After one friend read the transcript of that session, he knew there was some 'pertinent information' - as he called itwithin the document. He said there were certain key phrases that spoke volumes, but the weirdest thing was, he couldn't for the life of him remember anything he'd read. He looked at the document again and with a puzzled expression on his face said he couldn't find what he was looking for, as the words seemed to have disappeared. Nonplussed, he followed me into the kitchen to take me up on my offer of a cup of coffee. From the kitchen I could hear Derek talking to our friend's wife and I heard him say, "What do you make of this?" He apparently gave her the document to read and within seconds he called me back into the room.

I arrived there in time to see our friend's wife swaying, then she put a hand up to her forehead, as if to steady herself. "Everything's black," she said. "As soon as I took hold of the paper and began to read, everything went black, like something's stopping me from reading."

Derek guided her to a chair, all the while keeping the conversation going, and, as he gently sat her down, he clipped a microphone to her lapel and began recording. He asked this very clairvoyant lady to describe what was happening. With each response, he bombarded her with more questions, thereby creating and holding an energy link so he could continue to maintain contact. As long as she kept talking, focusing upon the questions and answers, she was locked into whatever the 'something' was.

Key: Dk:=Derek; FW:=Friend's Wife;

FW: Now I'm seeing a giant eye looking at me. It doesn't want me to read the paper. It won't go away.
Dk: What does it want?
FW: It's here to observe. It's an observer.
Dk: Why is it here?
FW: To observe.
Dk: What else is it here for?
FW: There's no response.
Dk: Ask it why it's here.
FW: It says it isn't allowed to respond. It's just an observer. It has to go.
Dk: But now we've found it out, we've locked into it; so it can't go until it says what it is here for.
FW: It has to go. It's being summoned. There's a bright light flashing in the distance, calling it back.
Dk: Why did it stop you from reading the document?
FW: It didn't want us to know what was written. It has the technology to blank things out, causing loss of memory. But it doesn't have the technology to physically take the document from me.

Her voice took on a tone of agitation.

FW: It's being recalled. It's getting an urgent message. It must go. The light is getting closer and the flashing is becoming more urgent, more rapid. It will get into trouble if we don't let it go.
Dk: It's already in trouble. We found out about it.
FW: It has to go.

"Come on, Derek," I intervened, "Let it go."

Derek finally complied and terminated the conversation which he had held with 'the observer', locked into our friend's energy link or 'frequency'. She heaved an audible sigh of relief.

"Whew! I don't ever want to go through that again," she said, "It's like I was blacking out, and when you began talking, it felt like I was paralyzed and then I could see this giant eye. I was really sensing the urgency when it couldn't get away."

By this time, her husband had joined us in Derek's office. He'd heard, everything from the doorway, and remembered that this was similar to what had happened to him, except he had been able to read the document at first; it certainly answered why he couldn't find any 'key phrases', 'pertinent information', or remember anything of what had triggered his interest. For him, things hadn't gone black; he just couldn't see anything. It was only because of his wife's parallel experience that he was prepared to believe what had happened.

Our friends didn't come to our office for quite a while after that ...

We certainly realized the benefit of following suggestions given to us recently about directing our attention to matters of a more spiritual ilk. We chose not to dwell on things of this nature, lest they become our focus, our reality. In other words, at this point we chose to play ostrich. But just because one can't see something it doesn't mean it's not there.

Were we in for a few surprises? You bet.

Anyone for tennis?