Energy healing on location
Hello, my name is Artur Sierocki and I live in Poland. This article is dedicated to people who want to consciously help and support Mother Earth and other people using conscious energy work.
Working as clairvoyant and multidimensional healer I help other people using my psychic abilities and healing energy on every day basics.
Topics that will be presented here were considered as specializations of secret knowledge in the past.
Nowdays however we are in need for this knowladge, for the sake of ourselves and others. Knowledge about the metaphysical aspect of various events and knowing the dynamics of energy world is important. It gives us a deeper understanding of our existence and co-existence on Earth and the universe.
The knowledge of quantum mechanics, quantum physics, parapsychology, psychotronics also helps in deeper understanding.
In today's world we are dealing with polution that is not just physical or chemical but we are also struggling with energetic polution.
We encounter various events of conscious negative influence on the masses and comunities. That is being done against our will and without us knowing about it.
There are places affected with difficult negative energies, thought forms, low-vibrational memories as well as ritual symbols, seals, spells, curses, charms, stigmas. In such places other supernatural phenomena tend to occur.
If someone stays around that area or has contact with those energies, it can be highly destructive at the metaphysical level.
In such places acts of violence and aggression are more common. That happens because
of saturation of negative energies. Just as ritually prepared object can cause the accurrence of certain events - a place also can be filled with favorable energies and circumstances for the occurrence of negative situations.
Did you know that a sharp metaphysical object can badly affect the biofield of the environment and may even damage someone's aura?
If someone visits a place, where the space is filled with such energies, his energy will be weakened that day. That may cause serious health problems.
Energy workers face different challenges every day, for example: they clean people of curses, manipulations and toxic connections, negative emotions and negative thoughts of other people or places.
Therefore, people working with energy take this phenomena and situations very seriously.
People often don’t realize the power of supernatural phenomena and their direct impact on our lives.
Here on Earth there are individuals gifted with extraordinary energetic abilities and they often discover their gifts in a spontaneous way.
Those people are slowly realizing their abilities as the events keep happening over and over again.
When they interact with environment using their abilities, that experience gradually proves them that they have a gift and they have an opportunity to learn how to use it in a right case ?.
Mother Earth and people living on this planet need energy healers working on location.
There is a great need for energetic protection for the people and nature on order to prevent future negative events.
It’s also important for each energy healer to connect with his spirit guides and his ancestors.
Spiritual guidance is incredibly important.
I created about 40 different free educational videos in English and Polish. I invite you to my YouTube channel, Artur Sierocki Clock of life;
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Spirit guides prefer to support and help first those people who want to help the planet and others.
Continue reading this article to find some valuable exercises and few examples of my own experiances and energy work on location ?.
1- Walk on the Bridge
One day I had a strong feeling that I had to leave the house for a walk and visit a specific place. At first I rejected this feeling but it came back to me even more intense.
It just wasnt the best time for this.
I decided to test this feeling using my clairvoyant abilities and I got a quick result in return. I received an information that I am urgently needed at that place. I understood that I had to trust this and leave the house quickly without loosing time for explenations.
I have a lot of trust in my spiritual guardian, we had a lot of situations in the past when I would not receive a lot of information upfront but it all became clear once we had completed the task together.
This situation was nothing new to me it has happened to me before.
On the way to the bridge, step by step I was asking my guide, where to go and I started to feel I am getting closer. I noticed I arrived at a bad traffic with cars stuck in it for about 2 km further. I have not seen such a traffic jam in my city for a long time.
First I sent a wave of positive relaxing light filled with positive energy through the line of cars standing there to calm people down. There was quite intense energy in the air surrounding this area. Then I stopped on the bridge. I could see the highway running across- under the bridge and I felt that I was in the right place. I noticed an ambulance standing on the highway next to a damaged car and realised that this traffic was caused by an accident. I suddenly saw a human soul leaving the body that was inside ambulance. I made a gesture with my hand and I send the energy to bring this soul back into the body to increase the chances of this mans survival.
All this happened very quickly and soon after that I felt that the job was done.
2- Help from Angels
One day while I was walking in the city about 30 km from hometown, I suddenly felt something strange. I felt a penetrating fear and incoming denger but it wasn’t a feeling of my own. I knew it was coming from someone else. A few seconds after I noticed that a man standing nearby fell on the ground and fainted while getting an epileptic attack.
I rushed to give him first aid and asked someone to call an ambulance. All people around were just watching but noone was going to do anything. This mans head was bleading after hitting against concrete ground. I used energy to calm this man down to prevent him from injuring his head even more. After some time he woke up and the ambulance arrived.
5 years later I was in that city again as I often do while visiting my friends. It was a beautiful sunny day and I we were enjoying the dinner in my friends house. The food was served to the table and I sudenly felt that something was about to happen. I felt the fear again and I knew it wasn’t mine. There was a window in front of me, covered with blinds to stop the heat. There was only one window covered halfway and I felt that I needed to observe the street trough out that window to see what was about to happen. After 2 minutes I saw a man walking on the street and falling down. I told my friends to look through the window and call an ambulance. I got up and run outside to help this man. There was two other people standing next to him and observing the situation but they didn’t do anything to help him while he was getting an epileptic attack and hitting his head against the ground. I asked them to hold his legs and to put something underneath his head. I focused on sending him energy to calm him down. He woke up and at the same time the ambulance arrived. I could smell alcohol from him which suggest that this was an alcohol enduced epileptic attack.
After the arrival of the ambulance I went back to the my friends house. My friends know me enough so they are used to this kind of situations. The next day I came to visit my friends again to make up the time we didnt get to enjoy together due to that event. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was just about to arrive to their flat. Some man aproached me asking if I know what time it was. I remember saying it was 3:30 and that it’s a beautiful day. He said to me; ‘you know, we have such an incredible and good people in this city.. Yesterday some young man saved my life while I had an epileptic attack.’
I looked at him and said ‘It was me, same as 5 years ago when you were hitting your head against the conrete floor. But I want you to know that I am not a superman. Next time I might not make it on time. The good loves you and angels were taking care of you so far but next time you might not get another chance unless you take care of yourself and your health. ’ The man asked;
‘How is this possible? I know this is true last time I was also saved by a young man’
He cried and I felt tears running across my cheak as well. I told him a few things he needed to change in his life. He thanked me and walked away. He got another chance. Sometimes I wonder how he made use of it..
-Pick a river or pond and go there couple of time to send the energy. You can use any of those techincs;
Use your hand to touch the surface of the water or send the energy with intention;
‘I bless this water with the power of light for our highest good. I am requesting help and guidance from my ancestors and spirit guides and the creator’
A bench in the park or fontain can be infused with positive energy and can become a power item or power place as well.
The outcome and power of transformation will depand on the way you worked on it and your knowladge?.
I strongly suggest to learn about the science experiments acomplished by Dr. Masaru Emoto
- How to create the Power Place – example
Do some energy work on 4 or more crystals with intention of love and light. Do it for the period of 1-3 months.
As this is an intuitive process the time frame I gave you is to ensure an optimal effect.
Work with crystals by holding them in your hand for about an hour a day and focus on intentions above.
Once you complete this task hide those crystals under the ground in a chosen place where you feel that there is a need for support with positive energy. This will also affect all the beings spending time in that area.
Being in the right place at the right time;
-Use the following intention;
‘I am asking for information where I should go in order to experiance something important or to help you my spirit guide’
Follow your feelings and intuition and instinkts.
Energy engeneering
Imagine making a glowing energy ball using energy of the sun. With your intentions make this ball produce a positive, pleasant energy around it.
Put this ball in a chosen place and care for it as if it was a real solid item. Make sure it is well conected with the energy of the sun and that it is using this connection at all time. Without the constant source of energy the ball of light will dissolve.
Energy structures without connection to the power source will often break down after short time.
With this technic you can create, for example, a metaphysical lantern that illuminates the area with its energy up to 20, 40 meters.
This energy is some sort of light that is not visible with physical eyes but it can be seen with a third eye. However, the energetic impact of such structure can be physically felt and it can have a measurable impact on health, fate and human life in general.
Spirits in the cities, parks, forests often build various energetic metaphisical structures that might look a bit like a statue of angel, lighthouse or light energy tree. This kind of creations are build in order to influance the reality and the area with positive energy.
There are people who don’t believe in existance of energetic beings and mechanisms but that doesnt mean those things don’t have an impact on their lives?.
I would like to invite you to get familiar with my work on youtube and instagram where you can learn a lot more.
In the next article I will write a bit more about energetic ingineering / alchemy.
I will also teach you how to create useful items for yourself and others using energy. I will explain how to project possibilities and healing.
Artur Sierocki The Clock of Life
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Have a fantastic day! Artur Sierocki from Poland.