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Best wishes to all members and happy new year

Hello everyone. 

I just would like to thank you all for being a member of this esoteric forum. Many thanks to those who have been around for so many years and who continue to add value to this forum website. 

And to those we've lost, and to who at some point had to leave the forum. We remember them all and appreciate the love and light they have brought here.

I't's the end of the year, and as you might already know, the MSG end of year routine is to clean up the forum. To remove all useless threads, and inactive members. And to reinforce the forum rules based on the issues experienced for the past 12 months. This is so we always start a new year with a clean forum which new members will enjoy .

I wish you all the best for this festival session and have a wonderful new year ahead.

Thank you all.

Love and light

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Beste wishes and happy new year to all members! May everyone seek and live in love and light Smile
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Happy Holidays and New Years to everyone!
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