HI all... been exploring some of the Astrological Forces behind the Pandemic affecting the world..  One which many astrologers where aware of was the Saturn- Pluto conjunction.

Here is an insightful writing of this aspect and what it does written back in 1976 ..  and many of it's ideas ring true at this time.

SATURN CONJUNCT PLUTO by Robert Hand from “Planets in Transit” 1976

During this transit you may have fewer resources available for doing what you want, and you may have to focus the available resources on more restricted and concentrated objectives.  Pluto is the Power of Transformation. While Saturn narrows and focuses.  The effects of the combination are several.  First, structures in your life will change significantly.  The changes brought about  Pluto are inherently in what is being  changed, if you look carefully.  It is rather like an inevitable conclusion of a situation.  During this transit some things will come to an end or an old order of life will cease.  On a metaphysical level, this transit means that factors are now being incorporated into the structure of your life that will later bring about evolution and growth.  This process involves getting rid of old structures.  What happens now will have great consequences in fourteen years.

On the material level, this transit often causes financial problems or other kinds of shortages.  The aspect and those in authority will  impose heavy burdens that greatly effect your freedom of movement.  It is also possible that some incident may affect your health and restrict your freedom of movement.

All of theses effects confine your energies so that later they can be focused upon matters that will require your full attention.  If your energy is spread to thin, later crisis will be much more difficult to bear.  Then you will have to go through a most unpleasant house-cleaning of everything in your life that interferes with your natural pattern of evolution.

One danger of this transit is that Pluto can signify tremendous evolutionary energies, which Saturn restricts.  This can lead to apparent suppression of the Pluto force.  When the suppressed force erupts, it may be dangerous, explosive and quite violent.  As more and more restriction by circumstances and the need to use your resources conservatively, do not simply hold in your energies.  Build new structures to correct the problems you face now, and concentrate all your energy on bringing about the necessary evolution in your life. Saturn can give form to Pluto as well as repress it.