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Chat Center now available

Introducing the Chat Center

We are proud to announce the group Chat Center, a Chat system that will allow all members to get in touch and know eatch other more, make friends, have live discussions and help each other.

The idea behind the chat center is to allow distant members from all over the world, members who cannot take part to the Sunday meetings happening so far in cape town, to meet online on Sunday in the group Chat Center Room (Sunday meeting in the chat dialog window). We are also working on improving the chat center to support video and audio chat, for conferences, or any demonstrations on request.

Members can make appointments between them to meet in the chat center for any reason in relation with the group activities (sharing, helping and even socializing ). We encourage the use of the calendar as well ( found at the top of the website navigation). You can use the calendar to tell if you have something to expose on chat center, so that all the interested members can join you at the time you scheduled.

Where to find that Chat Center and how does it work?
Please note you won’t find it on mobile. But if you are on PC, you can’t miss it, it’s right there, always visible on the right hand bottom side of your computer screen, it’s labeled “<< FriendCenter”. And there are even some social media icons “twitter and Facebook” so you can help the group get popular out there.

[Image: sfxh8z.png]

You can see how many people are logged in (busy or available) from Online.
[Image: 29111jt.png]

If you click on Friends , you can see the list of your friends (if you added them to the list).

Whenever someone write to you through the chat center, you get an alert computer sound, and a notice of new messages shows on the bar. For example "Check messages(1 new) ", click on it to text back instantly.
[Image: 1zzrxax.png]

Filnally when you click on 'Open ChatCenter', You get a full dialog window with more options, from there, you should be able to change or select a room to chat with members talking about a specific subjects.
[Image: cup9g.png]

We hope that you will enjoy the new feature, and that it will ease the communication between members.


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Or anyone can add me on skype:
my searchable handle is Wink
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Thank you saint_john.
I'll be first to add you to my skype Smile .
And just to make sure you are aware of spammers visiting the forum (they love forums Big Grin ), who might use your skype details to spam you with all sorts of undesirable things.
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
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