I, for some time now been on a quest - of some sort - to uncover, the deep mystery, of what a blue aura looks like. Now I know what a blue aura looks like; it's just I haven't seen one. Now you're going to say how can you know if.
Well, I know the definition of it. On the internet. And I've met a few people, which, if, for the life of me I could swear they were blue aura-ed. I haven't managed to find. Anymore, since.
I guess what I'm asking is, are there blue auras around here. Where the predominant, at least, of the color, you have, is a predominantly, blue aura.

Someone who identifies with this:

"When you have a blue aura personality, you live to serve and love other people. You believe that people are put in this world to take care of each other and love one another.

You believe that people should spend less time feeling angry, hateful, and indifferent, and just start looking out for each other. You believe that without love, nothing else in this world matters. People who have a blue aura personality are introverted but friendly. You can be shy and quiet at first, but you can be a really great friend the more people spend time with you."