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The word "emotion" dates back to 1579, when it was adapted from the French word émouvoir, which means "to stir up". However, it is likely to date back to the very origins of the language from the Old French esmovoir to excite, and ultimately from Latin ēmovēre to disturb, from movēre to move.
This is the origin of the word, but what of the feelings themselves. We all experience emotions of some kind on a daily basis. The ancient Chinese considered that an excess of emotion, of any kind, damaged the qi, and consequently the vital organs. The British, with the stiff upper lip considered any show of emotion to be a sign of weakness.
Paul Ekman supports the view that emotions are discrete, measurable, and physiologically distinct. Ekman's most influential work revolved around the finding that certain emotions appeared to be universally recognised, even in cultures that were preliterate and could not have learned associations for facial expressions through media. Another classic study found that when participants contorted their facial muscles into distinct facial expressions (e.g. disgust), they reported subjective and physiological experiences that matched the distinct facial expressions. His research findings led him to classify six emotions as basic: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise.
So we now have the emotions catalogued into six groups, by a psycologist, psycologists propose that emotions are the result of a physical or psycological event. Fear can be caused by a spider, or a bear, so in the first instance is fear a rational response? Happiness and sadness can definatly be the result of events, but often not the result of personal events, these emotions appear contageous, as we can feel sadness at a funeral and happy at a wedding even if we are not personally involved, all the emotions catalogued by Ekman can be brought about by external stimuli, but what of the two he has omitted, the two most powerful, totally opposite yet so similar as to be the opposite sides of the same coin, Love and Hate.
These two emotions are not rational, they may not be the result of outside stimulus, just like a phobia they cannot be explained in normal terms. People have been known to kill, and die because of these emotions.
Let us first look at Love, the base of sonnets, plays, and poems for thousands of years, Shakespear wrote tragedies around the theme of love. It has been the subject of discussion by psycologists for decades and still no one has come up with a satisfactory explanation. Love can be personal and sexual or platonic, it can be abstract as the love for ones friends.
Love for ones family, children, parents etc. is another form of love, love can be loosely described as the concern for anothers wellbeing, both physical and spiritual, but it goes further than that, it can become obsesive and even sacrificial, people will kill, and even sacrifice there own life for another whom they love, or a cause which they support pasionately. In its truest form love is tolerant, unselfish, generous, forgiving, kind, and all conquering.
Love is probably the only emotion worth exploring as it contains within it all the others, love can make you sad, love can make you happy, love can make you fearful, love can create surprise, cause jealosy and hate. Love can make you laugh and cry for no apparent reason, why, because it is irrational, but one thing is certain, love is felt and experienced by all, it may not be appreciated by everone, but it is noticed.
It is said that nothing disarms like a smile, that is certainly true, but a smile can be viewed as being the outward showing of the inner emotion of love, it is a proven fact that when love becomes a central part of a persons inner being they experience more positive things, people are nicer to them and good things happen around them.
Now love and hate are similar as they are both extreme, and sometimes irrational, in fact it could be said  that they are the opposite sides of the same coin, love is the positive and hate the negative aspects of the same type of emotion, but where does emotion come from? Is it emotion that stands us humans apart from the rest of creation. We know that animals are capable of love, dogs especially have shown great love for their owners, protecting, saving and sometimes dying for their masters, is this a natural form of emotion or simply a mirroring of the love shown to them, certainly in the wild animals show only the kind of affection necessary for survival, the pack instinct. So while even domestic animals can show loyalty, affection and aggression it is borne of trust, or mistrust, familiarity or unfamiliarity, confidence or fear, these are natural animal instincts, not emotion.
Emotion changes things, it changes the state of things and situations, never through logic, but through feelings. These feelings are not of a physical origin because they do not use reason and logic, reason and logic are physical thought processes, emotion comes from somewhere deeper within, perhaps the origin is the spirit. Animals too have spirit, so why do they not have the same emotional capacity? Perhaps it is because they don’t have the same physical desires as us, they don’t need the same emotional gratification, animals live simply, and physically, they don’t consider their mortality, they are content as they are. Maybe they know more than us, and as we feel emotion towards them, maybe they laugh at us because we work all day for things we don’t need, they take what they need, food, and then do what they want, sleep in the sun, or the shade. Maybe this is true enlightenment, when hungry eat, when tired sleep! What else do we need to keep our physical bodies alive? Emotion does nothing to sustain our physical bodies, so therefore it must emanate from the spiritual. All happiness and peace comes from within, even if we think that it is because of external stimulus, the feeling is from within, we cannot learn emotion, or happiness, or even sadness, it comes from within, the spirit.
The spirit is in harmony with everything in creation, it is at one with the world and at peace, and it is from this wholeness that emotions emanate, we can try to control them by physical means, but even if we manage to control the outward expression the inner feeling remains.
Emotions are here for our benefit, to help us grow, and to enable us all to empathise and to be one with all of creation, they are for protection, both for us and others, and for help and support. We should learn how to use emotion to move on and to achieve our spiritual potential. Emotion is the centre of all things, positive emotion can create. Negative emotion will destroy. That is why people who radiate love are most popular, people who have love in their heart attract positive incidents in their lives, they appear to be lucky, and loved. In physics like poles repel, but where emotion and spiritual energies are concerned the opposite is true, it is really a case of ‘birds of a feather’. Positive people attract positive people. Negative people attract negative people.
Do we know now what emotions are? No.
Do we understand emotions? No.
How can we? We live in a physical world, everything we experience we do so via our five physical senses. If something is not physical how can we hope to understand it in a physical world. Sure we can understand the physical aspects of emotions and the results of extreme emotions, but the actual mechanics of the system remains a mystery, to really understand emotion we must step away from the physical, forget our physical senses and explore the world of emotion through spiritual senses, or maybe we should explore our spiritual side through emotion. What a journey that would be!
What is important is not the right doctrine but the attainment of the true experience. It is giving up believing in belief.
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Emotions are the set of behavior that is contained and isolated into a corner thereby producing an expression made by the physical evidence of thing unfolding in the physical world taken in and digested into the virtual world of the mind, thereby expressing the heart to the conduct of its knowledge of how to and when will to come to pass, as expression of its language and sign.

Another way in saying is, emotions are the holographic expression of what the mental virtual'ity of mind tries to express to consist and consider the notion of its heart, thereby making it a gateway through the passages of the heart.

[Now with that said.. Emotions can be faked. And they can delay, Some by traumatic events can shut down expressions and emotions, due to overload of felt Feelings, expression, emotion ie., Till further times become into play releasing them thereby if happly able 2. Some tho never get a chance in doing so, an repression of emotions come into play, through depression and loss of joy in the world of the living, plausing itself into the joy/sadn'ed category in itself, Whereas Depression is a mid range level, sadness and the possible so called 6/5 other prescribed/ base emotion, which all are worth of there own analysis and contemplation upon, come into play.

So sadness isnt the problem, depression would be tho on the other hand which is a disorder if that were to..

(I supposed this is where the overload comes into play, to much of it ie sadness becomes a depressive form. To much of Happy becomes Lunic in itself. So a Fair balance is required and a controlled establishment is sure to be of proper good.)-]
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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