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Can a reiki session help to prevent nightmares?

A friend of mine would like to go for a reiki because he feels like he has lots of nightmares at night.
Do you know if a reiki session the proper thing for such situation?
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M. Krya
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There are a number of stones used in Reiki(crystal healing )for preventing and lessening nightmares, including amethyst, chrysoprase, citrine, dalmatian jasper, hematite, holey stones, rhodocrosite, spessartite.

Chrysoprase is said to be particularly useful for helping with nightmares. Pink manganocalcite has extremely soothing energies. Both of these are heart chakra stones and can bring in loving energies to the situation. Lepidolite is a balancing and calming stone that could also be an excellent choice. Crystals for relief of nightmares are often used under the pillow, under the bed, or on a nearby nightstand.

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It could depend on the source/cause of the nightmares. Krya, does your friend engage in spiritual activity?

I often experience nightmares as a result of digestive/bowel disturbance and find the only solution is paying more attention to diet.

Far more difficult to deal with was the frequent occurrence of dreams of personal involvement in violence. It was only when I realised that interpretation of these dreams connected them strongly with conflict on a spiritual level before and during that sleep, that I understood how to avoid the sleep disturbance. I consciously visualise my Protective Pillar of Light (see my today's post Protection of the Soul) and also call on my Guardian Angel (which I do every night anyway) to allow any etheric engagement to be erased from my conscious memory. Thus it is retained, possibly in my subconscious, but surely in my spiritual memory/awareness for future use.
Works pretty darned well for me.
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