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by Susan B. Martineze, PHD

The fall of the standard model and the rise of knowledge from unseen worlds.

The quote above says it all, and it covers alot.

I am sorry I don't have computer links where you could go to find downloads for the books I suggest.
All the new fangled computer things are way over my head. However I think some of you,might find
interesting info in the books I suggest.
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Thank you for that Skytiger.
I have followed some of the links already and find the Oahspe Bible very interesting. Although one is warned in the usual way, to be wary of 'channelled' writings. Having myself channelled during the 1990's, and then played back recordings, I endorse that caution as, even when the channel is in trance, it is difficult to be absolutely clear that the received wisdom is not 'contaminated' by the channel's own influence.
I guess it is what we have said before; Keep an open mind and be prepared to make one's own judgement. If in one's heart it feels not right, then place it to one side.

When you say 'computer things are over my head', do you know that if you left click and highlight the name, then right click on Susan B Martineze it will give you a Google link to many sites covering her work?

P M me if you would like any help with that.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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I didn't know that.

Thanks for the info
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