Grounding, for 30 Years is no mattER to Grounding Freshly Anewed, it is Nice to KNow we May Ground Ourselves in the Steve of Things, Without Falling OutOR APart from the Presence of That Which is Good, Beneficial and Evidence of a Higher Cause and a Higher Power othersides then Man Who has Made itself the Finalizing Ending Authority in All thiS Thing We CAll Life itself. and With the Premise that Life and Liberty is Presented to Us this Day, We May Ground ourselves with the Fortifier of the Pursuit of Happiness With it inasmuch to Sense the Practor, the Practitional Factor of Coming in Terms to Grounding With One Word; Ourselves. Let's Step into the Notion that We All May Know or Have Known Things for a LongER time then other's But the Pursuit to Happiness Lies not in How Long, But How Far We Have Reached in the Littlest of Time, Rather then the HallWay away from, the Presence Which Tells US But to Do, and Do Well IN It. Since Destiny is a Measure of Hope, Rather then a Pretense of Fortitude under a Stance Longer aPaced to the Determination of What we Stell in Our Own Enviroment Other then the Self indeed as Well. Meaning to Say. Wonderful That You Have Known it for 30Some Years Longer or Shorter, But Now to the Griddy, Let's Assume to Come together and Make Amends For the Times We Did Not Know it, and Have Not Done Well ON it Itself, SO;.... That We May Make Good to Those Who Have Come Before us and Have Handeled This Very Thing in Itself as PreDecessors and Pre Runners in the Times or Depth in Hardships of Term's...

For all I KNow Grounding to Bring Meaning to the Self, is to Say, That the Soul Enters the Heart in the State of BEing in the Dependence of Meditative [Medatative] Form, and that we All Need To Subjectify ourselves in Staying With Place With Our Spirit Coming There InTact. This IS Like WaterColors On a Canvas, and When Painted to Wet, Considering We Paint on a Even Surface of Elevation. We Would Not Tilt the Painting to Fast, Not TO Ruining the Paint when In IT's Wet Form to Collide into other Paints. Of Course Debate Would BE, Is It Still Art; ... &Both Are Considered Art, But for You to Recognize a Portrai in Classic Stylist, You Need the Conture and the Outline of a Face as It Would Sit in Prior to It's Original Content, so to See the Paint in IT's Face. .. This is Alike In Grounding, When the Soul Enters the Heart and the Spirit Elevates into the Soul there to Pertain for the Heart to Grab Hold and Do the Deed That is Most Common to the Ground of All Human Beings'; HOPE. The Mediative Soul of Spirit

The Languard of Hope

The Languard of Hope is to See All Presents of Speech in the manner, and Profess it into the Eternal, This is What Meditiation is or can be, for all Single Employers Who Attempt to Consider and Consist that Mind, Let's Bring it into New Bands Once Again, IT Is an Evidence of things Not Seen, But Visible to the Mind of the Heart and the Heart itself, Therefor Should Be Performed in an Individual Realm Till Further Notice is Made Know of For Further Education and Advancement in Sown Riddles.

Earthing Seems to be that Contact, When You First Break New The Very Ground You Are Standing, and Coming Out of At the Same time. EArthing, Is Simply Putting Your PResence Down and Collecting the Data To Which You Forsee, the Life in You, and the PRetense of You in the Most Modern of Way: With Closed Eyes.

Closing Your Eyes is a Blink of an eye For Longer Periods of Time, Where You Can Go Within, and See the Spirit that Sings: Unearth Me.
Bring the Notion Back in Term, So You May Reap that Reward in Yourselves, and In 1Another, So that This Presence May BE Whole and Honest to the Consideration of All Mankind in Time.

Don't Get to Greedy, for the Meditation of Time is Seen and Unseen. To Have as Not to Have. Else are You On Attachment, and Linger in the Zone that IS PRone to Contempt You of It or ANOTher.

Grounding Should be Given Enought time of it, Just as Importatant is the Phase in the Other Realm of the Other Phase of Lifetime. The Attempt Should be Washing off Old Sin's and Karma, the Stance of Arbitrary Consideration for the BetterMent Of Mankind and Mankind Yourself. This is the Conclusion i Have Come With at the thridies in Which i Prolong. Short Long,... Makes No Meaning at This Point of Time AnyMore, ?but Results, The Temption Will Come When the Time When Buddha (Gautima) will Come Anewed into the Realm and See IF Any Deeds BE Good Done Unto Him By Others Followed By the Footstep of the Steps of His Lifetime and all Messengers and Prophets of that Time Therefore Thereby Indeed. And Will we Say We Soldier This or Warrior That in the Sentence of It.

The time Will Fall When Humanity is Ask Once AGain, Have we Provided the World With the Notion; IT CAN DO,.... Better... .... Better Then Today, BeTTer then Tomorrow. ... This is The Whole Conclusion of My MEditation of the Day that i Performed inbetween this Session of Writing In the Midst of a Sum Timed MEditation Itself INdeed..

Presence is Well KNown, and Presence is Well DeserVed, But Will PReSence Be NEcessary if Only You Deal With Outward and Surface Things, Rather then the Core of the Pain that Surfaced Within.

Teach Your Lesson, HOLD the Ground. and Cease not to Exist, Just to Exist. Then Time Will Have it's Match and Meditation was Of Worth..

Thank You, and See You AGain.. Minart.
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I remember seeing my Guides before entering my current body.
After talking about what I wanted to do in this lifetime, I walked with one Guide to a place where I left our true home of Spirit, and basically was connected to my Silver Cord, then slid to my Earth Body arriving as my mother gave birth to me.

My Silver Cord keeps me connected to my Soul, which mainly stays on the other side, but can be with me immediately when needed. Usually when I need my soul to help me understand things here I came to learn. However my Soul prefers the Spiritual beauty, pure love, and happiness in our true home of Spirit.

Earth is one of an uncountable number of schools we experience on our journeys of learning. Why do we choose to learn? IMO we have a desire to learn as much as we can.

One thing for sure, we are Eternal Beings loved by Creator who is always with us.
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