Do identical twins share the same soul?

(08-06-2017, 01:17 PM)MOONBEARSPEAKS Wrote: Hello again mikedanny33.

The fact that you have the courage to convert means, to me, that you are a searcher for TRUTH.
Have you read, carefully and analytically, the whole of this thread?
I hope you will take the trouble to search through the seven thousand threads on our forum where you will find that several people have offered their views, not only about reincarnation, but on related subjects also. 
For those of us who have looked carefully at reincarnation in particular, we do not consider one good life and one bad life - we acknowledge many, many re-incarnations  over many, many years. Not simply so that one can be judged as 'good' or 'bad' but so that the whole process is one of learning. Please consider that much of the learning process continues in the time between incarnations. 
Here, we share our views and our experiences in order to help each other to learn. In reading these various views, it is up to each one of us to look within ourselves for confirmation of acceptability in the context of our individuated lives. 
In writing this, I am not proselytising, I have no right to tell you what to do or to believe. I ask you to follow your learning experience with an open and non-judgemental mind. 
May I say two things which I believe should underpin the lives of everyone.

May you find God in your heart.

RE: Do identical twins share the same soul?  I have no answer to the original question but I offer what I have written in the hope that it may be of help to you in your personal quest.
Maybe you looking at this in your way but our knowledge as humans isn't enough to say look to ourselves for answers. That's why God has decided to help us with a lot of answers. I will not look for any answers without asking lord Jesus for help. We are as human too plain and our knowledge is what other human have given us. Would I call my teacher the absolute knowledge? Of course not neither is my father.

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Yes, friend, you are right. As you say,
 “We are as human too plain and our knowledge is what other human have given us”.
That's why God has decided to help us with a lot of answers.”
As J J Petrovic says as his signature line;
“The Kingdom of God is within you.”
As I said in my post,
“May you find God in your heart.”
So when you look into your heart, which is the seat of all your knowledge and wisdom, whether you find Jesus, and he leads you to God, or whether you maybe find some other inner voice ‘talking’ to you, be sure that, if you are seriously seeking the Truth, ultimately you will find it. 

I will just point out that we have left the question posed at the beginning of this thread, regarding identical twins.
So, mikedanny, to continue this conversation, please either start a new thread or send me a PM.

I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Interesting thread which has branched somewhat from the original question. ‘Do identical twins share the same soul?’
When we were created we were without life, just a clay model perhaps, certainly in the case of Adam if you give any credence to the Adamic Creation story in Genesis, then God breathed life into us. This is our likeness of God, the spark of divinity which resides in us all.
With regard to the question it depends on your definition of ‘Soul’. In my understanding the Soul and Spirit are separate and connected. The Spirit is that part of us which is divine and eternal, the part of us that is in Gods image, and is free to move between the physical and non physical realms being non-physical in essence. The Soul however is a link between our physical and spiritual being. Our Spirit is the ‘Self’ without ego, it is connected to our creator and the universe, being part of both, and is fully developed and has access to wisdom and knowledge, and is essentially ‘good’, our soul however is not complete and develops and grows as our physical body does, it is our soul that has the ability to ‘sin’ not our spirit. When we search for our ‘higher self’ it is a desire to unite our Soul and Spirit in order to free the knowledge and wisdom that was hidden from us when we incarnated.
Each person, whether identical twin or not, is an individual, each having their own body, Soul and Spirit.
All Gods are triune, whether they be Pagan or Christian. We are made in Gods image, also a trinity. Body, Soul and Spirit, and the purpose of incarnation and reincarnation is to learn what is necessary to make us whole again, to blend ourselves into that one being which once stood on the shore of time with God, to understand our reason for being and who and what we are.
So in answer to the question…No, identical twins do not share a common Soul or Spirit, they may have physical and mental attributes which are similar, and as their souls mature they may become more similar because of shared DNA etc. but they are separate beings.
Mikedanny33 says re-incarnation is a myth, because of the possibility of good lives, bad lives and the judgement. Without re-incarnation and the chance to right the wrongs of a past life the thought of judgement, and Heaven and Hell, becomes a much more frightening possibility, if of course you accept the concept of life after death, and without that life becomes pointless.
The Hindus believe in the cast system where you can reincarnate as an insect if you’ve been particularly bad in this incarnation!
I was ‘called’ to my place by my Soul group, I am a Celt, and maybe Soul groups do stem from our archetypal past, or maybe it’s because of our past incarnations and conditioning. We choose, that is our Spirit chooses to incarnate, and we choose the place, the time and even the family. Sometimes our choice is influenced by the remaining ego attached to our Soul and so we don’t choose well, but we have to adapt and learn. It is the difficult path which strengthens us. There is a slogan on the wall of the gym I frequent. ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’. This is true whatever you are doing, and so in a challenging life you will develop quicker.
I am the only one in my physical family that is in this soul group, I am the proverbial Black Sheep. Every family has one, and in mine it’s me!
Noman, I don’t believe we evolved from apes. We can find the skeletal remains of animals from millions of years ago, but not one that links homo erectus and homo sapiens, they just seemed to arrive here on earth as primitives with no proven link to earlier species. Maybe this planet was ‘seeded’, maybe we did arrive from another planet, or maybe Adam and Eve were mutants who were taken by an energy/entity we call God and placed in a place of safety, The Garden of Eden, where they could grow and raise a family.
Just really the thoughts of a late night drinker, but I hope it generates thought and discussion.
Good night and God bless you all.
What is important is not the right doctrine but the attainment of the true experience. It is giving up believing in belief.
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(09-04-2014, 10:56 AM)noman Wrote: I had this debate with friends. And i would like to also know what this group thinks about it.

Do identical twins share the same soul?
Profound question.
I would say, if no-one minded, it would be good to answer this question based on a certain parameter of definition of what is soul. If we look at ancient teachings such as Buddhism or Vedanta we would perhaps use 'consciousness' as the word 'soul'. Consciousness would suggest, that, at a certain level, we all possess the same 'soul', or consciousness. This may be called 'unconditioned' reality in Buddhism or, perhaps Paramatma, in Vedic philosophy. This implies that the nature of reality is true and same for all - we all have the ability, through development, life experience and inclination to realise ourselves at the deepest level possible. So we could say that twins may share the same ability to experience consciousness at the deepest level possible. This would bring the important notion of free will into the answer.
I would say it is not likely that twins would share the same consciousness in the sense of what we begin this life with and I would say as they develop differences will manifest based on life decisions and effort. So, I would say, it is possible for anyone to come to the realisation of unity consciousness but not that we are born with the same past-life experiences, which we could call consciousness or perhaps soul.
I am interested to hear other answers though!
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(09-04-2014, 10:56 AM)noman Wrote: I had this debate with friends. And i would like to also know what this group thinks about it.

Do identical twins share the same soul?

Hi everybody,
Interesting question and some very fine answers. Nice reading you all.
From my point of view, no matter what kind of twins we're talking about, there are two separate spiritual entities, without even making the distinction between soul and spirit for the sake of this particular point, we're here to develop and expand our awareness of things, to heighten our conscousness, and finetune our vibrational level, and that's an individual growth process.
Life is between you and the above, but you don't see Him, you only experience things through all the elements that make up your surroundings and that you interact with (people, etc.), that make up your world. They just supply the working materials you need for your current life experience.

Souls evolve over a very long period of time, living many many lives, the cumulation of past life or lives experience can perhaps be comparable in one life, but not over 500 lives or so. 

I see soul groups as our spiritual family up above, Michael Newton called it also a cluster group I believe. I have read (but would be interested to find out about other's opinions or even experiences), that it seems to be so that we evolve over time often with the same souls, probably from our soul group, coming back all the time but in a different configuration. This theory is acted out in the movie(s) based on the tremendous work of Chicco Xavier, the greatest Brazilian medium (he psychographed 440 books). 

I hear this from a medium that can see in the invisible world and can tell when for example that a deceased father reintegrates his former family, but now as the son of his daughter. This is quite common actually. There was also a case of a father being a little rough and tough around the house, he came back to the family as their dog (transmigration, metempsychosis). Just imagine the divine plan for this to happen. The dog was picked among about 10 puppies, 500 km from where they lived, etc. The man bought the dog, the lady had a kind of rough relationship with the dog because he didn't listen and was very powerful (60 kilos). The man complained that she should be more loving, gentles with the dog. When the dog was only 5, he developed cancer, the link was announced to the lady, i.e. that her father incarnated into the dog, so it was a moment of reconciliation, brothers, sisters and mother were informed. Everyone believed the story, even while they were from a catholic background. 

We could also add soul-mates and twin flames to broaden the discussion.
Blessings to everyone.
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