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Coming to terms with spirituality

This is my first time on this form. I began looking and believing in more spiritual ways about 4 years ago. I read the secret after a bad breakup and it spoke to me. I have attracted a lot of good into my life and I am so happy for this. I want to find more ways to feel more connected with myself and learn more about how to be more spiritual in my day to day life and less stressed.
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Live your life with the purpose of joy in everything you do.  That is why you come here.  Trust your intuition and understand that you came into this incarnation for you, not for anyone else.  There is no are a soul first and always.  Love that you are this incredible divine spiritual being and you will live this life spiritually.  Spirituality is not complicated.
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Sounds like you're on your path! Love yourself, accept all things in this experience. Learn to look at emotions from your infinite being not your emotion. Angry? Look at anger, usually comes from loss. What did you lose? So I lost my friend, I accept the loss realizing they had a purpose in my life but are gone. Stressed? What is stressing me? Some bills? Well I don't have the money so I can't change that. But I am thankful for what I have. Life, flowers, butterflies, nature, there's beauty in everything. Look at the beauty not the ugly. Focus your intention of love to those who treat you poorly realizing you don't know what their spiritual evolution is. Let go of judgement. Meditate everyday if you can.

There are 2 main energies. High vibration which brings love and releases you and low energy which controls, manipulates, and forces you to fulfill the ego. Harness your energy and protect it with your life. Where you can, avoid low energy. Follow your inner spirit guide and trust it always even if it puts you in uncomfortable situations. Only you know what's best for you! Peace and love!
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Welcome Koolkate Heart
Cool name!

When stressed, I find a quiet place to sit down and breathe deep as I think of things I love. 

Welcome to our group  Smile
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Life is a journey, it is both a physical and a spiritual journey, the physical one is easy to see, cradle to the grave, sunrise to sunset, but for many the spiritual journey is totally unknown. It is a mystery for us all, but some don’t even know it is happening. There is a Chinese story by Wu Cheng’en, Journey to the West, it was turned into a Japanese TV series called Monkey, and is a story which is both literal and allegorical, it tells the story of the journey of a monk, Tripitaka, who journeyed from China to India to fetch some religious scrolls. Tripitakas journey is a historical fact, Tripitaka was an actual person, but the story also alludes to the fabulous spiritual journey of spiritual transformation from imperfection to perfection, or Nirvana. It illustrates how the base mortal desires must be overcome and the ego destroyed in order for the spiritual light to shine, and so eventually all obstacles will be overcome. All growth must start from within, a seed must be planted in soil in order for it to grow to maturity, and so it is with our growth, it must start from within us, we must want it to happen, and so like the seeds in the ground we must nurture it, and protect it from contamination by negativity, disinterest or neglect.
Unfortunately, most people don’t look at their life with any sense of depth unless something goes wrong. It doesn’t have to be a major disaster, but life can turn miserable if just a few relatively minor things go wrong.
 Does it really matter in the great scheme of things if you don’t have a clean shirt, or if the puppy has made a mess in the hall, or if you’ve run out of sugar and the shop is shut. So you’ve crashed the car, is anyone hurt? If we look at the problems of others we will soon see how trivial our own problems can be. My father used to say, ‘over the road they suffer just the same, and next door twice as bad’.
Life is uncertain. We can all have a million doubts. “Will I become rich or not? Will I become educated or not? Will I become enlightened or not?” 
So, why sit on uncertainty instead of certainty? A spiritual process begins only when you start becoming aware of your self. You don’t become spiritual because you think of God or go to church. You become spiritually aware when you become self aware, and aware of the things that are important to the self, that is not necessarily the same as saying the things that are important to me, because the me lives in a purely physical world, and the self lives in a spiritual world, the two are together, connected, symbiotic, but the self existed before the me, and will live long after this me has gone.

Let spirit approach you! It may be nothing or everything.
It is nothing, if you meet it in the frame of mind in which you confront everyday things, and judge it only on a physical basis.
It is everything, if you are prepared, and attuned to it, and realise the enormity of the moment, and meet it with your spirit to communicate on a mutual level. What it is in itself doesn’t matter, what matters is whether it leaves you as you were or makes a difference to you. But this depends solely on you. Whether you receive that which is brought to you depends upon the reception you prepare for it.
Imagine a conversation with an embryo.
You might say, "The world outside is vast and amazing,
There are fields and mountains, trees, rivers,
and orchards full of fruit.
At night there are millions of stars, and in the day there is the sun
and children dancing and playing
You ask the embryo why he stays cooped up
in the dark with his eyes closed.

.................................Listen to the answer.

There is no "other world," as you say,
all I know is what I've experienced.
You must be dreaming." I’m happy and content where I am.

In many respects we are like embryos, only knowing that which we have experienced through our five senses, living in a dark restrictive physical world, but it is a familiar world and its familiarity gives us comfort, we may not be entirely happy but we are content in our ignorance, and unwilling to leave the womb and face the uncertainties of the greater world, but like it or not we are children of both worlds, we are both physical and spirit, many people chose to deny this, boy will they have a shock when they leave the physical plane.
In the words of the pagan, we have an earth mother and a star father.
We are told in Genesis that we are created in the image of our creator, if we look about us we see that physically we are all different, tall, short, black, white, so where is this image of our creator, it is our eternal spirit, we are all part of the Creator Spirit many call God, and so we are essentially spirit, and God like.
Tehard de Chardin said, we are not human beings in search of a spiritual experience we are spirit beings immersed in a human existence.
When we accept this we can look inwards to our self and begin our journey of discovery, when we discover our self, and understand our self and our being, then we can start to move on towards enlightenment, happiness and ultimately spiritual fulfilment.  Become a seeker, don’t just accept, question. Admit you don’t know, then you can really start your journey of discovery. Remember it doesn’t matter which path you choose to follow it is the journey that is the important part. Enjoy it, follow the star, join in the dance, don’t worry about the destination, just enjoy the journey.

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