Can we trust astrology? are there scientific evidence?


Look, I know when we check on our horoscope, we feel like the details are talking about our personality. It feels true but is it really true.
Can we 100% take what astrology says. Any scientific reason why we should trust it?

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I am a Leo. My husband is a Libra.
2 signs which should not get along.
We have been together for 41 years.
Seldom have disagreements. I can’t remember any fights. We always talk things tru.
Our neighbors think we’re strange, probably because they argue.
According to astrology we should not get along.
However we both have some of the traits of our signs.

Sometimes astrology works. Sometimes it doesn’t.
I wouldn’t rely on astrology to bet on a horse race.
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(08-29-2019, 10:39 AM)noman Wrote:

Look, I know when we check on our horoscope, we feel like the details are talking about our personality. It feels true but is it really true.
Can we 100% take what astrology says. Any scientific reason why we should trust it?

just me two cents

When you mention Astrology.. are you talking about a person who checks out the horoscope readings in newspapers and on-line site which gives quick general readings about signs OR one who is a real student of the subject and understands the deeper way that Astrology gives clues to energy patterns which may effect us and the world.... and understanding the energy and patterns can give us insights to possible cycles one is going through and deeper choices how to use its influences.    Sometimes just giving us the insight that a Cycle is temporary and will pass.

Because science does not yet really work with the understanding of deeper inner levels of energy,,, it does not have all the answers to me as a signpost.

For those interested in learning energy patterns and how they can affect our life... deeper Astrology can give definite clues at times and be used as a valuable tool for understanding on many different levels.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep ...  People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open.   Don’t go back to sleep ... Rumi
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the interest in astrology as a tool can usually show up in a person's natal chart. not everybody has the same blueprinted patterns they are working with in a life. ( so some people have no interest in it,,, some just the superficial aspects of subject - less so the deeper spiritual understandings of energies and how they manifest)
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep ...  People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open.   Don’t go back to sleep ... Rumi
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"Look, I know when we check on our horoscope, we feel like the details are talking about our personality. It feels true but is it really true.
Can we 100% take what astrology says. Any scientific reason why we should trust it?"

In life there is a matter of Fate and Destiny. The tricksters make us believe fate is destiny. And in all honesty, I do not think the English Language, has the proper words to convey these concepts.

However, fate is the choice you make, as from a free will, and is not fixed. You have the choice to work toward the Fixed destiny, of truth and light, or to work against it. What you choose to do, will carry you to the destination of your actions. But fate can take you to fixed destiny, or un-fixed destiny. Fixed Destiny is the realm, the destination, of truth and light; the place where all are one.

Regardless, if some fool would choose the opposite of Fixed destination, they, individually, and separately, will go the the destination of their fate. Never the less, Everyone else, who choose to work toward the Fixed destination, will see it together, it will still come. Where as darkness is the path to non-existence, light always exists, and this is the fixed nature. Never changing character, but always renewing, versus the dark, who always changes in deceit, never renewing.

People believe that Horoscopes are prophecies, they are not, these are scripts invented by humans, which only affect you, if you choose to act upon them. If you choose the fate someone else allotted you, you will end up there, by manifestation. If you ignore someone's invented script, and act upon your individual Ideas, you will manifest a different destiny entirely, than the Oracle gave you.

It is merely fate, to believe them, and it is not your true destiny. As they say, "Power comes from within", and so it is a personal choice that will bring you there, the words of others can be misleading. If we live life following others, we can be derailed from that power, and we will never truly obtain it.

Yes Astrology (Knowledge of Aster) is relevant to telling time, and by extension, season and understanding the energies pervading and penetrating the earth, from the outside, at any given time. However, if darkness is an illusion, then all those stars are bringing truth, and not suffering. I am saying that Astrology, is highly misinterpreted, and misunderstood.
Idolaters have taught us Soothsaying, and Divination (casting lots), but these practices are the destination of someone else's fate, rather than the fixed destiny. For fixed destiny, is not the result of random, or impulse, or a choice to cast bones. Fixed destiny brings messages through light, and sound, and harmonious vibration. You see the signs and messages of Fixed destiny through Virtue, the words of prophets, and the harmony of the universe.

Chaos, the non-fixed, happens by random, and uncoordinated collision, as this is the very definition of chaos. So why do people watch an Oracle pick up a pile of bones, and upon fate, chooses an impulse of tossing them, and in the random collisions, interpret a prophecy? If darkness is a room where no one can see, and they bump into each other constantly, this is chaos, and chaos is non-fixed, and non-renewable. How can this be a prophecy? Whereas, if you look around you, and you see the choices and actions of the people and the animals, then you look up, and you see the pathway of the stars and the planets, you can see the harmony, and judge the true path in which you must take to embark to the fixed destiny.

Light is a room where everyone can see, and so they avoid collision, and circulate together, this is harmony. When you observe the harmony, you understand what fate you must enact in order to go to the fixed destiny. So by extension, when you observe all creation, you can see when destruction is coming. Is a planet about to enter your own orbit? Are multiple animals fleeing from a direction? The signs are all around us, and we do not need strange randomized methods to see them.

Orbits, are circular, as you know, and Orbits are fixed, ever renewing, like the serpent, swallowing her tail.
If an Orbit breaks, the planet must find a new orbit, or collide, or drift away. The kingdom of light is of course, a fixed orbit, which always renews, yet simultaneously, is the center by which all things orbit.

There were plenty of ancient nations, before the greek oracles ever existed, who used astrology for day to day life. Even the descendant of Aur in Chaldea, Abraham, who gave forth Israel, mapped the skies, and watched the signs. Although, the version which Israel held, was without Divination, or Soothsaying, and consisted of verifiable signs, observed in the harmony of fixed orbits.

Simply, no one needs to worry about or believe Horoscopes, they are made up. True prophecies, given of prophets, will entail a fixed destination, that will exist for all who partake, despite fate. Personal prophecies, are irrelevant, when, your life is specifically up to you, in your free will to decide. Someone can prophecy, you will be an enlightened spirit, in the future, but if you choose to sit around, be lazy, and never pursue it, it will not come to pass. Now, if someone says, if you pick the path of light, you may become an enlightened spirit, this makes sense.

True prophecies, incorporate the destination, that all will arrive to, at a certain time period, based upon everyone's choices, and which season we are in, as we eventually head into the Destiny of light. Light, of course being one of the two influences in people's choices.

I stay strong in my opinions, and I hope this was helpful.
FYI, yes I do believe there is a practical use for Astrology.
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To be honest , I won't recommend anyone to trust astrology 100%. The problem with today's world is , nothing is in it's pure form. The authenticity is questionable most of the time , and it's really very easy to get illusioned by false perceptions received from such reading. And astrology claims to predict the future , but the question is, " is there really a future to be predicted ?" Or the future is something that we can create ? So to put your complete trust in some reading , without correlating it with your inner self , won't fetch must results . I would say , try to learn more about yourself , you won't need to rely on astrology anymore.
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@AnamikaS , the question which rises now is, what to take from astrology then?
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There are 3 astrology I know of.
The one 1 in English
The Chinese
And the Inca and Mayan - both from the middle Americans

I do not know much about the Chinese and Mayan.

I do know I am a Lion, Tiger, and Cougar.

Has anyone else looked at the different astrology s from different countries to see if your sign is same in each interpretation of astrology?
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"@AnamikaS , the question which rises now is, what to take from astrology then?"

Israel used Astrology for prophecy, and season. They could tell which season in human consciousness, they were currently in, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. They could tell which of the great ages, they were currently living, at a specific point in a specific season. Lastly, Each Zodiac sign, had an associated prophecy, given by Yaacub, directly in a dream, from his clan deity, who got the message from Spirit. These prophecies were true, because they are the foreseen results of everyone's actions, based from at that time period, and how they would play out, having a higher perspective from spirit. And, if anyone doubts this claim, many of them have already come to pass.

I would honestly know that Israel had a Zodiac, because, they come straight out of Chaldea, historically speaking. Just as all nations seem to have their own, even Native American tribes! Most of us do not have a cultural understanding of Israel, and this is why we fail to see it.

I found, that even in the Torah, there is mention of the astral signs, where the twelve tribes represent those signs. The 13th tribe, Levi, is of course not counted as inheriting earth, because they inherit the sun. But there is a 13th unused zodiac sign, however Levi was grouped with the Sema'uni (Simianites, later samaritans).

What I am saying is, the clan deity, who spoke the message as a bird, the word of Spirit, gave to Israel, their own, personalized version of it all.
P.s. I have created the Zodiac wheel of Israel, it works, prophecies in it, came to pass, in the time period that the prophecies sit in each zodiac age, meaning, they were aligned correctly. And Gematria is this zodiac's best friend.

You see, there definitely is more than one nation, with their own celestial time clock, some became incomplete over time, others remained in full. You all know about the Mayan calendar correct? Well there are others with this sort of clock too. The Early Semites had a time clock, consisting of the 7 days, 7 years, 49 years, and the celestial ages.

These are the uses of zodiac: real prophecies, aligned to time periods, seasons, of light/warmth, and cold/dark, for people to have an expectation and preparation, for what is to come. For prophecies are supposed to prophecy fixed destinations, in which, all will be there, on earth, at that time, except that, we can all choose on which side of the fence to stand, by the time it comes, as the heroes or villains of the story...
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@Admin ,
In my personal opinion , astrology when accurate , can give an account of the current energy pattern . When a favourable cycle starts , our energies become more positive , which is found to be auspicious to take up new project or start something new . That's why astrology is very important while fixing a date for some ceremony in most of the traditional Indian household . But then there's period when there's rise of negative energy pattern , and if not being careful during this period , things might go downhill . That's where the role of astrological remedies come into play , to counteract the negative energy patterns.
So , if a person is self aware , they can feel these energy patterns without the need of any astrological reading and take action accordingly . otherwise they can go for authentic readings which gives approximate time period of the cycle s to plan their actions to get maximum benefit s .
I am no expert in astrology , neither I have read many books about the process. But I was extremely curious about astrology as a child and thus used to observe astrologers until recently when I concluded that letting someone else to tell me what my future will be is a subtle form of disrespect to myself , so I gave up my curiosity . But I am certain that many people have derived outstanding results from astrological readings , and they can help you to understand better to what to take from astrology. Thank you ?
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