Is awareness third force in between male/female polarity that harmonizes them by growing stronger like a bridge in between, or awareness is male/female polarity?

Am I speaking about the same thing? because if awareness is middle force with potentiality of harmonizing psyche, weakness must polarize it into two _ male/female duality, light and darkness, emotion and sensation. 

Emotion is electric pole of awareness, outgoing, Light and male, sensation is magnetic, receptive, dark and female. Stronger outgoing emotion is darker sensation, because they represent polar opposites within the same awareness, "Individual Identity" that is electromagnetic being.

Maybe, awareness is the both, from one hand it is potentiality of individuation by growing stronger to harmonize light and darkness within, become ONE and middle force having two hands able to control them by will. And from another hand, it is duality of male/female, light and dark until stays weak and only identifies own self in a form of material body through another disharmonious psyche?