Contact with gods or entities

Contact with Gods or Entities

When you pray sincerely, your state of being caused by the respect and love alerts many invisible beings to listen. The words and emotions you emanate during prayer puts you in contact with a specific type of entity or invisible being of nature. There exist many types of entities from the dumbest to the most wise and spiritual of them. I include in that list what is commonly called angels and demons as entities as well. As living creatures they each have names which alerts them. Unlike how name are giving to humans here in the physical world, entity names each mean something, they describe their nature and have a mystic weight on them. In the sense that when you say those names, you are not only alerting the entity but you are also being affected by the power that name holds. And what is not always taken into consideration by people is that names are attached to certain physical gestures which ancient estorics knew and used during their rituals. That is not all, those entity names are also attached to geometric signs. Which means that someone can be alerting a specific entity by simply drawing a particular sign in his mind, on the floor or in the air. Finally, citing a praying or invocation which describe the entity functions, the entity work, will also draw the entity's attention.

Many religious people address their prayer in the void when they pray. This is when they say things like "God, please help me, I'm broke, I need some cash" Smile . This word "God" when pronounced, doesn't necessarily mean the "Absolute God". Anyway, there is no difference between "God" and "god" when you pronounce it, is there? Smile . Even people who pray the evil forces call their deities "god". Sorry if I have to disappoint some of you, but this is what it is. The truth is among angels there are gods too. Yes angels don't directly report to the supreme God like religious people might think. They report to more evolve beings higher in the hierarchy than them, and those higher creatures are gods to them, real representation of God, accessible to them. But you will still hear people say it "God talked to me, God came to me". To think that a human who is below the hierarchy can directly talk to the supreme God is the perfect madness to me :Smile  Of course we can talk to God, but this conversation is never direct, but throw its representations. In the physical plane for example, the sun is the representation of God for planets in the solar system. In the human being, the higher self is representation of God. 

In remote ancient Egypt for instance, the sun was believed to the representation of God for humans, so they called it the sun of God. The Egyptians studied the sun and draw lots of stories on walls about it but personalized in the image of Horus who is said to have had 12 disciples and who lost strength and died every year around the month of September  November and December.  From Horus was based the whole zodiac where the 12 disciples were in fact the 12 constellation in the sky. I know this reminds the story of Master Jesus. Anyway... so a god was firstly believed to be a representation of the supreme God we can't directly talk to. If while you are praying you say "God" but have a reverse pentagram on the flow in front of you, then your prayer is directed to some powerful evil entity. If however you think of God as a something like the supreme light then your prayer is directed to super higher spiritual beings who represent the supreme God. It is simple! 

[Image: horus.jpg][Image: horus12-550.jpg]

There is an esoteric tradition which tell that during the early creation of the world. Lucifer the brightest entity in the spiritual world. He was basically a representation of god among many other gods like Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. They were all inspired to build the lower worlds including our world. In order to do so, they had to come down to it, they accepted to be limited by the laws of the matter in order to use that matter to form planets and beings. The science they used is today called Magic. Elements were gathered, complex forces, energies were put together to try and mimic the life of the God in the lower worlds. They (those Elohim = those gods) said : "Let us make mankind in our image".

After they set the foundation and the new kingdom of God which kabbala calls the "Yeosod" and "Malkut", they were now supposed to go back in the higher worlds. Lucifer the leader of them got used to the glory he got from the lower worlds beings, so he thought they should not go back in the higher worlds. Then stood among them Michael to protest as he didn't agree. Regardless of the high rank of Lucifer,  Michael had the courage to say to Lucifer "Who is like God", that the tradition says from where came his name "Michael" = "Who is like God".

In Hebrew, the word god is "El", and you will notice that the kabbalah gives many names to God. This is so you are more descriptive  and so you may alert the right entity. You have lots of "El" 's Gabri-EL , Micha - EL, Rapha- EL .... Whether you say Michael or "Who is like God" or angel of Fire or draw the fire sign, you are alerting the same entity, or some entities related to Michael like the "salamanders". 

[Image: a651e091f5dc.jpg]

Each of those gods left traces behind in our physical world. Each of those gods has a celestial body which represents them. Like each planet in the space carries a particular force of one of those gods. Mercury for example  spits the energies of Raphael. Th sun throws out the energies of Michael... And most interestingly, Venus is called the "Morning star" in occult, while it is also clear that Lucifer is also known as the "Morning star" in christian texts. Venus is very hot planet, the hottest of all planet in the solar system after the sun. And it appears to be a very bright star in the sky which scientist has confirmed to still be visible even at dawn when the sun rises.  So it was called morning star because it mimics the sun. This present force of Venus behaves the same wherever it is found, even within a human being, there's that thing which always that pride which makes  us think we are equal to God when we start to shine .

It is safe to know the names, the geometric sign, the gestures or at least the description of what you call to be sure your prayer is going to who you want. If you know nothing, then my advice is you at least do some sorts of purification prio the call. Try to be in a positive state, chant first, or at least smile a little Smile before the prayer. That should set you in the right emotional state which connects you to the positive entities. Then after when you say God, your message can be received by the positive creatures. The usual  thing most spiritualist do to link themselves to the spiritual world before making their demands, is to first spend some time imagining lights of colors, or just plain light around them, then starts the prayer. What I'm saying should give you an idea of what happens when someone who is angry against someone else immediately prays god. In such a state of anger, the person is obviously connected to negative entities. 

[Image: Meditation-in-the-light.jpg]

Another thing to know is that evil entities don't help in cases of danger or crisis. They enjoy witnessing people's sufferance, so they will rather laugh and let you suffer. So when you address your payer to the plain name  "God" during times of pressure, of sadness, of crisis, of panic, positive entities will be alerted and come for rescue. Also do not always expect a higher entity to automatically come for your rescue in times of danger. Unless you have already established a great connection, a good friendship with the entity, it will not intervene. This is not bad thing from them, but it is high respect. You have to ask for help, as they need your permission to intervene in your life.
Further more, a great relationship with a certain entity can come to a form of possession. In this case you and the entity in question become one. This is very rare with powerful entities, in their case, they will limit this relationship at sending you their energies. You will be possessed by their energies in a way you can do, think or feel like they would have done if they were down on earth. This may explain some early exceptional talents of certain people. Some entities are exceptional singers, some others are good instrument musicians, etc. This sort of possession are not bad at all when it is a positive entity. But very bad with a negative entity obviously. A human being has space in him to host thousands of entities in his subtle bodies. Positive entity can possess you just until you reach your higher self. It will just be there as an assistance until you can walk without it.  

Now if you've read so far, you will understand that a prayer is not something to be taken lightly. Many great spiritualist have even spent years preparing for the day to make great prayers. Many of them started learning to listen to God (the representation of God within - the higher self) before they could say anything, or make demands to God. In any case we should have some respect to higher beings. Demanding them to give us always like they were our servers is not cool Smile . Why should God come down to you, why shouldn't you the little person go to it. Why should God satisfy all our needs, why shouldn't it be us complying to his requests? It is the greatest for God sake Smile .

Remember there are always all sorts of entities gazing and waiting to be put at work. A prayer without an address ( a god name, or geometric sign or anything of the sort), must at least contain something describing the nature of what you are calling. To prevent all evil forces involve in the prayer. The mage will place himself in a magic circle. As the circle is protects against forces. But it also keeps forces in the circle. At the center of that circle the mage is an authority and is fully confident that he is protected against negative forces, nothing negative can reach you. And no negative entity will come in the circle while his is praying. He is at peace.

What we call God (or universal force, Godhead, or whatever you want) has made so many representations of itself across the entire universe, which makes him present in all systems, in all living organism. The ant does not look for God in the solar system but right there in its hole. The planets will not look for God in the invisible world but right there in the solar system. Just like a human being should not view God as being distant, but right there within himself where it is the closest to us. We sleep with it and we wake up with it every day, still some of us will search for him in the church.

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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You share like no-one else I have ever known.

There are no other words but  THANK-YOU krya
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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One would be careful when they divulge secrets that they and use them for evil it is time for the spiritual world to renounce the Pentagram as a symbol of talking to the opposing force to God as when God finally reveals himself it will be in the perfect position that you will not be able to summon the wanker even he will shiver in his puss in the boots.
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(04-01-2017, 02:14 AM)Hi everyone, I had a contact with an angel of God this morning and would like to share its message with you. It was heart opening. Angel message: Wrote: Greetings dear ones. Listen up! Waking up in the dream. Time for you to be born into a real life, a permanent one, a whole one, not a temporary  one of reflections, but one that is mirrored from your soul. God's vision for you. Come on magnificent souls, wake-up and see clearly that you are still in the womb of Mother Earth, the womb of all creation, and the urgency is that complications are setting in within your world of illusion, and the water is about to break, as Mother earth awakens you with a rude awakening as you are born into a different world. Mother Earth needs your help, can you see alarming things happening within your world? Time to wake-up to your true purpose in life. Your material world has been in hard labour long enough and now it's time to deliver the promised word of the seed planted within you at that moment when a Divine child was born into your  present world, and that time is now, the time is ripe to harvest. From conception to birth you go in a moment of truth as time accelerates so you will know the truth and be saved. Time to understand who you really are within a world who have lost their identity and acting out of character. Time to escape, time to start fresh as the countdown to zero closes in on you. Time to press the re-start button is near Time to act is now. Understand dear ones you are your own saviour of your own world and only you will know the truth which is written within your heart, and you will do it in your own perfect time. You all have your own path to complete, but you will all eventually end up in the same place. Home sweet home.  "You must be born again." Blessings to you all.

                             Archangel Gabriel.
                             (Deliver of births)
Dawning time. Arm yourself with the right knowledge to bring peace and joy to your world.
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Hello Wayne.
I have read your message from Archangel Gabriel several times but I must confess that I have some difficulty in grasping its meaning. Perhaps I look for too literal a meaning in the words instead of seeking to comprehend some abstract message.
I wake up each morning, frequently from dreaming. So, I guess I am either in the dream state or I have woken up; i.e. regained a conscious awareness of my three-dimensional existence in an incarnate body. I have difficulty in seeing clearly that I am still in the womb of Mother Earth. In physical terms, I was conceived in the womb of my incarnate mother. In spiritual terms, I am a spiritual being although I currently occupy a physical body. I see my Spiritual Being as an energetic entity that enters my physical body prior to my exiting the womb of my physical mother. My physical body is a composite of the energies that all human bodies derive from the four basic elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, without any one of which, all of Creation would fall.
Mother Earth is one of a number of planets which revolve around the central Sun of our Solar System; itself only a very small part of the Milky Way Galaxy, Etc. etc., thus I query the description
Mother Earth, the womb of all creation,
It is certainly my understanding that Archangel Gabriel, along with his six colleagues at that level in the Planetary Hierarchy, share my awareness.
As for Mother Earth needs your help, can you see alarming things happening within your world? Time to wake-up to your true purpose in life. If you have spent any time at all browsing and perusing the six thousand or so posts on this forum, you can hardly have failed to notice the main theme that we share and so I would expect that perhaps you, too, might find reason to query some of the content of the message you have offered.
If I were to be brutally honest about how I view your post, I might term it an earnest effort to describe our Planetary status, but couched in platitudinous oratory. Please believe that I have absolutely no wish or intent to give offence; only to ask you, if you disagree with my comments, then to explain your post in terms that I, and I believe many others, will find acceptable in the context of the lives, and many of them, ("You must be born again.") that we enter in order to experience and learn.

In Love and Light but with only a modicum of understanding.

P.S. May I suggest that, before commenting, you might consider reading the thread "Earthquakes."
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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