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Communication with loved ones on the other side

Actually this first experience was between sleep and awake.

 First I saw daddy in a coffin then out, then in, floating past my bed.

The phone rang saying Daddy had a stroke, which nearly killed him.

Three months later daddy was in the hospital again...

I found myself on a white floor with a rectangle white platform in the middle. A white sheet covered up a body. As I looked at the sheet, my Daddy sat up, I recognized him when the sheet fell off his head.
"Sorry kid, I got to go. They made a mistake. See you later.''
At that moment the phone rang, it was the hospital asking me to come immediately.
My aunt and I drove to the hospital, my mother was already there.
I knew my daddy had transitioned, and had come to me to let me know.
My mother wanted to know what had happened, had an autopsies performed, which found a mistake had been made causing a blood clot to hit his brain stem.
I haven't had any more visits from daddy, which leads me to believe I will see him when I transition.

13 years later my Mother transitioned. About 5 or 7 years later, again between sleep and awake, I found myself in a tunnel, probably THE TUNNEL.
As I walked I saw a light ahead. In the light was a couch with two chairs on the side. I sat down in the empty chair facing my mother in the other chair. My two aunts, mother's sisters, sat on the couch. We had a great visit, most of which I forgot.
I said ''But mother, you died.''
Lifting an arm she waved her hand down and said, 'oh I keep forgetting about that.'' she was actually laughing.
I woke up.
I have visited mother and my aunts twice since then. All are now on the other side.

IMHO death is nothing more than a homecoming to our real home in Spirit.
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Hi Skytiger.

I find your post, beautiful, reassuring, confirmatory, oh, and other things I find difficult to verbalise,

May I ask, please for an explanation of your TUNNEL?
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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The Tunnel connects the material... the world we experience to put into action what we learn in Spirit..., and the Spiritual, our true home we come from and always return to after each material lifetime.

It's sort like a hallway or path that connects rooms or houses aka one home to another.  

I actually remember my Guide taking me to the entrance on the spiritual side which I entered right before I was born.
The tunnel has many connections to the material, but only one to the Spiritual.

I'm also being told that each level of 'of spiritual knowledge' has its own path connecting the material to the Spiritual.

IMHO Earth is one of an uncountable number of 'labs' we come to experience and put into action what we learn in Spirit.

Hope this helps MoonBear.
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So, confirmatory again, and that's good.
Not exactly on the line of your thread, but so closely related that I feel it right to relate the following experience.

Some 12 to 15 years ago Joyce and I had a property on the Costa del Sol, the Mediterranean coast of Spain, where we ran a spiritual centre. Among the people operating various branches of healing, there was a doctor of Macrobiotic Medicine. He was first or second generation, black West African/American, I shall call him G, and he travelled quite widely in the West practising his vocation. I recall we had a resident Norwegian lady patient (N) who was in the  advanced stages of terminal cancer, and G was treating her with his Macrobiotics skills.  Came the day when G said to me that N was not going to make it through and it was time to prepare her for her impending departure from this plane. He then asked me if I would assist him in taking N to, and possibly through, the tunnel to the Light. I quickly told him I had no experience of such a thing, but he simply said, "You will know what to do."  He also explained that, in his culture, he was called a Death Walker and he did have previous experience. Reassured I agreed to sit with him and with N as he appeared to go into a light trance state, during which he spoke quietly to N, explaining and describing as we approached the tunnel entrance. I can only believe I also was in an altered state of consciousness, as I experienced everything he described, even to entering the tunnel and there being other, somewhat shadowy, figures within the tunnel, MOVING IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. I DID SEE THE LIGHT AT THE FAR END OF THAT TUNNEL. I have no recollection of the duration of this episode, only that when G brought us back to the room, N was still with us, though obviously still very ill. I had no further contact with N but I recall she transitioned within a day or two. 
I hardly need say that this experience had a profound effect on my own attitude and the prospect of death bothers me not one iota.
I make no apology for inserting this here as well as in my limericks thread.

I don’t regard death with great sorrow

More time on this earth I’ll not borrow
I’m not really averse
To a ride in a hearse
Don’t mind if I pop off tomorrow

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I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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I have to add this about my Aunt Margaret who lived too 103.
Aunt Margaret was a very devout Baptist with a great love of God. However her view of God was a being who threw 'unbelieving non Christian people into a horrible pit of everlasting fire. Something we argued about over the years. She knew I was 'saved' as I had been baptized in my teens, even tho I believed hell was a man made idea made to control others with fear. She never quite believed in a Creator with unconditional love for everyone and everything regardless of religion or lack of religion.

I found myself walking in a beautiful place with old style hospital like buildings. I walked into one, went up the stairs to find my Aunt Margaret as she was in the prime of her life. Tickled to be together we hugged and kissed each other. Then we walked outside among the trees. Don't remember all of our conservation, but I remember Aunt Margaret stopping, turning to put her hands on my shoulders as she looked deeply at me and said.

"You were right all along. God loves all unconditionally and there is no hell.''

I wouldn't doubt Aunt Margaret coming back to spread the word about Unconditional Love, such is her love for God.
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