Correspondence of Hindu Gods

Correspondence of Hindu Gods with the sepherots
You will find many gods in Hinduism tradition. Many Hindu (not all of them) believe that those gods actually exist somewhere in the universe as they are represented in their statue forms or pictures. In reality all those gods in Hindu tradition is a legacy of a great knowledge of high principles. All those images of God form a teaching from great spiritual humans of the past. The theory of many gods living among humans is never been a Hindu thing only. It existed in all parts of the world, and even in the ancient Egypt, in Rome or Greece. Actually many of those gods could be found in a different form in different traditions. Such is the case of Zeus of Greece was known as Jupiter in Rome, or Hermes was known as Mercury. It is true that God is present in all parts of its universe. And in some creatures, God had almost fully manifested. Master Gautama or Master Jesus existed must have been among the best manifestation of God among humans. But to my mind it is a mistake to believe that all gods of all past traditions (especially those of ancient Greece, Egypt and India) were on earth exactly the way they are represented in images and statues. Not the mention all the miss interpretations which came along with the appearance of extraterrestrials in the past.

In order to give an idea of what the consciousness is like at each level of the universe, spiritual masters of the past had to personify consciousnesses. And each level of consciousness was represented as a god with a story. In fact, if you read the story told about each of those gods, you will see how exact they describe the level of consciousness or plane, which they represent in the universe.
All those gods are principles one can find in kabbalah.

Here is the correspondence of the most popular hindu gods in Kabalah:

Brahma = is the first manifestation of God in the knowable universe. Brahma corresponds to what kabbalah calls Ketter.
Vishnu = is Chokma
Shiva = is Bina

Saraswati = another version of Brahma. And so it is Ketter.
Lakshmi = another version of Vishnu. And so it is Chokma
Parvati = another version of shiva. And so it is Bina .

These 3 first gods united as one to create many other gods. The first 3 gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva form a trinity. What hindu call Krishna is in fact the consciousness which forms the highest trinity. Krishna corresponds to the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. And to the spiritual consciousness called Christ or the Tipheret of the kabalah.

At last one of the most popular god in Hinduism, GANESHA. ganisha corresponds to Chesed of kabbalah.
Ganesha is our Our atmic body. The deepest or highest part of ourselves. our spirit.

[Image: j122xs.jpg]

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Thank you Kyra. Would you know what would it imply if you see shiva in your dream. What does it represent in terms of your body.

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A straight answer would be that: You saw your inner grandparents in the dream.
But I’m afraid you get confused if I don’t elaborate a little.

You will probably wonder “so I have inner parents”? Smile . Yes and everybody has inner parents.
Inside of us, is a whole family. I mean : Your heart (feelings/desires) is the sister, your mind is the brother. Your soul is the mother, and your spirit is the father. Nature mostly uses these correspondences in dreams to talk to us. Especially when you see a member of your earth family teaching something spiritual. Ex: It is possible that your soul is trying to reveal you something if in a dream you see your mother giving you some spiritual insight.

Shiva is a universal force of the universe. At its original state, Shiva has no human form. It is not a body as we may imagine, but rather a universal body made of cosmic forces we may not comprehend. This force of the universe controls all sorts of matters, and has even the power of destroying them. Shiva is everywhere in the universe, but there is a world in which it manifests at its best. That is n the Divine world. Shiva also constitutes a plane, in which lives beings who are the lords of destiny. These beings are the ones who maintain justice in the universe, they control karma and Darma thanks to the dual forces of shiva (positive and negative polarity forces). In short Shiva is a force of the Divine trinity.

When Shiva manifests as a negative polarity, it is now called parvati. In the mythologies, it is put that, parvati is the wife of shiva. There should be no confusion, since in the mystic language, a woman is a force which is extracted from a man (or a woman is another version of man). So be careful when trying to translate a symbolic dream into human language. Know that depending on the situation, the spiritual character can be represented either as a Yin or a Yong force. For example, what are you, to your Dad/Mom? You are “a child”, but to your own children you are a “Dad/Mom”

In indu pictures, you will even see shiva represented as someone with extra faces on the side. This is to describe the presence of 5 elements in shiva (fire, water, air, earth, Ether), but also thier positive and negative polarity energies (male and female) in shiva. Depending on the situation, it can become male for example to give blessings (Darma) or female to for example give Karma. Shiva is quite complex as it contains the energies of Brahman and vishnu. Brahman, vishnu and shiva should not been taken for some sorts of beings with a human body living somewhere in the universe, except when we need to explain the concept of universal forces. Rather understand shiva as a force, then you might just connect to it, experience it, and live it through your spirit and soul (the children of shiva).

So, what is shiva in terms of bodies? It is nothing you and I may truly understand, because it is too abstract and universal. Shiva is the force from which your spirit and soul came from. That's why it is said in indu mythology, that Shiva is the parent of Ganesh, Kartikeya, Ashok... Ganesh and Kartikeya represent our spirit ( the atmic body) and Ashok represent our soul (Buddic body but also our astral body).

The only way to feel Shiva is first be able to feel Ganesh, Kartikeya and Ashok. Because those are his/her children. Only them know their parents well. That simply means, that when you have activated your spirit and spiritual soul, you will have an intuitive idea of what shiva is, until then shiva will remain unknown. However shiva is constantly communicating with his/her children, so should your spirit and soul be active for sometime, it is possible to receive shiva's force of blessing. That can happen during a meditation, or even during a dream.

You maybe now understand why I started saying that you saw your inner grandparent in the dream. Because shiva will always be our grandparents. He/she is the grandparent of our inner father (Atmic body) and of our inner mother (Boudic body).

Hope it helps?
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Hi Kyra,

Your explanation helped me in understanding shiva in a great deal. I also studied the tree of life. Was wondering,

1) Shiva is a force, how does he manifests himself or communicates to people in other religions of the world. Since he is present in all of us, does he shows himself to all spiritually inclined people.
2) What part Of tree of life represent forces of Satya Sai baba, Lord hanuman, Guru Nanak and Jesus.
3) Since all represent forces, yet they have known to exist in human form. While in meditation, they are to be only understood as images only?
4) Does Jainism also accepts similar spiritual forces or has a tree of life, path?

Too many questions I know, would be obliged if you could answer.

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Hi Shweta,
No worries, I don't mind you asking many questions. Smile . I see you are trying dig a bit more around the subject. It's ok.

1) Shiva doesn’t show himself to humans but to our spirit. Because only our spirit is able to understand Shiva. Only the spirit has the proper eyes and ears to perceive Shiva. Human beings can only see Shiva through their spirits (their higher self). Your spirit will search in your mind the image which corresponds to Shiva. That image will mean to you the possible form of Shiva. People who live a spiritual life can therefore see Shiva during a dream or meditation, in a certain form image depending on their current believes and culture. For example, to a Christian, Shiva could show as the “24 holy old men” or as the “holy spirit”. To a kabbalist, Shiva will show as the sepherot BINA. And to someone who is not religious and has no mystic knowledge, Shiva could show as his “grandfather”. So you see, the image of Shiva will depend on the person believes and knowledge. Because Shiva talks to your spirit, you won’t see him with your physical eyes but with your inner eye (the 3rd eye) if you are clairvoyant, or simply in a dream or a deep spiritual meditation.

However one must really be blessed if he get to see Shiva, Vishnu or Brahman in any form possible. The first humans who saw Shiva must have been those who wrote about Shiva and drew his picture based on what they saw. Shiva belongs to the highest divinity world of god head. It is such a privilege that, that force comes down to show up to a human being. Think about it, who are you really for such a high force to come visit you? It is possible but very rare. We shouldn’t wait for him to come to us, but we should be the ones humble enough to go towards him. Shiva loves each one of us, but he doesn’t need any of us to exist. We are the ones who should look for him, and seek to experience him.

So even if he doesn’t come to show up to you, you can still connect to him, and feel him. Yes, it is possible to feel Shiva or Vishnu if your spirit is highly manifested in you. And let me ask you a question? If you had to choose between to see beauty and to feel (or live) beauty, what would you choose? Smile

What exactly do I mean when I say that Shiva is a universal force? That means he is the force of nature, he is that thing which pushes us to do the basics of life, like to eat, to sleep, to protect, to work, to believe, to learn, to love. It is the same force which makes all beings to grow, to die, to enjoy or to suffer for a good cause. It is the same force which makes your lungs and heart pomp automatically. He is the force which allows Joy or pain. It is that force which starts and stops things. In short it is the force of action in all of us. That is how Shiva manifests in general. However the highest possible manifestation of Shiva inside a human being is more as the "understanding". This is why, should you be blessed by Shiva, you would have an incredible intelligence not borrowed from humans. But Shiva himself is beyond intelligence.

A force can’t be seen, but it can be felt. Like electricity, you don’t see it, but you can feel it. Shiva is like Electricity (But more like the electricity of the air). You need a channel, a cord through which that electricity will travel through to you. That cord, that channel is your own spirit. Without your spirit, Shiva remains a universal energy (force) which everything in the existence get its orders from and obey.

But thanks to our spirit (the higher self), Shiva can be experience in a human being as the highest level of intelligence and justice. Without the spirit standing in between you and Shiva, Shiva will burn your mind, he will destroy you and make you mad, because too much intelligence will flow into your mind. So thank your spirit (higher self) for channeling Smile .

2) The forces of masters are found in the spiritual world, in kabbalah that means in tipheret, Gebura and Chesed. I can't tell you exactly in which of the 3 sepherot of the tree of life is each of the masters you mentioned. Because I simply don't know yet. Smile. But it is true that based on their work, some of them borrow their forces more from Thipheret, others more from Gebura and others from Chesed. But they all have something in common, the force of Christ ( also known as the Buddha) found in Tipheret of the tree of life.

3) Because the images (as well as names) connect you to the force their represent. Even the simple fact of calling shiva's name or visualising shiva can help you connect to shiva. That is how mantras and meditations helps us. You cannot touch a force, but you can touch it through its concrete representation ( an image or a sound).

Also you probably could be thinking that Shiva, or Vishnu or Ganesha... was on earth in a human form. Well that's one way of looking at it. You could also consider looking at it this way: Shiva, or any of those Divine forces looks and finds a human being who is feet to manifests his qualities as best as possible. From this view, you will understand that, Shiva is attracted to humans who are purely ready. So it has never been only one human who manifested Shiva on earth since the beginning of civilizations. Shiva has manifested in many humans in the past and will keep manifesting to any other developed human in the future. So should you be ready, should you have purified yourself to the point of appealing to Shiva, then Shiva can manifest in you. It goes the same for all other spiritual and psychic forces. If for example you always do your best to harm people, to get angry, to use your knowledge for deceiving people, an evil force (which I don't want to tell the name), can manifest in you. So you see, Shiva doesn't take the human form, it remains a force, an energy which possesses any human that meets his requirements. Shiva can be you tomorrow.

In higher plans of existence, those forces also manifests in many forms of life (invisible spiritual creatures). If you know about those creatures, it is possible that one of them appear to you during a meditation or dream to represent Shiva. But if you know them. You would most likely see Shiva in any other familiar form.

Divinity forces are things that don't quite fit into any images we give it. Because no image can perfectly describe or represent it. But if you find one that is close to those forces. Then it is advised to meditate upon it. Remember that, to visualize an image of a deity, or a master is like touching, listening, feeling the force that image represents. That is the only reason why we keep Shiva, Vishnu... drawing pictures and statues around, this is to help us connect to the divine forces. Otherwise all those statues and drawing of gods and deities are absolutely not necessary.

Also keep in mind that a force is also a feeling (desires), a thought and action. If you always expect to see the forces of the Divine world in the form of a human being, they might come and go without you even noticed. However if you also consider the fact that those divine forces can manifest as feelings, thoughts and health in you, you will recognize them and witness their true presence in life. Because when they manifests in us, they manifest as spiritual joy, wisdom and health. So would be more important? to see Shiva in a human form outside of you, or to live Shiva as a force inside of you?

4) I don't know if Jainism accept the concept of forces. In fact I know very little about Jainism. Just the essential. Smile
Maybe if there is a Jain in the forum, he'/she will surely reply to that question.

Now, who is better? you ask many questions, and I talk just too much Smile Smile
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Nobody can be better than one who can guide or quench the spiritual thirst (questions in my case)

Somehow can't post my full post. Will try once more

Nobody can be better than one who can guide or quench the spiritual thirst (questions in my case)
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I would like to write something here. 

First of all, let us discuss about the so called "Trinity".

Shiva or Shankar  also known as the "Lord of the lords", the Yoga Guru and is often seen as the destroyer. His consort Parvati or Shakti, who is believed to be his second wife and the incarnation of his first wife "Sati" .  If you ever read the description of shiva's physical look, you would find that it resembles more to a North African look. No body knows where he came from but he chose Kailaash mountain as his abode. And most mystics  still do the same around kailaash.  
Interestingly, all the followers/fans/disciples (known as Shaivas)   of Shiva think that Shiva is that  Supreme "GOD" that runs the entire universe. He is the source of Vishnu and Brahma and everything.
Believers/followers  of Shakti believe that Shakti is that Supreme "God" and think the same.

Vishnu known as the preserver and the one who pervades all. His consort "Lakshmi" the goddess of wealth. The followers (known as Vaishnavas) of Vishnu believe that Vishnu is the supreme "God" and he gave birth to shiva and brahma.

Brahma the creator and who is believed to be born from the lotus emerged from Vishnu's navel. He is believed to have four heads ( we still witness babies being born with two heads, four limbs,etc so it could have been possible in that time too. Smile)  , each responsible to create the four Vedas, the most ancient and revered holy books of India. Saraswati ( some say she was the wife and some say she was the daughter...see the confusion) is believed to be the goddess  of knowledge, speech, music and most of the art forms. 

The followers/fans  of Krishna say that he is the supreme "god" . And so is the case with every belief system of the world. 

If you carefully look, the entire thing/beliefs/myths  are based on "Fan following".  There is still a long lasting fight going on between Vaishnavs and Shaivas to prove whose "God " was the supreme and who is a better group. lol

So there is no point finding the "Ultimate Truth" in the "beliefs" of the followers. Whenever the words "God", "creator", "Brahman" etc come in, the spiritual growth is stopped. As I have kept on mentioning in my posts that our mind is very powerful and our brain is smarter than we think. People think that they are running their brains, but they do not realise that it is the brain that is running them. And this is what the mystics/true seekers do  when they sit to meditate....Take all the controls from the brain and focus on the Mind".

Just the way, our  body discharges the waste materials and retains what is important, similarly , the minds gets rid of all the waste that we have fed into it during a period of time and retains only what is important and it does that through dreams also. Only the person with utmost clear mind would be able to visualise the "Truth" in their dreams because then the dreams are modes of communication with his higher energy orbits.(and these dreams never contain any god/guru figure, they contain only the truth). Sometimes, it also happens with people with emerging 'awakening' when all the orbits align themselves at a certain point of time. 
The mind  processes the information in an entirely different manner and it does not depend on any "language" to process. Just the way, the computer understands the language of "0" and "1" no matter what language you use on it. This is the reason when people start ascending on their spiritual scale, they start becoming quieter, calmer and love peace. They understand that the "ultimate truth" can never be told, heard, explained and is made to be believed , it is something that is always perceived by a person who has developed that understanding, who has attained the knowledge of the path to Elixir of immortality. And those who have/will  attain(ed) that enlightenment, need no book,God  figure, master, religion,etc  to understand that "I am that I AM". Smile

It is believed that Krishna revealed the deepest secret of the ultimate truth in the book "Bhagwat Gita" , yet its readers and  the followers of Krishna are so unaware of it and have not managed to reach that summit even in several thousand years, WHY? The followers of "god" could never understand it inspite of it being so simple and always present in front of us. Why? Same thing goes with every so called "god" who were never god but were made "god" by their followers. And this is where the problem lies. Instead of following and understanding their practices and evolving themselves, people made them "god" and kept on satisfying their ego, fear, greed, beliefs. They wasted  their efforts only  to find the beginning and the end of a "CIRCLE" .  They never tried to understand what lies beyond that "God". And thanks to the so called religious and spiritual masters who kept on spreading the myth and barring the spiritual growth- a great Science. People have developed this very bad habbit of calling or regarding all those things/happenings that are beyond their understanding " GOD" , "miracle", "luck", incarnation. They never try to understand the cause and event concept and do not even allow anyone to explain. They do not want to come out of their belief system. I think this can be explained by the hypo thesis of "slave" genes and "real" genes created by genetic mutation by some super beings in ancient times . Anyways, I do not want to get into this .

It is so difficult to put the indescribable into words because it  demands lot of energy (be it talking, writing or explaining). Yet, it is not received properly by every mind because the person accepts things according to   his capacity,perception and understanding. We cannot expect a 1ltr container to hold 100 litres of milk. If we force to do that, 99ltrs of milk will be wasted and it will not be the fault of the container, it will be the fault of the person who is trying to pour the milk. 

As I am progressing, I am finding it difficult to write the explanation because in this process I have to invoke that part of my brain which I do not want to use much as it consumes lot of energy which I can utilise to enhance my spiritual development. Now, I have started to realise why the most important and true  knowledge was never written down or explained.  I know some people would see me as selfish or a non contributor to the world's welfare.But, this comes with spiritual maturity. And I really apologise to those Learned  beings  who I cursed because of my immaturity.   As I have said in  one of my posts, Truth resides in Silence. I just want to observe things and those who want to understand my silence , understand the silence within. My journey is still on. But, I still want to understand the science behind  how those beings with silence and without wasting their energy  used to stay connected inspite of being scattered all around and outside the earth. Idea Nowadays, it is so hard to keep the dots connected. 

I just want to conclude by saying  that  till the person does not learn to focus and trust within or will not break the existing belief system, he/she would never understand why the entire visible world is termed as"unreal" by the mystics,  the powers of mind, how brain functions,what is beyond atom,  psychokinesis, the power of the sound vibrations and  feminine force, the importance of "Black"  which some foolish think evil darkness , the importance of "triangles" in the so called Sacred geometry, the secret of YIN YANG,  how the entire cosmic system functions and answers to every questions that pops in the mind. It is only us who can quench our own thirst and no one else. 

Keep digging; the deeper you go, the higher you reach.

  Pranaam _M_
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