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Before birth

Before I was born into my current body, I had a meeting with my Guides.
Basically we talked about what I wanted to learn in my life on Earth.

Has anyone remembered a like meeting with their Guides that they remember?

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No such memory, but waiting for someone who has to tell us about it.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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BEfore i Was Born, I Live in the Cradle of the Wind.
I Summoned all the Fortutude when i called i singed.

The Sound of My Whisper Sounded like i Became a KINd
The One Who wanted to know more, about the Life in the Wind.

(kind means child in german; )

This is in Commemoration to who is soon to pass away, May he find peace in these words, as reincarnation is there to stay him into a world of new wonder for a child to play. Is to see the ways of the wonder, Live the breathe of seeing them play this very day.
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Skytiger Wrote: Wrote:Before I was born into my current body, I had a meeting  with YOUR Guides.
Basically YOU talked about what YOU wanted to learn in YOUR life on Earth.

Has anyone remembered a like meeting LIKE THIS with their Guides that they remember?

Paraphrased And Corrected of by EMVid of Skytiger's Post of Text 

Lies, You Really Just Skimming of Peoples Experiences through Diversion of Lies. Making it seem Like, You Hide it behind the Facade of Lifestyle YOU Had, But Speaking Against Other Lifestyles, that are ALL RELIGION's THEMSELVES. Still Thinking it wasn't Meant for You to See that Religion was a ClassRoom? Still Thinking it was Your Guides who Taught and Shown you This? Everything is a Religion.

Every Lifestyle is. And we All Build up our Own. Difference is, i Reckon all Religion to Be HAVE Truth. But You Reckon ONLY YOUr Lifestyle IS TRuth. Truth that NEver Suffered as You Speak Against it. Or Suffered  But Does Not See the Relevance of it in THE FaCe of TRUTH. Neglecting all the BILLIONS to TRILLION's of People Who Suffer of VARIETIES of MAtterS. SHAM, all a SHAM.... Read My Text Again Above, Cuz that is How ONe Filled With Spirit Really Talks...

BEfore i Was Born
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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Before I was Born, My Guides sayD, Live a Good Life; Help Other's and Be Kind to them. Grant them Wishes and Hope for the Best. Give Life a Lesson and Give Life a Test..

FYI So That You May Redirect Your Course SkyTiger, I Stated the TEXTWords Above. So You May See What Real Words of MEssengers Said.

Learn to Help and Learn to Give. Rather then to Live for What You Wish.

I KNow You Have it in You, and You Can Do it;

You are KNown By What You Perceive, and as Such You Don't Come Across.

So Make Use of What You Give, and Make This a Lesson as you Are.

LOVE... Suffer EX.........POund...

Love, Martin ...
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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Thank you MoonBearSpeaks.
I hope those who remember talking with their Guides will contribute to my post.
Surely there are more who remember our true home of Spirit, and realize Earth is one of many schools we experience on our journeys of learning.
To think Earth is the only place we come to, stops us from realizing our true self - Creators Children. We have many more ‘schools to experience on our never ending journey of learning.

We are not sent to any place to learn, without our Guides to help us.
Our Guides are always with us, keeping us on track and safe from anything that would harm us on our journeys.

Each lifetime can be thought of as another school of learning.
Hopefully we learn about what Mother Earth has to teach us.
Which is to take care of the GARDEN, instead of overpopulating HER and destroying HER Beauty with weapons of war.

Sadly we have failed

We also experience all Beliefs. Sadly some of us get tangled up in believes, instead of learning what good things each Beliefs has to offer. Which sadly can end up in wars.

IMHO if we would / could remember what our Guides told us before we came here, or listen to them while we experience life here, our world would be better off. Which is why I asked if anyone else remembers their talk with their Guides before being born on EARTH.

After all, each of us have things to learn, and share the things we already know, with each other.
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I unfortunately have no vivid memories before I was born. However, I grew up with a dream like memory of an event which happened just before birth. I kept telling about it to my parents over and over as I was growing. I can't tell if it was just a dream, but this is how it was.

I was looking at people walking in the rain. I know I had no body in that dream-like memory because I remember having a vision like when you are experiencing a remote viewing. I saw lots of people walking in the rain, then after I saw 2 babies in the hospital, a boy and a girl a voice said. Someone was talking, explaining what I was seeing. Then like in most of my bizarre dreams, I was giving to choose if I wanted to be born as a boy or as a female. I choose to be a boy and I saw lightened cigarette ( whatever that would mean). Then I don't remember ( my parents have the details since I used to tell them about it often when I was a child).

Again, I have no idea if it was a dream or reality, but it translates to me having been giving the choice by some unknown voice to choose to be born as a boy or a girl.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Thanks for sharing Kyra.
I truly believe we have choices in who we will be in our lifetimes, also what sex we will be.

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I remember standing before my Guides in a beautiful forest- unlike anything here on Earth.
My main Guide stood by me. The one who has always been with me on this journey/lifetime.

We talked about what I wanted to achieve in the lifetime I was about to enter.
I don’t remember all the things we talked about.
I do remember I would help Wildlife and nature as best as I could.
Luckily I found a mate who feels the same.

Mainly I was to tell people our Creator loves all ALL - Equally.
We need to do the same.
If we do, we might build a Heaven on Earth.

Then my main Guide - who is always with me - walked to a place where A Silver Cord took me to my current body. I remember thinking - ‘This is going to hurt’
Then I began my Life in my current body, and basically forgot everything, until my 20s.
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