The earth as we know it, exists in 7 forms. Our lower self is found in the last 4 forms of earth (mental earth, astral earth, etheric earth, and physical earth). Whomever this is true would no longer live as if they only walk the physical earth. Because they would be conscious that they are swimming the astral earth with their emotions and flying the mental earth with their mind.

It is clear to esoteric people, that while we are here present on the physical earth, we think from the mental earth, experiencing emotions from the astral earth. When we ignore this truth we are surprised by what happens to you in life. Because we would think that the causes of problems are always from physical earth. Which is wrong.

The causes of all problems in our life do not always come from the physical earth, but it can also come from the 3 other earth forms, because we have subtle bodies interacting in these other earths as well and constantly.

Even if you don't see your other 3 body forms, at least know that many entities, animals and even some humans do see your bodies and they can either manipulate them, mess with them, make them sick, drain their energies, and even cause them spiritual death.

Anyone who knows this truth can no longer be like "I don't care" in their lives. When we know that we can bless or destroy others from the invisible earths, we no longer allow ourselves to think badly of others, we no longer allow ourselves to think about any kind of subject, because that is how we pollute the mental earth. And we will be guilty of participating in the pollution of the earth. So if to you pollution is still caused by physical machine, and industries, think again and see if you may have not been contributing to earth pollution all this time.

With this knowledge we become aware and therefore we will no longer disturb the minds of others with our brain noise. We also no longer allow ourselves to have feelings of jealousy or hatred because our feelings travel and affect others as well. And that's how we could make other people's spirituality more difficult. Let's not be those kinds of people. No, let's not be blocking others.

Let's grow together knowing that we are a key to other people's success. 

Love and light to you.