degree of evolution. Angels and demons are not mixed in one region. Just like demons and humans are not mixed. Except when some particular type of entity needs to change. Like animals get mixed among humans to learn. Things are well organized in the universe. This is so we can run away from one region to another to find security. For example if you are attacked in the low astral world, you can run in the higher astral world, or in the physical world. In the higher astral world are nobody to attack you. The physical world is your first region of protection when you still don't have access to higher worlds. This ability of the human consciousness to be able to change worlds is what gives him superiority to the majority of invisible entities. So use it. But of course not all of us have access in all higher worlds. One must develop significantly to automatically have access to them during meditation or sleep. Develop your heart to have access to the higher astral world, and develop your mind to have access to the mental world.

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The beauty of lucid dreams
When you really think about it, LDs are not as important and real as the AP. Your consciousness moving around in the astral world in LD is a real and true fact. But nothing it sees, hears or touches can be trusted as authentic information. Because what you experience at that time is a mix of internal and external information, not things are they truly are. All information gathered through a LD should not not be giving to the world as true information, this will mislead people. However the beauty comes in the fact that you get to learn how to move in the astral world. Yes the only true thing about LD is the consciousness experience. The way you move around in LD is possible in the AP. So if you've leaned to fly in a LD for example, you will have no problem flying in AP. You might say "Is it that hard to fly in the AP" no but if you haven't had a lot of lucid dreams in which you learned how to fly, you might be unsure how to properly do so in a AP. In my case, I used to fly too fast or too slow and many times I knocked things and went through walls unexpectedly . I used LD as a practice ground to master all those little movement. Also from a lucid dream one can switch to astral projection. It is possible and very easy to switch from a lucid dream to AP at will. Many people use LD as a door to enter the astral world. How? well, If during a lucid dream you willingly intend to stop the dream before it finishes, you will not wake up in your physical body straight away, but your consciousness will rather enter your astral body which is most likely floating few inches above your sleeping body, or maybe sitting close to your sleeping body.

LD and AP are both out of body experiences, with LD you are out there without a true astral body, just wandering the astral world and living the astral world the way you want, without affecting anything or leaving any trace in that world. This is a safe experience at all level, because you are not leaving your physical body. In other words, your astral body is not leaving your physical body completely but you have same experience as the AP with the use of consciousness only. While in AP you are completely leaving your body, and it will all start from your room. Although most of us leave our body when we sleep at night, we usually don't go far away from our physical body, unless we subconsciously have to go to specific place to get answers or meet people. When we let our subconsciousness do this for us, we risk nothing because it knows exactly what to do, it has been doing it for centuries, it knows how to avoid dangers instinctively. But our consciousness doesn't always know until it is taught how to do it properly. When a newbie astral project, from his own room he/she always looks lost, and hesitant which alerts the inhabitants of the astral world. This usually results in meeting strange entities which are not always good. To whoever doesn't make an effort to purify him/herself, meaning who is not used to driving his mind and heart in a spiritual direction during the day, I say WAIT, DON'T GO IN THE ASTRAL WORLD JUST YET. But To whoever is pure in the heart and mind, the higher astral world is open, so I can say to him/her: Learn to use your sleeping time to go learn in the higher worlds. Let Day and night become one without break of consciousness. Become awake forever.

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Someone asked what I meant about this advice on the thread “WAIT, DON'T GO IN THE ASTRAL WORLD JUST YET. But To whoever is pure in the heart and mind, the higher astral world is open, so I can say to him/her: Learn to use your sleeping time to go learn in the higher worlds”

I thought I should share with whoever else would wonders.

To have some purity in the heart and mind is the best advise you can give to those who would like to enjoy each AP in their lives. Anyone can manage to astral project without a pure heart and mind. But it just makes the experience much more easier and more enjoyable with a pure mind and heart. Not only your purification will be your protection in the astral world, but it will also open you doors to wonderful regions of the invisible world. With a pure heart you get to share love, joy with wonderful beings, and with your pure mind you get to learn, study the amazing truths of the universe. 

The subject of purification is very broad. It takes years and even centuries to really get pure. But of course, if you have to wait till you are 100% pure like a diamond, you won't have a chance to live the beauty of AP. True, but still there is a certain level of purification you should look for at each level of your evolution. The level of purification needed to experience a safe and enjoyable AP is not that hard to obtain. 

Here are some guidelines:
Pure heart and mind here, concerns the state of your feelings and thoughts. You know if you have a pure or dirty heart or mind by to the quality of emotions and thoughts you have daily. Your measurement tool here is time. If for about 21 days (the psychic circle), you have checked yourself having negative thoughts or emotions, you can note that your heart or mind has some dirt. Going and wandering in the astral world in that state, doesn't give the best experience.

If you examine your daily emotions and thoughts and notice you are not ok. Then here is how you can work on it. First don't stress in trying to hurt yourself blocking negative thoughts and emotions. No. Please, you should continue to live normally. The only difference will be that you take some time to wash your emotional body and mind more often. The secret is to spend more time with spiritual emotions and thoughts than with negative ones. So fix yourself some time of the time when you meditate, cogitate about all the interesting subjects of spirituality. Fill your mind with all sorts of thoughts, which have nothing to do with earth affair. That is one easy way how you will pure your mind. Then to pure your heart, take some time of the day when you can listen to the most beautiful spiritual music. Music sounds is the quickest and most effective method to change emotional vibrations. So take advantage of it. The more beautiful emotion you can generate from music, the purer your heart gets. 

The heart and mind don't get pure in a day or two. They get purer as time goes. The more you do that, the purer you get. But the good news is that from the 21th day, a certain state of purity get established when more time has been spend nourishing your heart and mind with pure elements. The heart and mind get pure thanks to the food you give them. The food of the heart are the beautiful emotions. The food of thoughts are the spiritual thoughts. You don't have to guess or wonder if your heart and mind are now pure. Because they will tell you. How? this is when you notice that you naturally don't have much negative emotions occurring anymore, when you start to have more joy than sadness. Consistent happiness is always sign of purity. True purity of the heart is never forced. It shows naturally. 

In the same way, to know that your mind is starting to get some purity, see if you are naturally thinking less of earth affairs, and rather more of spiritual business. And of course, this purification work won't make you automatically astral project. But as along as you are working on your purity, AP should be an ok thing to work on . 

Love and light.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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i was hard pressed to find the exact location for this post, So here it is:

Visual Recall during Meditation

  This was an afternoon meditation.  I brought myself to a very relaxed state.  I as able to bright in a bright light ( this always has a warm feeling about it) into my field of view and was holding this during my inner joinery.  About 15 minutes into my practice I started witnessing this darker imagery come into view and was moving over the Light and blocking out the Light not letting any through, this was making the scene feel differently.  The joy and happiness was shifting.  So, this dark cloudy energy is still advancing moving across the total field of Brilliant Bright Light.  The field I refer to, has a depth of field.  Then the scene is starting to shift again.  What starts, is a “Head” more of a face, yet I can see that it is a Head and it is starting to move, always facing looking at me, it is in the background so it still looks small.  It is moving across the field of view always advancing, as the advancements continue the darkness is reseeding and the Bright Light is again strong. The Head is now in the center of the field in front of ME.  No thoughts implanted, No spoken words, No gestures given.  Yet I had a knowing between the two of us that we had completed something.  My physical being has NO idea as to what we were able to complete.  I am only able to use subjective reasoning here as to what actually occurred.  This day I started with “Helios Meteor” and “Lumicol”.  Alchemy
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