What is the spiritual Weather?

We all know what the weather is, what some may not know is the weather inside of us, in our inner world. and that's what I would like to talk about. and see how that can contribute to your spiritual growth.
the outside world can teach us so much about what goes on inside our inner world. A disciple is mainly concerned About the inside world because that's where he/she has the power to change things, we can not change the outside world easily, but we can change things instantly inside of us.

we already know that the weather is the state of the atmosphere. well inside of us, the state of our mental body is the weather. our mental body is the atmosphere in the outside world. the clouds of the troposphere are our thoughts. depending on the activity in our inner atmosphere, we create a state, a mood or I would say a weather.

In the outside world it could be cold or hot, wet or dry, rain, wind etc , and it's all due to the state of the atmosphere. it's exactly the same inside of us. the change of weather usually happens faster than in the outside world. in 30min, a human inner world can go through about 2 kind of weather. he is loving and the next minutes he is angry...
Yes anger, Jealousy, sadness, happiness etc are the weather of our inner world. if you study how the outside world weather becomes cold or hot, you will notice that the process is the same inside.

Now what I'm more concerned to tell, is the possibility of controlling that weather. your body and what it contains is your kingdom, that makes of you a King. and as a king, you are supposed to take care of the people who live in it. remember our body works like the planet earth, so your inner world contains stones, plants, animals and human too. and you are in fact out of that body, because you are the sun.
So you can have full control over your body. whatever happens in the body doesn't affect you, it effect the being that live in it.

in our inner world, humans and spiritual beings are thoughts and feelings
animals, plants and stones are our instincts behaviors.
and cells are the inhabitants of our physical body

If you know you have beings you care about in your inner world, you will not allow tornadoes and hurricanes destroy the civilization they have already started building in you. know that since you've been practicing for years, loving spirituality, praying, meditation, breathing, etc, you have invited spiritual being to enter your inner world, now their stay depends on you, on what weather you are allowing to your world. you are the god of your inner being.

constant bad weather is not perfect condition. imagine in a town it starts to rain endlessly, I'm sure everybody will change location, they will all travel to find a better living condition. also if a place is empty, and has good weather, people will find it and will come live in there, they will create houses, towns, and beautiful things, artists will come, scientist and even God himself will have no choose but visit that wonderful place where everybody is going.

We should then be able to check what weather is currently inside of us all the time. and if we detect a bad weather we should do our best to stop it. so that our spiritual beings don't go away. in a bad weather will come animals and all those creature that love such conditions.

How you generate the weather?
when you think about something, that means you are creating clouds. now if what you are thinking is bad. that means you are creating some very black heavy clouds. and what is the result? the light of the sun does not shine on earth properly, so the beings on earth are in darken, because you've covered the sky with heavy black clouds. and since it's now dark and cold on the surface of your inner earth, that means you are starting to feel the corresponding feeling of that thought. for example: you think your partner is having an affair, you feel Jealousy.

How to escape the weather?
Most ordinary thoughts create heavy black clouds in them, why? As you know the weather is something that only takes place in the troposphere, not the stratosphere or any higher atmosphere. the troposphere inside of us is where our conciseness faces the weather : rain, wind .... but if you go beyond the troposphere, you don't face rains anymore. and the sky will not be covered with clouds. that means if you think extraordinary things like spiritual subjects, your consciousness goes beyond the troposphere and faces the light of the sun, and the heat of the sun at all time, even when it's raining down on the surface of earth. so while people are shaking in the cold, you are dancing with hot, in other words, where everybody is crying, you are smiling.

How to control the weather?
as king of your inner world, decide to only allow a positive weather, so you will make sure that what you think will not cover your sky, will not generate wind that will agitate the oceans. it all starts with the thoughts ( your clouds), you can in an instant change the weather in you, you stop a bad thought, stop it straight away, as the more you comment, the heavy the sky gets, worse if that thought is about anger or anything of the kind, your clouds are dark.
So keep it clean to allow the light and love(or heat) of the sun to flow on earth. that way you will not cause heavy rains, floods and so on. if you control your inner world that way, you can control the weather outside of you, mostly other human's weather, that's where divine magic really starts, you should be able to transform other people's bad weather into better weathers, you will use the same techniques you used for your own inner world to help others stop tornadoes and hurricanes.