Dear Members,
I'd like to announce the activation of a new feature in this website: THE CALENDAR.
Notice a new icon in the top right menu next to the search bar.

This feature is now available to allow you to view the upcoming spiritual meetings.
That also means that you can now book an event which for example could be something like :
  • To inviting members to meet you here online for a group live chat on a specific topic.
  • You can also invite members to gather for a group meditation/prayer/mantra ...
  • Or else to set up a face to face spiritual meeting at your local area to discuss or present a topic.
However the events you will add will go through the forum moderators and administrators review before displaying on the calendar.
This is for us (admins) to ensure that the calendar be used for a good reason and that nothing useless display on that calendar.

Calendar Overview
To get to the calendar click on the calendar Icon:

[Image: 2cd7fw2.png]

On the calendar page you should see all events of the current month if there are any.
You can also click on the narrow (red highlighted zone. See screenshot) to get a weekly overview of the calendar.

[Image: 2mpgzky.png]

And if you scroll down the calendar page, at the bottom of the page, you will see all possible actions you can perform.
You can:
  • Add a public Event.
  • Add a private Event.
  • Jump to a different month ( in the past or future to see what happened or that will happen then)
  • Jump to a different calendar.
[Image: 30vgpbo.png]

Currently we have 2 calendars running.
  1. The default calendar : On which anyone can book an event which is to happen online. For example, you will see upcoming members birthday, and online live chat meetings.
  2. The Scheduled Meditation Class Calendar : On this calendar will be listed all meditation sessions which members can attend in a face to face meeting.
How to schedule an event in the calendar
To schedule an event, you can either click "Add a public Event" located at the bottom of the calendar page.
Or from the calendar grid, click on the date you wish for you event, then click on "Post an event".

Alternatively you can simply create a new thread from the "Scheduled Meditation Group Sessions" Sub Forum
[Image: 2mqwcd3.png]

And then click on "new thread" button. A thread created like this, will display on the calendar grid.

Note: All new events you create on the calendar will also be posted as a new thread in
the "Scheduled Meditation Group Sessions" Forum.

Stay connected and Enjoy all spiritual events. Smile

Brought to you by the administration Team.
Love and light to all.