Good afternoon!

I'm not sure what has been going on lately but for the last week or so, I keep seeing things. I don't mean just out of my peripheral vision, but head on for a split second. The first instance This week, I was walking into the kitchen to grab a drink and saw something black and white scurry around me. It was dark and at night so I knew it was one of my cats. I cut the light on, grabbed my drink and then looked on the side of the fridge where my fur baby loves to lay a lot but nothing was there. Neither of them were anywhere in the kitchen. I shook it off and went on with my evening.

The second occurrence was more of a shock to me though. This was a few days later and again it was in the evening. I was studying and taking notes with the television on when something started nagging at me. I just felt like I needed to look into the hallway (the hallway is always dark, even during the day because there's no overhead light) and I did. I saw a woman but once I blinked she was gone. It wasn't long enough for me to see who she was, I only know it was a woman. But it was like she was in full on color, not a shadow. It left my heart racing for a while.

There have been a few other occasions where this is happened but it's left me wondering if I am just losing my mind or if this is really something. Not to mention that often  I get the feeling that  someone is watching me. Has anyone had any experiences like this? In one of my Facebook groups someone had a similar situation  and others thought it was a clairvoyant experience, so I thought I'd ask on MSG.