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Consciousness after death

Here is scientific evidence that consciousness continues after death:

Researchers conducting the largest ever study into near-death experiences have discovered that awareness may continue even after the brain has shut down, revealing more about what happens when we die.
Scientists at the University of Southampton studied more than 2,000 people who suffered cardiac arrests at 15 hospitals across Britain, Austria and the United States.
Around 40% of patients who survived described "awareness" during the time before their hearts were restarted, when they were clinically dead.
One 57-year-old man, a social worker from Southampton, described the noise of the machines and what the medical staff were doing during this time.
Dr Sam Parnia, who led the study, told the Daily Telegraph: "We know the brain can't function when the heart has stopped beating. But in this case, conscious awareness appears to have continued for up to three minutes into the period when the heart wasn't beating, even though the brain typically shuts down within 20 to 30 seconds after the heart has stopped."
"The man described everything that had happened in the room, but importantly, he heard two bleeps from a machine that makes a noise at three minute intervals. So we could time how long the experience lasted for," he added.
"He seemed very credible and everything that he said had happened to him had actually happened."
For the study, the scientists examined 2,060 cardiac arrest patients. Of the 330 that survived, 140 said they had experienced some kind of awareness while being resuscitated.
One in five said they felt a sense of peacefulness. Some said they saw a bright light and felt time had sped up or slowed down, while others described the feeling as drowning or being submerged in deep water.
Parnia suggested more people may have similar experiences when close to death, but medication used in resuscitation may prevent them from remembering.
"Estimates have suggested that millions of people have had vivid experiences in relation to death but the scientific evidence has been ambiguous at best. Many people have assumed that these were hallucinations or illusions but they do seem to have corresponded to actual events."
"And a higher proportion of people may have vivid death experiences, but do not recall them due to the effects of brain injury or sedative drugs on memory circuits," Parnia said, adding that further research was needed.
Parnia is the principal investigator of the Aware study (Awareness during Resuscitation), which was launched in 2008 to examine near-death experiences during cardiac arrest with methods aimed at measuring the quality of oxygen delivered to the brain.
"When you think about it, most people out there think of death as a moment, you're either dead or you're not," Parnia told US news programme Today in 2009. "But what we've found is there is no moment of death; it begins when your heart stops, and it goes on for a period of time."
The research was published in the journal Resuscitation.
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IMO we are more alive when we are in the spirit world, which I consider the real world, than we are in the material world,
My cousin has a NDE and remembers the light and unconditional love. I remember the same thing from before I was born into my current lifetime.
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(10-08-2016, 10:31 PM)Skytiger Wrote: IMO we are more alive when we are in the spirit world, which I consider the real world, than we are in the material world,
My cousin has a NDE and remembers the light and unconditional love. I remember the same thing from before I was born into my current lifetime.

Greetings chadnachev and Skytiger,

Another reality everyone would like to know more about and some think we can only find out more about if we had a near-death experience or actually die. That isn't quite true, we can become more aware of it if we choose to practice certain methods of leaving the body or we can become consciously aware of our dreams. We actually leave the body while we are sleeping; we don't remember is partially because of our beliefs. Our beliefs create our reality and energy follows thought... Our last thought hasn't gone - it's coming. If we feel poorly of self, we will attract someone into our life who will help us feel poorly of self. The attraction coming is for us to see within ourselves that we are feeling poorly because we sent that energy out.

However, we are talking about consciousness after death. Energy is energy and that is what keeps us alive and consciousness is what and how we direct our souls learning and experiences. We learn through our experiences and it is our conscious beliefs that attract those experiences in order for us to learn. Now the lessons we have chosen to learn in each incarnation, aren't consciously known, otherwise we might not want to go through the experience. Decisions have been made before we chose to incarnate, decisions like who will be our family members, friends and what culture certain lessons would better assist in our learning.

Death doesn't change one's consciousness as it is the energy that has left the physical body; only the dimensions has changed where our our thoughts create our reality faster (instantly.) A person that has died and thinks of their loved ones will find themselves within their presence; only to find they cannot be seem by them or communicate with them. If they have frozen to death, they may seek an area/place where they can get warm. I'd like to expand a little on this... someone that has committed a crime against a soul that has died through the crime committed the dead soul may seek retribution and want to get even; therefor he/she may remain and not fully cross-over. There are many reasons for them not moving on.

My wife Diana and I have spent our 25 years together helping souls cross-over and in the process we have communicated with them and the information I have given comes from personal experience. I know these experiences aren't acceptable to most people we understand and at some time I'd like to post some of the communication sessions for anyone wishing to hear what was said and what went on... then you can draw you own conclusions.
"People may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel."
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Consciousness carries on after we die, and there are many reasons why some souls/entities remain and not progress on into the 'Light' and on of the reasons is being stuck with revenge...

The drawback with being receptive of those energies on the other side of the physical realm is the receiving of their energies in a dramatic way, physically and emotionally. Sometimes a conversation has to go on for awhile, to take the attention off their initial purpose they came with and to establish a communication that helps to change their perception, as to why they are really here (in our session that we were about to do.) We either help them before or after a session/even a meditation. Time is irrelevant to them, and so is our space and time. We know they are there for a reason.
Diana and I feel that they are still part of the Oneness and require assistance and an understanding of their previous life’s experiences, letting them come to their own conclusions, mind you their ‘Higher-self’ and their ‘Guides’ assist, and without their help we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we do. We thank them all and extend our blessing to them.
Dk: Derek Di: Diana
Just about the time Diana and I were getting comfortably into a meditation, Diana received an ache behind her eyes and felt something in her ribs, on the right hand side.
Di: It’s like someone is holding something against my ribs... it’s like a barrel of a gun!
Dk: If that feeling had a name, what would it be?
Di: I’m just hearing, “no way, Josie!”
Dk: Why do you say that?
Di: I’ll blast the s### out of her!
Dk: Why would you want to do that?
Di: She’s getting in the way!
Dk: How is she getting in the way?

Di: Thoughts... She wants to cast us out! She knows we shouldn’t be here. But, I feel we should be here!
Dk: You are right, you should be here.
Di: Huhhh! That’s a different response than I was expected.
Dk: You’re here for a specific reason.
Di: Yeh! To blast her away!
Dk: No, that’s not the reason your here. Tell me, what brought you here in the first place?
Di: She was playing about with ‘Light.’
Dk: What is wrong with doing that?
Di: It’s not perfect you know!
Dk: Is there anything on this planet perfect?
Di: I guess not.

Dk: We are all imperfect in some way and we’re all here to help one another. That’s why you are here now.
Di: “laughter... ha... ha...” I don’t want to help you! How can I be helping you?
Dk: You are helping understand why you were attracted here. What brought you here?
Di: The ‘light brought me here.’
Dk: We don’t play with it, we establish it.
Di: It’s like playing with kids toys. But you don’t know what we’re capable of!
Dk: This is true.
Di: She can feel this pain now, can’t she?
Dk: Yes, and you feel the pain also, don’t you?
Di: No, I’m the one inflicting the pain. How can I feel it? I don’t understand what you mean.

Dk: Did you not receive that pain when you died?
Di: You mean when I got shot in the back?
Dk: Isn’t what you are doing at this moment similar do your death scenario?
Di: I suppose you could say that, but I didn’t realize that.
Dk: That pain Diana is receiving at this moment is from you, she perceives the pain that is within you and that is how she knows you are there. This way we can help you.
Di: Huhhhh!
Dk: Have you been able to communicate with anyone else in the physical?
Di: There are others, kids particularly.

Dk: You may have felt that you came here because you saw the light but I think you were inspired to come here by the guardian that watches over you.
Di: I don’t need inspiration from anyone, I do what I want and that is good enough for me.
Dk: In your understanding it is good enough, while you were alive. Then you were acting on your freewill and you made your own choices. When you passed over you were to carry on into the light that came for you. Why didn’t you?
Di: Huhh! What was I supposed to carry on too?
Dk: Didn’t you see the light?
Di: I thought it was the flash of a gun.
Dk: Do you remember the year you died?
Di: 1938.
Dk: Do you know what year it is now?
Di: No.
Dk: 1999.
Di: That’s impossible.

Dk: Haven’t you noticed the differences in the type of airplanes and automobiles?
Di: Well, they are different... but, they are still airplanes and automobiles airplanes and automobiles.
Dk: Yes but didn’t you notice the differences as you grew older?
Di: Hell’s Bells! I’m not that old!
Dk: You are the same age you were when you died.
Di: Yah, 29!
Dk: 29 in 1938, how old should you be now in 1999?
Di: Holy S###! 69 or something.
Dk: I‘m only saying this to let you understand that it is your thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck. You are exactly the same age as when you died and you are dealing with that feeling with the gun in your side.
Di: Revenge!
Dk: That is probably the main reason keeping you stuck.
Di: I wanted to get revenge.

Dk: Do you know that the person who shot you probably did you a favor? Di: (laughter...) Why?
Dk: He released you from the physical. You never really died did you?
Di: Well, he took me out of... He was jealous; he took me out of a very nice, comfortable living.
Dk: How did your living?
Di: I didn’t make a living. I was taken care of. I had a man that took care of me. You could say I was his mistress. I had it good, but he thought I was fooling around with someone else... (long pause...) he got his partner to...
Dk: Take care of you... in a different way!
Di: Yeh! In a very different way.
Dk: Do you now understand that all these thoughts and emotions are keeping you stuck? Do you recall me mentioning that you had a guardian watching over you?
Di: They didn’t do a very good job, did they? (laughter...)

Dk: Yes they did. I’m going to ask your guardian for assistance, to let you know if it was your time to leave the physical experience at that particular time.
Di: Yes! Give or take a week or two.
Dk: Everything happens exactly as it should.
Di: You mean I was supposed to be shot.
Dk: You could have left the physical in many ways.
Di: I suppose this way was quick, A car accident could of left me crippled for a while.
Dk: That’s true. You chose something to learn in this life’s experience and I’m going to ask your guardian to let you know what it is... (Immediately the response came)

Dk: Where are these responses coming from, that you seem to automatically know?
Di: I don’t know, just before you finished saying it, it’s just like I knew. So, all this time I have been not forgiving and just wanting revenge. Wanting someone else to pay for it, whomever I could get to pay for it.
Dk: You were learning the lesson on forgiveness. With this new perspective on your life, who do you feel about yourself?
Di: Ooh! I need someone to forgive me!
Dk: Who do you think that should be?
Di: I don’t know, some say it’s God who is supposed to forgive you.
Dk: I’m going to ask your guardian, to let you know who is it that you are to forgive (pause...)
Di: The lower aspect of me.
Dk: Who would that be?
Di: Me!

Dk: That guardian is a higher aspect of you.
Di: There is a higher aspect of me, that’s pretty neat, isn’t it? It’s like black and white merging together.
Dk: That is a beautiful description. How do you feel about yourself now?
Di: Not as angry.
Dk: Have you forgiven yourself?
Di: I think I have, but do you know what the strangest thing of all is is? My back doesn’t hurt anymore, there is no gun there.
Dk: Once your perception is changed, those conditions dissolve themselves, the energy that was keeping them there, was your thoughts.
Di: Meaning my thinking about what happened? It’s like I don’t have to be concerned about anybody else, what anyone else did. I only have to be concerned about me, what I did and even that doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter, it’s not important!
Dk: What about the person that had you shot, how do you feel about him?
Di: I forgive him. It was his own anger at himself, thinking the way he did. It will haunt him always. Not only that; he was very much in control.

Dk: I wonder what lesson he might have been learning through this experience.
Di: Trust... maybe patience!
Dk: You both were helping each other out with the lessons you chose.
Di: Yeah, it does look like that, doesn’t it?
Dk: Are you ready to go on now?
Di: Yes, I am. Can I ask you something first? He was about 20 years older, so, that would mean he’s probably not alive either. Where will he be?
Dk: Would you like to take him with you?
Di: It seems like we were meant to help one another, doesn’t it?
Dk: You can still help him, if you wish.
Di: I’d like to help him.

Dk: OK, call out his name; I feel that as he was responsible for your death, he probably isn’t too far away. The sound of your voice and his name should attract him here.
Di: “DOMETRIAL.”I can only see half of him, it’s like he doesn’t want to show himself, like he doesn’t feel...
Dk: Tell him that you forgive him and ask him to join you.
Di: “I forgive you Dometrial... he’s got tears rolling down his face!”
Dk: Tell him it’s OK, it was an experience we both chose to learn from.
Di: He has to learn to forgive himself and to forgive me for what he thought I might have done, which I didn’t!
Dk: You are still able to help one another.
Di: Yeah, I want to go, I want to go on. It is OK if he doesn’t want to go on yet, I just want to offer him my hand and ask if he wants to come with me.

Dk: I’m going to ask for assistance to bring the column of ‘white light’ here for you now, to take you both, if you wish.
Di: It doesn’t seem to be as bright as it should, why is that?
Dk: You should know, there is some reason as to why it isn’t so bright... Di: Perhaps, I don’t feel quite worthy yet.
Dk: The closer you get, you will begin to find your worthiness getting stronger.
Di: Yeah, the light is getting brighter. Can we have some help to get in there?
Dk: I’m asking for that help now.
Di: “Thank You... God Bless You.”
"People may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel."
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Choosing a Physical Condition... to improve spiritually.

Just before retiring for the evening, Diana
became aware of the way she was walking recently; it reminded her of a friend of ours, who was afflicted with cerebral palsy and immediately at that point her name popped into Diana's mind. Diana reasoned that she have just passed over as was here, making her presence felt. As so years had passed since she severed her friendship with us; we questioned why her name just popped up and Diana sensing/having mobility problems now. As we have become used to expect the unexpected, we decided to wait until the next morning when it would be safer and more appropriate to attempt any sort of communication with the other-side; being a bit tired and feeling out-of-sorts physically wasn’t an option.

The next morning, prior to starting the session Diana reminded me why (our friend) had cut off the relationshipapparently I was probably too hard on her at the time and/or she wasn't ready to accept someone Else's perspective. I started the session with reminding Diana what was saying the night before and she remarked - "Good gracious, she's with me", she's with me or an aspect of her that is. And as I say that I'm getting a discomfort in the right side... near the belly button. It's a type of discomfort that you would associate with appendicitis or something of that nature; in that area. Something was gnawing at her, and at that point I came back with the question, "If that gnawing feeling could talk what would it say?" And immediately Diana remarked with, "I'm still angry, I'm still mad at you! And Diana was right in telling you because I am, I still am and you both were mad at me because I was using you; even though I didn't realize it at the time, that I was using you. And you were trying to help me, but I didn't want help."

Dk: You wanted to experience life in your own way, to be in charge of your life and any decisions that you make.
Di: Exactly, everybody is trying to take charge of what they feel they should do and I was doing what was best for me.
Dk: But you did what was best for you.
Di: I did?
Dk: You took charge of your life. Didn't you?
Di: Yes! And as you said that things lighten up a bit
she hadn't realized she'd been in charge all the time.

Dk: Everybody that you thought was trying to control you, through their actions, were reflecting something back to you to show an aspect of yourself; that you are doing the same thing.
Di: Yes, she just realized that everybody manipulates everybody else and how they behave towards them, because in every interaction there is an expected reaction and if it doesn't go the way we anticipate or expect, we get pissed off.
Dk: That's probably because we don't win sometimes.
Di: Well, we want people to see what we are trying to say and as we know what we are saying, they put their own interpretation on what they think was said. They can only understand from their perspective. They can't understand from my perspective or where I'm coming from. Only what they think my perspective is and where I'm coming from. But, even that, is the same with everybody. We're all doing exactly the same thing.

Dk: We are all choosing certain challenges to go through and we might not know the reason why on a physical level.

Di: She knows that, she knows that she's has chosen a very difficult scenario through her physical condition because she was wanting to improve on another level spiritually, from the one that she was that. She needed something as difficult as cerebral palsy in order to take her through to the next level and she understands that now. And you tried to explain that to her but she wasn't ready to hear it.
Dk: Everything happened exactly the way it should and when it should.
Di: Exactly, but you see, if people aren't ready to hear that, they haven't reached that level of awakening as you would call it. Then they would see it as you are being
difficult or lofty thinking that you know more, or you think you've got some sort of secret that other people haven't got.

Dk: But, they do have it too. We all have it.
Di: Yeah. That's true. You see when you're living in the physical you don't see that and appreciate it.
Dk: So, how do you feel about yourself now?
Di: Well, I feel I've failed miserably in some aspects because I was very bitter. Very bitter and angry and hurt because people
didn't understand me and you didn't understand me and I didn't understand me.
Dk: We all have to go through our lessons at the level of awareness we are at the time we are all going through them. And when our level of awareness is raised, are vibrations change, our understan
ding changes and really get to look at people in a different way we look at ourselves in a different way too.
Di: Right. Diana
(in her own words) you asked her to look in the mirror once before and she said that she was doing it but, she really wasn't, she wasn't doing it because she was scared of what she might see.

Dk: When we are ready to see ourselves, we will open that door.
Di: She's ready to do it now.
Dk: I asked
(our friend) to place a mirror in front of her and to take close look at what's reflected back.
Di: Hummm, Wow! She can't see anything because the light's to bright.
Dk: There is a feeling coming with that bright light too.
Di: Oh yeah! A sense of expansiveness. Absolute immensity! She didn't realize exactly how big her spirit was but she can feel it now and it's like we belong to a big universe of spirit were part of it and everyone is part of it.
Dk: Are you still angry with me?
Di: No.

Dk: Are you still angry with yourself?
Di: I don't think so.
Dk: You had a small frame
(body) but that frame came with a very strong personality.

Di: I would get my own way. But, you saw something within me that other people
didn't see and I do appreciate that. I had forgotten about that. Thank you for reminding me. I have made my presence felt and I have been trying to ask for help.
Dk: Well, you knew where to come.
Di: Oh, Yeah!
Dk: We miss you, you know?
Di: I know, but I was so hurt and so angry
I shut you write out and I didn't want to read Diana's book, even though I wouldn't have read it; even if you had sent it to me. And you knew that. I want to go on and explore now...

Dk: Okay. I'm going ask the Beings Light to bring down a column light for you and I'm going to ask for a very special person to be in that light to greet you and to assist you and I asking that that light to be here at the count of 3
One... Two... Three…
Di: Hummm, Wow! So he does exist!

This point our friend willingly crossed over.
"People may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel."
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