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Crystal Therapy Wands

I am not a crystal therapist and have limited practical knowledge in these matters. However I have the knowledge of making crystal wands.
My close friend, Barrie Smith, now passed away, was a crystal therapist. He passed on a lot of knowledge and insight on what he knew about crystal wands.
After making a few wands, my own background knowledge in physics and electronics started to migrate into advancing the intuitive understanding to creating wands with greater capability and versatility.

For those who are interested in crystal therapy, here are the wands. My first wand, a Wicca wand, was created in 1991. All other wands were created during 2000-2001.
Each proceeding model become more in-depth and powerfully unique.

I'll post these wands at one post at a time. Please feel free to ask any questions about them.

[Image: first_wand.jpg]
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The next wand was my first wand using a copper tube as a waveguide
To explain this, the energies absorbed and transmitted between wand terminals (crystals/stones on end of tube) and hand of the user are channeled and guided through the cavity of the copper tube.

I was very surprised how well this wand worked. It is a small wand (to my standards). It was created to assist people who may have gastrointestinal blockages; specifically for the stomach and both small and large intestine. A bloodstone and a piece of pyrite were terminated at each end of the copper tube. A strip of leather was wrapped around the tube surface acting as a dielectric, and as an insulator between hand and tube. However, this arrangement allows a metaphysical energy (life force energy - chi) to be utilized into the waveguide when intuitively needed. It is the practitioners focused intention which governs how the chi is utilized.

After creating the wand I laid back and placed the wand across my lower stomach area. A short while later I felt my stomach fluids gurgling. Some five minutes later I had to go to the toilet. I was very impressed how applicable and quickly the wand worked.

[Image: 61.jpg]

[Image: 62.jpg]

[Image: 63.jpg]
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Greetings Visitor,
I enjoyed reading your description and experience with your crystal wand and I'd like to hear more on this subject from you; if you don't mind. My wife Diana and I have been working with crystals for healing and energy work but haven't been introduced to the use of wands.
Your experience certainly was a validation for you; do keep up with your wand work as it seems to have been passed on to you from your friend Barrie.

My wife and I have channeled crystals to find out some of their valves in order to use them properly. I would like to further this topic with you.

Take care,
"People may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel."
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Most welcomed.
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This next wand used the same principles as the previous but it has extra features.

1. The selected quartz crystal terminals are characteristically opposite to each other. One is for drawing in energy, and the other is for injecting energy.
2. The waveguide (tube) has been tapped by including terminals for accessing the palm chakra.

This wand is could be regarded for general purpose healing (unblocking energy spots, opening and closing chakras, energizing certain weak spots, and drawing out unwanted energies).

In regards to the above first point. There is a controversy between which terminal is for in and for out flow. Crystals regardless of terminal shape (pointed or flat) have either a clockwise or anti-clockwise lattice-work in the way it was constructed (grown). There are ways of determining this at closer examination of the quartz crystal. However, for those sensitive/intuitive enough can determine which direction the energy is flowing when using the wand.

In regards to the second point.  The quartz crystals used have been selected, pointed and flat shaped, from a stockpile of polished stones. They are placed over a hole drilled through the tube wall, and a leather flange was made to hold them there. Each palm terminal is corresponded to its equivalent wand terminal type. Because of its palm chakra connectivity to the wand, it becomes an ideal wand for those that use their hands for healing, such as Reiki.

[Image: 31.jpg] [Image: 33.jpg] [Image: 34.jpg] [Image: 35.jpg] [Image: 36.jpg] [Image: 37.jpg] host gifs
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By this time I was starting to gain more insight with the metaphysical characteristics of human energy and the evolving patterns of nature.
I came across a dead branch of a camphor laurel tree. It had died by a strangler vine tree and it left an entrenched spiral along the branch length.
I placed a large copper waveguide tube at thick end of the branch and terminated it with a purple fluorite octahedral crystal. The other end of the tube was terminated by a copper piping which was wrapped along the spiral of the branch. It then terminated with a quartz crystal.
My original intention was to make a healing wand for animals, but to my surprise it became something completely different.

I showed the wand to Barrie and told him what it was made for. After holding it for awhile he said the wand was too powerful for healing purposes. He said it was a rainmaker. I seriously doubted that suggestion very much. My bias came from TV shows that debunked rainmakers. But Barrie insisted that is what the wand was more suited for, though his conclusions were purely intuitive.

I went home later that sunny day and thought about what Barrie said about the wand. I decided to give the wand a test run. Mind you, my test run was purely intuitive (and long before Harry Potter movies game out). So here I was standing in the middle of my lounge room and slowly winding up the energy by ever increasing the speed of whirling the wand around my head at arms length. Then when I thought it was time I flicked the wand forward and skyward. Suddenly a very load BANG occurred which made me duck for cover. A lightening bolt struck the earth just outside my home. A few seconds later rain pelted down. I was in total awe and amazement. I looked through the lounge window and saw a thunderstorm outside. I thought, where did that come from? An hour ago it was sunny!

The wand had scared me, and I have not used it since. I think what happened was that the potential thunderstorm already entered my vicinity. However, without being aware of it I sensed it was time to use the wand. When I used it, it dispersed enough energy from my bodily electrostatic resources for the transfer of potential differences between earth and cloud electrostatic polarities to bridge the gap between the two, hence a lightening strike.

[Image: The_Rainmaker.jpg]

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