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Can the astral body heal the physical body?

lol okay, but one thing is certain, i am not preaching anything here and to start off it was a question that i asked and that i am still asking; I believe it is not unusual or seldom seen that someone gets some kind of different understanding based on others inputs especially when someone is very new to this if you have read my introduction in this forum here pasted [I'm new here and learning so I may i have tones of very stupid questions. Please bear with me.]. Nevertheless, to me it's like in philosophy, one question is answered and that answer leads to another understanding thus to re-question the given answer and so on. And let us remember that i never said it was unnecessary to seek medical help, that was simply not my primary concern.

Back to my concern, but first:[ dear John I wish i could share with with my experience from the astral plane unfortunately i can't for i have no memory of whatever i am doing there. I hear i am very conscious, quite active and doing some interesting things there but the person who is typing right now has no memory of that at all and sometimes i even doubt. I have occasionally had some remote viewing experiences and lucid dreams, some very confusing and others not very interesting to tell the tale. But be assured that the day i will gain the ability to remember what i do in the astral plane i will be more than delighted to share my experiences here but for now i rely on my faculty to reason as a physical human being much like in school.]

So since, the answer to my question seems to prowl around the etheric body, reiki and a healer, then somebody please confirm that chakras are located more on the etheric body than on the astral body because this is the only way it would make more sense to me personally.
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Hello ansd thaks to all of you.

In response to this topic,I would say that HEALING is one the reasons for doing Astral projection because much active healing work is done by Astral Projection, enabling the healer to become closer to the origins of disease, and avoid "blockages" put up by sceptical or worried clients.
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