Can the astral body heal the physical body?

lol okay, but one thing is certain, i am not preaching anything here and to start off it was a question that i asked and that i am still asking; I believe it is not unusual or seldom seen that someone gets some kind of different understanding based on others inputs especially when someone is very new to this if you have read my introduction in this forum here pasted [I'm new here and learning so I may i have tones of very stupid questions. Please bear with me.]. Nevertheless, to me it's like in philosophy, one question is answered and that answer leads to another understanding thus to re-question the given answer and so on. And let us remember that i never said it was unnecessary to seek medical help, that was simply not my primary concern.

Back to my concern, but first:[ dear John I wish i could share with with my experience from the astral plane unfortunately i can't for i have no memory of whatever i am doing there. I hear i am very conscious, quite active and doing some interesting things there but the person who is typing right now has no memory of that at all and sometimes i even doubt. I have occasionally had some remote viewing experiences and lucid dreams, some very confusing and others not very interesting to tell the tale. But be assured that the day i will gain the ability to remember what i do in the astral plane i will be more than delighted to share my experiences here but for now i rely on my faculty to reason as a physical human being much like in school.]

So since, the answer to my question seems to prowl around the etheric body, reiki and a healer, then somebody please confirm that chakras are located more on the etheric body than on the astral body because this is the only way it would make more sense to me personally.
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Hello ansd thaks to all of you.

In response to this topic,I would say that HEALING is one the reasons for doing Astral projection because much active healing work is done by Astral Projection, enabling the healer to become closer to the origins of disease, and avoid "blockages" put up by sceptical or worried clients.
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Healing and Astral Projection Go hand in hand. It is it's core value in Which one is to Remain. The Closer to home the better, Seen a Far Journey Can leave one off Vulnerable to Sabotage and Attack's. Even if it was said; the Inner world Can not be Monitored, Recent Discoveries has shown that i can be and is for the Most. Because of Flawed ideologies and Attempts these Inner Spies Can Clot themselves to you Inner World and cause sabotage. But Who knows if they are Evil or not, is another Question for Another Day. As For Astral Projection, Healing should be the only Factor in its Parameter. Unlike the Journey Taken Which is an elaborate of Dangers. Is Should according to my Understanding kept and held up By; Unless Secure from Monitoring Eyes of Danger. Yet Whereas Chakras are of the Physical Organs, it's Rhythm Can be altered by the Sense of Reiki. With this Elaborate we are Granted the Healing Process Which Happens in our Daily Sleep Processed Faster; Yet a Balance should be Aligned in How Much Sleep and How Much Astral Projection is Compared Seen the Astral Body in Accordance to the Etherial Needs Rest too to Function Throughout the Day in Comparison. It is a Hidden Factor of Opening one's Eye that Is hid from the Casualty of Daily Living, So Not Noticed to Many. The Body Fluctuate between these Planes and hence Requires it's Recharge. So Whether the Night is well Spend in Healing; or the Day is a Question in accordance to one's Personal Diet. I Consider a Well Lived Day and Night is best Suiting for all Participants, as Life is not only in the Night but also in the Day and Vice Versa. The Consideration theirfore is given in Which we Hold the Days and Nights in a more Proper Spectrum so to Align these Subtle Bodies More better; Because this is Where the Setting of Healing begins. Unless These Subtle Bodies Align and Become as One; Healing will Not Start. So Whereas A Breathing Technique is better Spend On Conscious Healing, or Astral Projection, I'll Leave at Each individuals Attainment of Risk. But it's Well Suiting to Know More then Astral Projection Can be Done For Healing then Some Might Think of it. To the Newly Discovered it is a Place of Excitement, But we Watchful; For Some Factor is Always Watching And Seeing Whom Might Fly Around to Capture and Make Enslavement of them of Humanity. Hence was It Forbidden to them who Have the Knowledge of it. Without Regards tho i will not Go into the Motion of it; But Leave it to all at their Devices. In Modern Time's Even that Plane will be So Occupied that Non Can Heal Themselves Unless Remaining at their Place of Home. This Theirfore one should learn all Methodologies Before Attain to one Single One That Is Well Known within the Community as a Play house Haven. For this Reason the Ancient Forbade it. Regardless of that Consent it's Best to Learn and Consider of which Philosophically it is Possible; But in Actually More Dangerous then It Seems. Depended on your Morality it remains a Mystery; So as long as You Attain to Virtue, it should be Granted. Healing Yourself tho is a sure fountain to attract Djinn of Spirits; Who Clog to you. So Watch your Intentions and All should be fine. Don't Fuel to Attract Spirits that would Harm and They will Leave at will. Play on yourself and they wish to play. Be Certain of What you do; for the Will of Man is ever at Trial. Consider the Depth of how a Platform The Humanity reigns. In This You Will Remain Lowly Based. : The Meek Theirfore Shall inherit the Earth.
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