Can we meditate too much?

(01-15-2018, 11:23 AM)admin Wrote: Is it possible to over meditate?

I've come across this question, and I thought to bring it to the group.

Meditation is a state just as waking or sleeping is a state.
Can we sleep too much? Yes. 
Can we stay awake too long? Yes.
Can we meditate too much?

Well, maybe too much of anything becomes a problem in the physical world. But maybe we should remember that there is no such thing as too much in the invisible worlds. Time doesn't work the same in the visible and invisible world. What could seem 5 mins here in the physical world could seem like 10 hours or even an eternity in some regions of the invisible world. 

In this physical world, time is really noticeable as it exhausts the body. A physical body cannot keep working nonestop, but the astral body ( an invisible part of our lower nature) can work nonestop for centuries without showing any sign of fatigue. If you've tried to meditate in the astral world, you could tell that it seems like you could go on for hours without any fatigue. This is because in the astral or mental world, it is not the brain doing the work. See, whenever the physical brain is involved in meditation, fatigue and pain eventually come. So yes if one uses his brain during meditation, then one can over meditate. 

It is possible to drop the brain activities and to continue meditating without it. In this state, you can go one meditating for a long as you want. This type of meditation entitle a good physical position (assana) which will not cause any pain during the long meditation. During such meditation you can tell you are not meditating using your brain, because you can almost sense your consciousness above your head. It is as if you were separated from your body. Sometimes it feels like your body has stretched vertically towards the sky, you feel long. Some people would feel their entire body starting to vibrate.

They are many types of meditations, well, at least that's what we say :Smile . So many ways to connect to the higher self kind of thoughts which are intuitions. We can reach it through silence or through mystic cogitating, or  through visualization. A thinking which doesn't involve ordinary thoughts, meaning down to earth thoughts: food, job, money, earth love... is elevated thoughts. In a past thread I've written a thread to give examples of the different types of elevated thoughts and how each type is more or less close to the causal plane ( the default plane of intuition). Some elevated thoughts, like super abstract thoughts are very close to mind silence, close to intuition, close to the higher nature, and so they link you the higher nature. 

During meditation we sort of leave the physical world to reach the spiritual world; We stay there for while collecting treasures (love and light). In the meantime our brain (and physical body) is healing from the rest. After some time in the spiritual world, we should come back here in the physical world with all the treasures gained, and distribute to the world around us. So no, it is not the best idea to stay in the clouds forever. The physical world needs us to work on it. 

However, comes a time when the brain remains longer in the meditation state even during our daily activities (while working, doing the dishes, waking...), that state where you as the consciousness is at both places at the same time, here and up there in the spiritual world. This is when your brain and mind stop the automatic chat chat, the day dreaming. There is now a consistent silence in the mind and the brain. Then you have more elevated thoughts daily, you think intuitively more often. At this point we may say that you are meditating forever. There is no harm to that because you are not hurting the brain which is now used to that state. 

Please note the continuous meditative state is not something one can just force. You may not just decide to not think no more. Because not only you will have headaches for trying not to think, but also because there is not yet a good connection with the higher nature, you will not be able to resolve the daily problems of everyday life, yes what would you expect since you've decided not to think anymore :Smile
The silent mind or meditative mind state comes naturally with experience. The more you meditate the more you get to that natural state.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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I've just learned a lot from this topic. Thank you all.
I love meditations, though I don't do it regularly and when I do, it's for a very little time like 5mins. So for me the question would be the opposite : Is there such a thing as for meditating too little time?

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